8 Things to do in Antibes, France

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Visiting the French Riviera and looking for a town that’s a little calmer and less touristy than Nice or Cannes? Or maybe a great place to visit on a day trip from Nice? Well, right between the two you’ll find the beautiful cobble street town of Antibes.

Known for its friendly seaside vibes, snorkeling trips, sailboats and yachting experience, Antibes is the perfect base for your French Riviera vacation or as a stop along the way. With plenty of things to do in Antibes, you’re definitely going to have a full and fun itinerary!

So, what places might you be visiting on your next trip to Antibes? Let’s dive in and find out!

1. Musée Picasso

Musee Picasso, the imposing chateau Picasso chose to call home.
Musee Picasso, the place he chose to call home

Antibes is a big deal in the art world as it was home to the legendary artist, Pablo Picasso, from 1946. When he moved here, he chose to live in a super grand building called the Château Grimaldi at Antibes.

Built on top of a former Greek town, this building is architecturally amazing and is now home to the Musée Picasso.

You can wander through the museum, learning about Picasso’s life and his works, while also finding out the role that Antibes itself played in his career. If you’re into Picasso or any kind of similar artists, this is a great attraction to visit. 

2. Fuerte Cuadrado

The imposing Fuerte Cadrado fort in Antibes as seen from across the water.
The imposing Fuerte Cadrado fort

Standing imposingly over the bay, it’s impossible to miss Fuerte Cuadrado, a 16th-century military fort, designed to protect Antibes from seaworthy invaders.

The interesting thing about this fort is that it’s designed in a star shape, with towers pointing out at angles to give almost 360-degree visibility. 

Now, the fortress is open for visitors, so you can learn more about how and why this fortress was needed, as well as wander the stunning grounds that are home to some local flora and fauna. Also, it’s worth noting that due to its position, Fuerte Cuadrado has some of the best panoramic views around.

If you have some extra time during your trip, don’t miss the best villages in the South of France to add even more incredible views and history to your itinerary.

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3. Plage de la Gravette

People sunbathing on La Plage de la Gravette.
La Plage de la Gravette

No trip to the French Riviera would be complete without heading to the beach. Antibes has quite a few, but Plage de la Gravette combines the historic, medieval features of the town, with lush, soft sands, making it the best of both worlds.

The medieval ramparts make the bay’s waters calm and secluded – perfect for families or for taking a quick dip. Located just around the coast from the harbor, you can relax and watch the amazing yachts come and go as you work on your tan.


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4. Aquasplash

Looking for an Antibes excursion with a bit more fun injected into it? Round up your travel buddies or family and head to Aquasplash, an amazing waterpark with over 17 different slides, rides, and attractions!

It may not be the same as enjoying watersports on the open ocean, but it is more than enjoyable.

Race each other down the towering water slides, take a load off on the lazy river, or sit out on the sidelines and grab a quick bite to eat.

It’s worth noting that the park is only really open in the Summer months, so if you want to check out Aquasplash make sure you visit Antibes in season.

During other months of the year, you can still think about parasailing in the Bay of Angels, going scuba diving, or canyoning in the Gorges du Loup nearby.

5. Marché Provençal

Fruit stalls at the Marche Provencal.
A lot of fruit!

There’s something so magical about exploring a food market while you’re abroad. Mixing with the locals, seeing all the beautiful fresh produce, and grabbing a few ingredients for a picnic or dinner. You can do just that at Marché Provençal, a covered street market that welcomes everyone.

Flowers at the Marche Provencal.
So many beautiful flowers

Open daily from 7 am until 1 pm, these markets are a huge part of the Cote d’Azur cultural identity. It’s not unusual to catch up with friends at the market before sharing a meal, or doing a full shop here with vendors you’ve known for years.

All the cheese you want!

On the tourist side, there are also artisanal gifts and crafts that make for great souvenirs and gifts.

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6. Le Sentier du Littoral, Cap D’Antibes

Feeling the urge to get out and about in nature? Well, with the gorgeous panoramic coastal views, there is no better place to hike in Antibes than Le Sentier du Littoral, Cap D’Antibes.

This outstanding coastal path winds along the cliff tops overlooking the bay, giving you views of the Mediterranean sea, the coastline, and some of the more exclusive and hard-to-reach beaches along the way.

Pack a full-day pack as there are plenty of picnic spots to stop, catch your breath, and have some lunch along the way.

Le Sentier du Littoral, Cap D’Antibes is really well signposted as hiking along the Cote d’Azur is a super popular reason for visiting, and this stretch of coastline is no different. 

7. Parc Exflora

Looking to reset and find a calm and tranquil spot in the heart of Antibes? Take a leisurely walk around the beautiful Parc Exflora, and reconnect with nature.

Set next to the beachfront, this manicured park is full of well-maintained paths, meticulously groomed topiaries and trees, and even has a pond.

Covering 12 acres along the beach, Parc Exflora is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. You can even bring your furry best friend to this dog-friendly park!

If you’re looking for a calm green space to chill out in before heading back to the beach, or looking for a picturesque running route, Parc Exflora ticks all of those boxes.

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8. Antibes Cathedral

Facade of the Cathedral de Antibes.
Cathedral de Antibes

Do you enjoy visiting beautifully decorated churches while you’re on vacation? If so, Antibes Cathedral needs to be on your itinerary. Painted in vibrant yellows and oranges with bright white trims, it’s an outstanding building even if you’re just passing by.

However, if you get a little closer, you’ll notice the intricate designed, ornate wooden doors that hark back to the 1700s.

With so many amazing design touches, and the surroundings being so beautiful, it’s a popular place to visit in Antibes, whether you consider yourself religious or not. 

So, if you’re heading out to the French Riviera and are looking for somewhere a little bit different to go, you should definitely check out the beautiful town of Antibes.

From its wonderful beaches to its poignant history and architecture, to the family-friendly attractions, this seaside resort town definitely has something for everyone. Who knows, maybe after this visit, you might even be convinced to move to France!

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