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Guest Posting Information

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for TheWingedFork. I love readers who share my passion for travel and adventure. And food! How can I forget food?

From time to time, I will accept guest posts on the blog to share great content that my readers will love. Please submit your original content for consideration via email to

If you are looking to place commercial posts for yourself or for a client, please contact me to discuss terms and fees.

At present, I’m looking for more guest posts for the Baker’s Dozen Series or the Inspiration Series, or for any quirky travel and food posts. Think eating wormsfalling off a kayak, and stuff like that!

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers:

  • All content must be original and not have been published elsewhere on the web.
  • Written content should be a minimum of 1000 words. No maximum. The sky is the limit 😉
  • Along with your post, please send at least 5 original good quality high resolution photos that measure minimum 1024 px wide. I might accept some images from Wiki, but please let me know beforehand and also send the link to the Wiki images along with your post.
  • Any data or reference to another source must be linked to that source. We’ll decide whether or not to keep the link.
  • We do not accept posts that include links to low-value websites or blogs or affiliate links. Any commercial links in your submission will be deleted.
  • We may edit submissions for grammar and spelling. If your content needs to change significantly, I’ll ask permission first.
  • We may add additional links, visual content or affiliate content in and around your post.
  • Please also add in links to two to four relevant posts from your blog in different parts of the post.
  • If we accept your post, we will link back to your site in your bio, and also share your post on the relevant Social Media. Please send us a brief bio and a 300 px or larger photo of yourself along with your post.
  • If we okay your post guest post topic, and you haven’t sent it across in 2 months, we will accept the same topic from another blogger. We will not waste time following up with anyone.

Baker’s Dozen Travel Series

For submission to the Baker’s Dozen Series, the structure should include an intro to the city, country, or place you are writing about. This is followed by 13 travel or food pics of the place and why you loved it or why it made an impression on you. All other rules as detailed in the guest post guidelines above.

Examples of posts in this series:

13 things you must do in Graz, Austria

Inspiration Series

The Inspiration Series is about the challenges, obstacles and victories of working on your own, freelance, or as a blogger or digital nomad. Tell your story, including the good and the bad, and you might just find the reader that connects with you. All other rules as detailed in the guest post guidelines.

Examples of posts in this series:

Nomadic Nurse

Accidental Freelancer

Where to eat in Series

This one is quite simple but very important. Why important? Because food makes the world go round obviously. Anyway, if you want to contribute to this series, ping about a city or town that you want to write about. Minimum 5 restaurants with original images. All other rules as detailed in the guest post guidelines above.

Examples of posts in this series:

Where to eat in Jaffa, Israel

Where to eat in Paris, France

Where to eat in Cartagena, Columbia

What to eat in a City Series

Quite like the Where to Eat series above, we’re also looking for posts on some of the must try foods in a city. So if you have something to say about Where to eat in any city go ahead and ping us. All other rules as detailed in the guest post guidelines above.

Example post here:
What to eat in Taipei, Taiwan

Of course, we accept other freestyle posts that our readers will like. Ping me with your ideas.

Contribution to Collab Posts

We have a listicle format number of collab posts on our blog that are permanently open. If you would like to contribute to any of those posts, please ping us with details of what you think should be added to that post along with your blog details and we’ll let you know if we want it. 😉

Please remember that your entry will go to the bottom of the posts. Some examples of these posts are here below.

Best Churches to Visit in Australia & New Zealand

Famous Churches to Visit in Asia

Popular American Food

Popular African Food to Eat

What’s for Dessert?

Of course, there are a lot collab more posts that we have open. Just look them up and ping us.

Thanks again for your interest in writing for us! We look forward to receiving your submission at


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