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Travel makes the world go round. Nope! Don’t you think so? Well, if you factor in all the jobs in the airline industry, food sector, insurance sector and more that would be lost if people stopped travelling, then travel actually does make the world go round a tiny bit.

Me? I’ve still got a zillion places on my list of where I need to go. Saving and budgeting for them is tricky. Picking just one place out of a dozen is tricky. And nope, I’m not going to say you can quit your job and travel the world like a lot of gurus seem to be saying these days. Maybe that works for them, it doesn’t work for me.

For me, I work 12 hours a day, 20 days a month, and then spend the rest of the month either blogging or traveling. So yep, I work. Gotta fund the travels some way, and what better way than earning a living by the sweat of my brow. Okay, nope, I don’t sweat while working, I’m not into hard labour. I’m a freelance writer and a pen for hire if anyone needs me. You can ping me at abby@thewingedfork.com if you have some work for me.

But I digress. I do that often, don’t I? Anyways, what I was saying was that there are a lot of places on this big beautiful planet of ours to see. And although I’ve not been to all of them; I have been to some. And I love writing about those places.

I love telling about the quirky things that happen when I travel, and about how a certain city or town made an impression of me. Did you know that I ate worms in France? I mean forget horse, snails, and other things. I ate those too. But worms? Really? Anyways, that was my first-ever travel post. If you’re going to head over and read it, be gentle, remember it was my first post.

I also had fun writing about falling off a kayak in Mallorca, hearing ghost voices in Austria, eating brettlejause at a buschenschank in Graz and waking up in an igloo in India.

These are some of the places on my must-visit-soon list, because my friends have written great articles about them: Vietnam, Rotorua, Dagestan and Vilnius.

And have you ever wondered about what food or drink you must try in a particular city? Well, my friends and I have a few options for you, from what to eat in Spain or where to eat in Paris to what to drink in different cities. You can’t leave a city without trying their most prized local liquors and foodie flavours can you?  

Of course there’s a lot more to discover, but we’ll leave you to discover that on your own. Just leaf through the blog and read what you like. And don’t forget to leave a comment. I love reading reader’s comments.

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