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Well you’ve reached my home page anyway. Or is it called a landing page? Who cares? Anyway, thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself. I’m the girl who hates worms. Read ‘hates’ as ‘is scared of’. Well, I’m scared of the live ones. The fried ones I found crispy and yummy. So much so that I wrote a blog about them. I’m also the girl who loves travel and food, especially going places I’ve never been to eat local cuisines. You can read more about me here.

My sister Sarah and friend The Soz contribute to my blog every now and then. You can read more about them by clicking on their names. A few more friends and other bloggers from around the globe contribute guest posts off and on. You can find their contributions in the Guest Writer section.

If you want to come back and read my next post, I usually try to post on Tuesdays and Fridays, because the rest of the week I’m slogging at work like everyone else, just trying to make a living. And thank you for telling me what you think of my blogs. Your comments give me direction.

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My top ten for Kenya

There is so much beauty in Kenya. One has to see for oneself. I’m lucky, I’ve had the chance to visit Kenya a few times, and I always come away amazed at the astonishing beauty that Kenya is. Kenya is a land of diverse and varied landscapes, the purest air and the most amazing wildlife. If you’re

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Inspiration Series : Becoming a Freelancer, When This Was Almost Unheard Of – Cris

Sometimes the unexpected events of life and the closed doors are really there to bring you to your calling, or to be specific make you an accidental nomad. That’s literally what happened with Cris from LooknWalk. As part of the Inspiration Series for Nomads, we welcome Cris to the blog floor today to tell us her

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7 Things you must know before visiting the Colosseum

Strangest question to hear at the Colosseum ‘What’s a gladiator?’ the lady asked her daughter as she sat to take a break. We watched stunned as the daughter replied that a gladiator may have been a warrior. She then read a display nearby and elaborated that a gladiator was a captured warrior in ancient Rome

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Discovering the Dead Sea region

As I was saying earlier, as part of my trip to Israel we spent a few days in different locations. The diversity and beauty of the country is truly amazing. Our next stop on the tour was the Dead Sea area. So we left Tel Aviv early in the morning and headed towards the Dead

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Vienna Woods, Heiligenkreuz, Mayerling and scary voices

Being woken up in Graz by a scary voice Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? I was woken up in the middle of the night by a low repetitive voice that almost scared me witless. After turning on the night lamp in our hotel room in Graz,

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