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Travel makes the world go round. Nope! Don’t you think so? Well, if you factor in all the jobs in the airline industry, food sector, insurance sector and more that would be lost if people stopped travelling, then travel actually does make the world go round a tiny bit.

Me? I’ve still got a zillion places on my list of where I need to go. Saving and budgeting for them is tricky. Picking just one place out of a dozen is tricky. And nope, I’m not going to say you can quit your job and travel the world like a lot of gurus seem to be saying these days. Maybe that works for them, it doesn’t work for me.

For me, I work 12 hours a day, 20 days a month, and then spend the rest of the month either blogging or traveling. So yep, I work. Gotta fund the travels some way, and what better way than earning a living by the sweat of my brow. Okay, nope, I don’t sweat while working, I’m not into hard labour. I’m a freelance writer and a pen for hire if anyone needs me. You can ping me at [email protected] if you have some work for me.

But I digress. I do that often, don’t I? Anyways, what I was saying was that there are a lot of places on this big beautiful planet of ours to see. And although I’ve not been to all of them; I have been to some. And I love writing about those places.

I love telling about the quirky things that happen when I travel, and about how a certain city or town made an impression of me. Did you know that I ate worms in France? I mean forget horse, snails and other things. I ate those too. But worms? Really? Anyways, that was my first ever travel post. If you’re going to head over and read it, be gentle, remember it was my first post.

I also had fun writing about falling off a kayak in Mallorca, hearing ghost voices in Austria, eating brettlejause at a buschenschank in Graz and waking up in an igloo in India.

Sometimes I also write posts because I hear people asking the dumbest questions. If you want to know why I wrote the facts you must know about the Colosseum in Rome, click here.  

And then there are times I write about must do things in a certain city. Just because they’re too awesome to not go on a list somewhere. If you’re wondering about what to do in Aveyron & Lozere, Graz, Feldkirch, Mumbai, Goa, and a few other places, we’ve got you covered.

My sis contributes to my blog off and on. So if you’re looking for a tiger safari in Ranthambore or Pench National Park, or watching lions mate in Kenya, read my sister’s posts here. Friends have written about Nahargarh Fort, Northern lights in Sweden, swinging off Hackett Nevis, hiking the Blue Mountains and Tongariro National Park more.  

These are some of the places on my must-visit-soon list, because my friends have written great articles about them: Vietnam, Rotorua, Northern Ireland, Dagestan and Vilnius.

And have you ever wondered about what food or drink you must try in a particular city? Well, my friends and I have a few options for you. Here are street food you must eat in Europe, street food in India, desserts and dinners in different cultures, and but naturally what to drink in different cities. You can’t leave a city without trying their most prized local liquors and foodie flavours can you?  

Of course there’s a lot more to discover, like the most beautiful churches in Europe and other amazing churches in the world, and more. But we’ll leave you to discover that on your own. Just leaf through the blog and read what you like. And don’t forget to leave a comment. I love reading reader’s comments.

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National Parks

My top ten favorite parks in Kenya

Fucking Fantastic! Watching Lions mate in Maasai Mara

Nairobi: David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage & Fairmont Norfolk

Mamba! Crocodiles at Haller Park, Mombasa, Kenya

Encounter With a Tusker At Mara


Diverse African Cuisine

One Wine Day in SA!

Popular Food to Eat in African Countries

What’s for breakfast in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for dessert in your culture?

Churches on the African Continent

Amazing Churches in Africa


Hills & Mountains

Seegrotte’s underground Blue Lake, and the tale to go with it. Gluck Auf!

2 things I didn’t like about Mount Vesuvius

Cuevas Del Drach : A main attraction in Mallorca

By the Seaside

I lost my apple twice: Misadventures in a Kayak

Where shall we go snorkelling?

Seegrotte’s underground Blue Lake, and the tale to go with it. Gluck Auf!

Cuevas Del Drach : A main attraction in Mallorca

European Cuisine

Brettlejause with Stefanie and Rupert at Buschenschank Schaar

J’ai mangé des vers! (Eating worms and 3D Fun at Futuroscope)

Majorcan Paella Mixtas: A lazy Sunday lunch with a traditional feast

Goose : A golden egg in Rome

Dinner at K + K am Waagplatz in Salzburg, Austria

The best ice creams in the world – Local favorites from across the globe

What’s for breakfast in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for dessert in your culture?

Monuments, Forts & Castles

7 Things you must know before visiting the Colosseum

Most beautiful churches in Europe

Cities, Towns & Countries

Vienna Woods, Heiligenkreuz, Mayerling and scary voices

Puy Pariou, Un Puy D’Auvergne

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7 Must dos on a weekend break to Northern Ireland

Reasons we visited Feldkirch, and didn’t love it, but still liked it!

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Off the Beaten Path in Dagestan

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By a Baker’s Dozen : 13 things you must do in Graz, Austria

Edinburgh on a plate: My personal guide to this Scottish City

Why you should visit Vilnius, Lithuania

Asian Adventures

National Parks & Reverse

Pench Tiger Reserve, India : The land of The Jungle Book

Ranthambore National Park : Spotting tigers and cubs on safari

Hiking in Chandoli National Park 

Chiang Mai: Travelling to the Gem of the North

Hills & Mountains

Indian hill stations you must visit at least once

Bryant Park in Kodaikanal, India

Manali trails with Enchanted Outings : Snow, Igloos and Winter Fun

Backwoods Mountain Camp in Hamta Village, Manali, India

How to build an igloo : Lessons in the Manali snow

By the Seaside

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Palolem in South Goa, India : Why should you visit?

Visiting Eilat in Israel

Discovering the Dead Sea region

Forts & Castles

Nahargarh Fort: Abode of Tigers

How the majesty of Masada awed me

Cities, Towns & Countries

13 Things to do in Vietnam : Baker’s Dozen Series

Mumbai(Bombay) City Guide: India’s City of Dreams Through my Eyes

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

13 things to do in Singapore : Baker’s Dozen Series

Jerusalem – The Old City, Eternal City

Asian Cuisine

What’s for dessert in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for breakfast in your culture?

Indian Street Food You must Taste

East Indian Cuisine and Recipes

East Indian Bombil Pickle (Sukha Bomblache Lonche)

East Indian Mango Chutney like Aam Murabba, Chunda or Varenye

Honey Balls or Snow Balls: East Indian Series

East Indian Kadmat or Cuchumber Recipe

Goat Tripe – Vajri Khudi Curry : East Indian Series

Easter Eggs, Bonnets & Chicken : East Indian Series

Traditional Christmas Sweets : East Indian Series

Special East Indian Chicken Tope : East Indian Series

Cooking up a Sorpotel Pav : East Indian Series

Of Vajri Curries and Trotters Khudi : East Indians?

Restaurants & Cafes

Unique Cafes Around the World

Best Coffee Shops on the Planet

Brunch at Elco Pani Puri Restaurant, India – Lovin’ my Bombay Series

Chocolicous Café Olé in Puducherry

Resorts and Lodges in Asia

Pench Jungle Camp : A night in the forest

Lebua Lodge : Lush luxury near the Amer Fort wall

A mid week retreat at the Retreat

Australia & NZ

National Parks & Reserves – Hills & Mountains

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island, New Zealand

Blue Mountains, Katoomba: Hiking escapes near Sydney, Australia


What’s for breakfast in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for dessert in your culture?

Churches, Monuments, Forts & Castles

Amazing Churches in Australia & NZ

Things to Do in Cities, Towns & Countries

The AJ Hackett Nevis Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand

Top Things to do in Rotorua, New Zealand

America : North & South

National Parks & Reverse – Hills & Mountains

From Expats to Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers


Let’s talk about Ice Cream

What’s for breakfast in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for dessert in your culture?

Monuments, Forts & Castles

Amazing Churches in America

Cities, Towns & Countries

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Honolulu, Hawaii

Irish Hills, Onsted, Michigan – Memories and more

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii : Things to see and do

Inspirational Series

Inspiration Series : Going Nomad

Inspiration Series : Weekend Nomad – Gareth

Inspiration Series : Becoming a Freelancer, When This Was Almost Unheard Of – Cris

Inspiration Series : Solo Travelling Nomad – Melissa

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Independent Young Nomad : Inspiration Series – Jeremy

Random Listicles & Travel Tales

Bizarre or Weird? What was the most peculiar thing someone said to you while travelling?

Of bras and things – Stories of traveling boobs 

J’ai mangé des vers! (Eating worms and 3D Fun at Futuroscope)

How Mardi Gras is Celebrated on Different Continents

Weird Food From Across the Globe

Over 50 Popular Drinks Across the World

Top Water Sports Destinations WorldWide