Sweden on my mind : Northern Lights Photography Trip

Sweden. I’ve always wanted to travel there in the back of my mind, stemming from a love of professional ice hockey in my early teenage years, with several of my favorite NHL players hailing from Sweden. I even had several pen pals for a few years from Sweden (does anyone even know what a pen

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Off the Beaten Path in Dagestan

I love travel, but I never would have given Dagestan a thought till I read Steve’s blog about it. Steve, the brains behind The Hard Core Travel (No Travel Worries), has been to over 50 countries but has a passion for Russia and the Republics of the USSR. Here’s his take on Dagestan.  I’ve always

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Mamba! Crocodiles at Haller Park, Mombasa, Kenya

I wanted to see Owen and Mzee at Haller Park when I visited this nature park in Mombasa, Kenya last month, but they weren’t on display. I did get to see a lot of animals in this national park, including fish, snakes, antelopes, hippos, monkeys, birds and Mamba! That’s Swahili for crocodile, and they are one

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Inspiration Series : Nomad with a camera – Deines

Having the odds against you should not stop you from living the life you want. Deines, a photographer and a marketing nomad tells us how she started life in Venzeula and beat the odds to become a freelance marketer and photographer.  My Life in Venzeula I’m Deines, I am from Venezuela and I guess that

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Let’s talk about Ice Cream

The jingle of the ice cream truck. Most favorite memories from childhood are made of these. Today Faith from XYUandBeyond shares her favorite Ice Cream Memories. 🙂 Ice Cream Memories As kids, both hubs and I immigrated to Canada at the age of around 8 years old (not together lol). At that age, of course,

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Fucking Fantastic! Watching Lions mate in Maasai Mara

Sis told me to make time to see lions mate the next time I get to Kenya. I told her I’ve already seen lions mate a few times, in Amboseli and Masaai Mara. So after a few expletives from her about what was wrong with me for not blogging about it, she finally mollified me into writing this

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Traditional Christmas Sweets : East Indian Series

Two East Indian aunties meet on the street. “Hello Lucy, how are you men?” “I’m good men, how are you and the babas?” “We’re all good men. Where you went?” “To the pav-wala on the corner to bring pav men. His pav better than Bertrand’s pav men. So nice and soft-soft. My dokra Aggie likes

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Where shall we go snorkelling?

Where shall we go snorkelling? On asking in and around Alcudia and Port de Pollenca area of Mallorca one name seemed to be echoed more than others; Cala St Vincenc (also known as Cala San Vincente). So off we went to this Cala in Northern Majorca which is just about a 10 minute drive once

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10 Things to Know Before Visiting Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! Mahalo for visiting TheWingedFork. Today Leanne from Countries to Go has listed her deets of what you need to know before visiting the state capital of Hawaii – Honolulu in the mighty US of A 😉 Come with or without your keiki or ‘ohana, but you will find much ‘ono here. We welcome you

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Inspiration Series : Nurse around the world – Gemma

The life of a nomad, a dream for many that goes unrealized. You can live the life of a nomad no matter what you do. All you need is the grit and the mettle that Gemma had when she decided to go be a nurse in an unusual location? Want to hear her story? Read

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Brunch at Elco Pani Puri Restaurant, India – Lovin’ my Bombay Series

Since we’ve been young, a trip to Bandra for shopping meant we got to eat some tantalizing snack at Elco Pani Puri Centre and Restaurant on Hill Road in Bandra. Hill Road has always been a street shoppers paradise. I remember coming here since I was 4 or 5, with mum and my siblings. And

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10 days of Christmas hidden in Occitanie’s Aveyron and Lozère regions

Off the beaten path Christmas in Occitanie, France CHRISTMAS IN LOZÈRE Saint Énimie     Quezac and Ispagnac SLOW TRAVEL AVEYRON Eglisse Russe & Sylvanes Abbey    Château de Montaigut Le Village de Salmonac     Viaduct de Millau Yeah, like I’ve said in so many posts, France has so much to see, for the

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A world of ice creams – Local favorites from across the globe

The ice cream man’s a coming Bells ringing, childhood memories. The ice cream cart comes to our neighborhood, but here in Bombay it’s kulfi. Sometimes it’s the kulfi man with the basket on his head announcing his arrival. ‘Kulfi-eaah’. As kids we used to run happily for ice cream or kulfi. That instant brain freeze

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Reminders from Wood : A visit to L’Eglise Russe de Prieure Sylvanès in Aveyron, France

There is a church, almost in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know about it till he showed me. Never knew it existed, but then most people don’t, I guess. We went there one gloomy day when the clouds loomed large overhead like they were about to spill burdensome showers on us. Maybe we needed

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Dinner at K + K am Waagplatz in Salzburg, Austria

It was pretty late by the time we got into Salzburg on the Eurail and checked into our hotel, Der Salzburger Hof. It was hardly a 10 minute walk from the Salzburg train station aka Salzburg Hauptbahnhof; and thankfully we were in the main part of the hotel and not the annex. So smile 🙂

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Inspiration Series : Solo Travelling Nomad – Melissa

Doing what you want and love isn’t something that should wait till later. Sometimes you just have to break free from the shackles or a routine existence and jump into that different life. And who knows? You just might find what you were meant to do. Today, Melissa from High Heels and a Backpack shares

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Reasons we visited Feldkirch, and didn’t love it, but still liked it!

Feldkirch is a medieval town in the mountainous state of Voralberg in Austria. It was the last stop of our journey through Austria. The reason we chose to stay in Feldkirch? We wanted to see Liechtenstein. Yeah, we wanted to get that 2 Euro stamp on our passport saying we had visited the 6th smallest

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7 Must dos on a weekend break to Northern Ireland

The Beauty that is Ireland They say mother earth is breathing With each wave that finds the shore Her soul rises in the evening For to open twilights door Her eyes are the stars in heaven Watching o’er us all the while And her heart it is in Ireland Deep within the Emerald Isle That

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A day in Nairobi : Business plus Leisure

God’s resting place – Kenya As soon as the plane landed in Nairobi, I knew that I had made the right decision visiting that amazing country. Kenya or Kiinyaa, Kirinyaga and Kirenyaa means “God’s resting place” in Kamba, Kikuyu and Embu. And Nairobi is taken from the Masai phrase ‘Enkare Nairobi’ which means ‘place of

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Goose : A golden egg in Rome

‘When in Rome, do the Romans’, a friend of mine once told me. Well, we were talking about a totally different ‘when in Rome’ topic at the time. But on my recent trip to Rome, I did make time to do as Romans do with respect to food. Rome has turned into a very busy

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Independent Young Nomad : Inspiration Series – Jeremy

As India celebrates its 70th Independence Day and the reaffirming of our freedom, we celebrate our right to be all we can be and our right to choose our own destiny. We celebrate youngsters like Jeremy who have chosen to walk the path less travelled, to find their own destiny, and to give hope to

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Of bras and things – 5 stories of traveling boobs 

You’ve already read the blog about how I found it difficult to get back into a Kayak because my boobs kept getting in the way. But that’s not the only problem I’ve had with having big boobs. My country wants me to go braless Take for instance the fact that bras my size are not manufactured

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My top ten for Kenya

There is so much beauty in Kenya. One has to see for oneself. I’m lucky, I’ve had the chance to visit Kenya a few times, and I always come away amazed at the astonishing beauty that Kenya is. Kenya is a land of diverse and varied landscapes, the purest air and the most amazing wildlife. If you’re

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Chocolicous Café Olé in Puducherry

 Zuka in Pondicherry If you’re ever in Pondicherry, two places that you absolutely have to visit are Zuka and Café Olé. Located almost side by side, they are havens for choco-crazed folk like me. Zuka is a store with a wide range of chocolate goodies to offer, from cakes to pastries to little miniatures. Although for

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Inspiration Series : Becoming a Freelancer, When This Was Almost Unheard Of – Cris

Sometimes the unexpected events of life and the closed doors are really there to bring you to your calling, or to be specific make you an accidental nomad. That’s literally what happened with Cris from LooknWalk. As part of the Inspiration Series for Nomads, we welcome Cris to the blog floor today to tell us her

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7 Things you must know before visiting the Colosseum

Strangest question to hear at the Colosseum ‘What’s a gladiator?’ the lady asked her daughter as she sat to take a break. We watched stunned as the daughter replied that a gladiator may have been a warrior. She then read a display nearby and elaborated that a gladiator was a captured warrior in ancient Rome

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Bizarre or Weird? What was the most peculiar thing someone said to you while travelling?

Bizarre Beauty? Travel exposes you to the strangest things – apart from discovering wonderful cultural diversity, behavioral differences and contrary thought processes – one is also exposed to a range of novel and sometimes surprising situations. Take for example when I was in Cardiff a few years ago, and after ordering a Whiskey and Soda

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Inspiration Series : Weekend Nomad – Gareth

Inspiring nomads, it’s a term that can mean so many things. But on the journey to becoming a nomad there is so much that one learns and one learns to let go off. Today, we invite a different type of nomad to the blog floor, a weekend nomad. Gareth is a teacher 5 days a

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What do you do in Amsterdam when called for a last-minute business trip?

Amsterdam is the destination Amsterdam is a very famous tourist destination with millions of tourists coming into the city every year. A lot of its popularity comes from activities that would not go down well in my line of work if I was to participate. So that leaves the question what do you do on

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I lost my apple twice: Misadventures in a Kayak

My first kayak experience turned out to be truly eventful. By that evening I’d developed purple bruises all over my hands and legs. It was amazing! Ah, but let’s get back to the beginning. Kayaking is something I’ve always wanted to do, well along with so many other things. And when I finally got to

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Inspiration Series : Going Nomad – Maegan and Elise

Going Nomad – Should or shouldn’t I? As an aspiring nomad, I’ve come across quite a few individuals who discredit this lifestyle, and also say that it’s difficult and amounts to no good. To counter this thinking, and to provide inspiration to myself and other aspiring nomads, I’ve started this Going Nomad : Inspiration Series, where

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2 things I didn’t like about Mount Vesuvius

So I finally visited Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. My siblings and I had wanted to go since we were kids, ever since we had seen all those movies and read all those books about the place. All those books about the volcanic explosion at 1 pm on 24th August, 79 AD, and the legends and myths

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How the majesty of Masada awed me

Majestic Masada While on our way to discover the secrets of the Dead Sea region and the healing properties of the Dead S ea, we stopped for a few hours at Masada. The 2000 year old fortification once housed King Herod’s palace, with its 3 rock terraces, overlooking the Dead Sea. We took the cable car

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Majorcan Paella Mixtas: A lazy Sunday lunch with a traditional feast

A lunch invitation We’re renting James and Antonia’s place in Inca in Mallorca aka Majorca for a few weeks this summer. It’s lovely, the rustic and the modern merging into a beautiful new character. I love the feel of being so far away from the town of Inca, even though it’s just on the other side of the

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Autumn stay at the Austria Trend Europa Wien

So my sister and I are spending a few days in Vienna. We get there on my birthday, a beautiful autumn evening in October, and stayed at the Austria Trend Europa Wien on Kartner Strasse. Formerly known as the Meissl & Schaden Hotel, this hotel has been serving a range is clients since 1896. The

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A lovely stay in Rome at B&B RomaInterrazza

My sis and I spent a few days in Rome on the way back from Spain because it was the cheapest route back. We took the opportunity to see Rome, the ancient and beautiful city (although somewhat crowded too). And we were glad we stayed at this lovely B&B (bed and breakfast) outside the city,

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Discovering the Dead Sea region

As I was saying earlier, as part of my trip to Israel we spent a few days in different locations. The diversity and beauty of the country is truly amazing. Our next stop on the tour was the Dead Sea area. So we left Tel Aviv early in the morning and headed towards the Dead

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Puy Pariou, Un Puy D’Auvergne

It’s New Years Eve. We’re en France at your neighbour’s place for dinner. The wine flows freely. How can it not? We’re in Cannes. I’m sitting there thinking, when a pleasant elderly gentleman offers to fill my wine glass, but I decline saying you’ll fill it for me. He then offers to keep me company

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Jerusalem – The Old City, Eternal City

Jersualem and the Tower of David In the last blog, I spoke about my day in Eilat. The next stop of our conference was Jerusalem. Once at the airport we were ushered to our respective coaches for the drive into the city. While in the coaches, we were told of the history of Jerusalem by

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A mid week retreat at The Retreat

So the gang of cousins decided we needed a mid week retreat at The Retreat, Madh Island. Mid week since one cousin works on weekends, and there’s less of a crowd holidaying. Anyway we got there on the 8th of March at around 11 am, and were greeted with welcome drinks of either kiwi or

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Naturally Eilat – Visiting the southern-most tip of lsrael

‘Where else?’ That’s right, ‘WHERE ELSE‘ is an Israel Tourism Conference organized each year by Ortra that helps travel agents from around the world learn about everything Israel has to offer. I had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing journey, and it was well worth it!! As part of the group that

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Chandoli National Park with Jungle Lore

A much deserved break in the Indian rains at Chandoli National Park “There’s a long weekend coming up. Let’s do a short trip together”, says my friend and boss. Happy me starts dreaming of exotic locations that I cannot afford. Of course smart boss-friend is also on a budget like me and decides that an

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Seegrotte’s underground Blue Lake, and the tale to go with it. Gluck Auf!

So as I was saying last week, it turned out to be a bargain. For around 49 Euros each we got to see Heiligenkreuz Abbey, Karmel Mayerling and Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, and didn’t have to shell out anything for transport or entrances. If you missed last week’s blog, my sis and I were running out of

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Vienna Woods, Heiligenkreuz, Mayerling and scary voices

Being woken up in Graz by a scary voice Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? Where? Grat-zuh? I was woken up in the middle of the night by a low repetitive voice that almost scared me witless. After turning on the night lamp in our Hotel room in Graz,

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One Wine Day in SA!

It was some time ago that I visited the beautiful country of South Africa with my folks… and what an amazing experience it was! We saw plenteous stunning places, but the one that stood out the most for its scenic beauty and landscape was the Winelands. It being the first leg of our journey, we

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Chiang Mai: Travelling to the Gem of the North

“Not going to Bangkok or Pattaya? Not even Krabi or Koh Samui? Are you Serious? But that’s where all our Indian brethren always go!” Our friends had a bit of a puzzled expression on their face when we announced we were off to Chiang Mai. My response was a slight grimace, followed by a long

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Brettlejause with Stefanie and Rupert at Buschenschank Schaar

One of the stops on our autumn Austrian trip was Graz. We spent two nights there which was quite enough to see the entire city. Having a limited number of days off, we were deliberating between Klagenfurt and Graz, but Graz won because of the Schloßberg or Schlossberg. It was a good climb. But that’s

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J’ai mangé des vers! (Eating worms and 3D Fun at Futuroscope)

Getting to Futuroscope It was almost a year ago now. I remember waking up early to the smell of fresh coffee and croissants. The perks of travelling in France with your boyfriend! Well, ex-boyfriend now anyway. It was a long 2 hour drive from Sables D’Olonne to Poitiers and we wanted to get there before

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