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Abby looking into the Turkenbrunnen at Schlossberg Graz Austria.
Inquisitive Abby

Thank you for stopping by The Winged Fork! Let me introduce myself. I’m Abby, the girl who once ate fried worms. I love travel and food, especially going places I’ve never been to, to taste local cuisines and learn about the culture.

I was lucky enough to spend a night in India’s first igloos a few years ago. I’m inquisitive by nature, maybe too inquisitive, but I love the unexpected adventures of traveling and making memories with friends and family. And if you must know, my favorite things are nice rainy days, the smell of cakes in the oven, playing in the snow, glasses of wine, and dark chocolate. You can read more about me and my friends here.

Traveling has changed my perception of life in many ways. I hope reading some of the posts does that for you too. There’s an entire world out there to discover. So come on an adventure with us!

And if you’re here for our recipes, head over to Abby’s Plate. There are more than enough to drool over! Or if you need recommendations on Where to Eat and What to Eat in a city or town? We’ve got that covered too!

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