What to do in Luxor, Egypt

Statues of Colossi of Memnon.

Luxor is the best city to visit in Egypt. There are so many things to do in Luxor, with countless fascinating temples, tombs, museums and ancient history that you really need to spend at least 3-4 days minimum to really appreciate everything that it has to offer.

Magical Weekend in Marrakech: Local’s Guide

Houses at Jardin Majorelle.

Many of Marrakech’s top attractions are located in and around the Medina. You can quickly and easily enjoy some of the city’s most amazing attractions if you only have a weekend in Marrakech.
Let’s take a look at all of the exciting landmarks that you can explore and see why everyone who visits falls head over heels in love with the red city.

Bob Marley: Nubian Guesthouse in Aswan, Egypt

Colorful entrance to Bob Marley Guesthouse.

Aswan offered more of a relaxed vibe, especially on Elephantine Island, which is home to many Nubian families, and some highly rated guesthouses. When booking my accommodation in Aswan, I considered several of the fun sounding guesthouses, but settled for Bob Marley. I guess the Egyptians just love Bob Marley!

What to do in Johannesburg on a weekend

Johannesburg skyline with the view of Hillbrow Tower.

Johannesburg, or just simply, Joburg, is a great place to spend a weekend. With a never-ending list of awesome things to do in Johannesburg, plus some seriously cool neighbourhoods to hang out in, you could easily spend a lifetime in this vibrant city and never get bored. Here are some epic things to do in Joburg on the weekend.

Top Camera Features Every Content Creator Needs

Blogger Sarah with camera pointed at the picture taker.

Having the right camera features can make all the difference in creating content that stands out from the crowd. To elevate your content game and take your visuals to the next level, here are some top camera features every content creator needs.

Working Remotely On A Sailboat – Pros & Cons

Lady on a sailboat with a cup in her hands.

There’s something romantic about the idea of working from a sailboat – ocean swims on your lunch break, an early morning paddleboard instead of a 6 am commute, checking your weather sailing app for the forecast rather than Google maps for news of the dreaded daily traffic jams. Here are the Pros and Cons of working remotely on a sailboat.

Things to Do in Mahe, Seychelles

Veiw of an Island in the sea from La Misere Viewpoint.

Mahe in the beautiful country of Seychelles has gorgeous sunsets, white sand beaches, creole dishes, and beautiful nature. Find out more from Rachita of Meander Wander.

Encounter with a Tusker – Tales from the Mara

A big Tusker (elephant) ahead of us

While on safari in Kenya, if you go on a gamedrive, you just might be lucky enough to see a number of wild animals, from lions and cheetahs, to elephants and hyenas, and more. We had an encounter with a big tusker too!

30+ Weird Foods of the World to Taste

Collage of weird foods from around the globe.

We were having a chat about the unusual food people eat in different cultures, and Laura said, “You know some people eat every part of the fish”. I said “Yeah, we do too! …

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My top ten favorite parks in Kenya


There is so much beauty in Kenya. One has to see for oneself. I’m lucky, I’ve had the chance to visit Kenya a few times, and I always come away amazed at the …

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Strange and Bizarre Travel Encounters

Bizarre-Travel-Tales - TheWingedFork

Travel exposes us to different cultures, weird encounters, bizarre environments. What’s the most peculiar travel adventure you had?

One Wine Day: Visiting Wineries in SA!

South Africa Wine Region - TheWingedFork

It was some time ago that I visited the beautiful country of South Africa with my folks… and what an amazing experience it was! We saw many stunning places, but the one that …

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