What To Do In Melbourne On The Weekend

Entrance of Victoria Market.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities, with loads of attractions to visit. Whether you’re looking for more ideas, or simply planning a short weekend trip to Victoria’s capital, we’ve got a list of things you can do to fill up your time!

Top Camera Features Every Content Creator Needs

Blogger Sarah with camera pointed at the picture taker.

Having the right camera features can make all the difference in creating content that stands out from the crowd. To elevate your content game and take your visuals to the next level, here are some top camera features every content creator needs.

What to do in Perth on the weekend

Walk way of Esplanade Park in Fremantle.

Look no further than Perth for fun things to do in WA! Whether you enjoy outdoor recreation, cultural experiences or nightlife, there is something here for everybody.

Working Remotely On A Sailboat – Pros & Cons

Lady on a sailboat with a cup in her hands.

There’s something romantic about the idea of working from a sailboat – ocean swims on your lunch break, an early morning paddleboard instead of a 6 am commute, checking your weather sailing app for the forecast rather than Google maps for news of the dreaded daily traffic jams. Here are the Pros and Cons of working remotely on a sailboat.

13 Small Towns You Must Visit In Tasmania

View of the lake in Grindewald Town in Tasmania.

Whilst there are many places & towns you must see when visiting Tasmania, there are just some towns not to be missed, yet sadly they often are. These towns are frequently driven through or past to get to another destination. Several of these are filled with history or surrounded by picturesque landscapes, in addition to offering wonderful food & accommodations. Just one more reason why we recommended planning an itinerary to visit Tasmania, Australia.

7 Off-Beat Things to Do In Wanaka, New Zealand

Blue sky view from the mountain top at Wanaka.

Wanaka, a laid back friendly fun-filled town on New Zealand’s South Island is home to Roy’s Peak, Motatapu Gorge, Ruby Island, Lake Hawea, Mt Iron, and more. Find out 7 offbeat things to do here by Danny of What’s Danny Doing.

12 Typical Brisbane Things to Do by a Local

Night view of Story Bridge Brisbane across the city.

Brisbane is the gateway to Queensland, Australia’s sunshine state. There are an incredible variety of things to do in Brisbane that make it more than just a jumping point for Queensland’s many attractions. Find out more from Eddie of The Vanabond Tales.

Things to do in South Australia

Feeding Kangaroo in Cleland National Park

Australia’s 4th-largest territory is full of beautiful national parks, wildlife, mountains, and many of Australia’s best things to do. From Adelaide’s wineries to the beaches of Eyre Peninsula, here are the top things to do in South Australia.

30+ Weird Foods of the World to Taste

Collage of weird foods from around the globe.

We were having a chat about the unusual food people eat in different cultures, and Laura said, “You know some people eat every part of the fish”. I said “Yeah, we do too! …

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Buying bras while traveling is tough!


You’ve already read the blog about how I found it difficult to get back into a Kayak because my boobs kept getting in the way. But that’s not the only problem I’ve had …

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Strange and Bizarre Travel Encounters

Bizarre-Travel-Tales - TheWingedFork

Travel exposes us to different cultures, weird encounters, bizarre environments. What’s the most peculiar travel adventure you had?