About Abby

TheWingedFork is not just about where to go and what to eat. It’s about experiences with different people and cultures, and the quirky things that happen along the way.

But who’s Abby? Seriously, tell me!

J’ai mange des vers! Yeah, I ate worms. Well, they were crispy fried flower worms, but all the same. Worms! That’s when I figured I needed, no, ‘wanted’ to write about it, but I really didn’t know how to start a food blog. Well, it did go into my diary, but the internet is another ball game.

And before you tell me that even the infamous Gordon Ramsey spat out those huhu grubs that chef Monique Fiso offered him in New Zealand in the NGC episode. Remember the ones that were supposed to taste like peanut butter? Okay, so eating grub is an acquired taste, and a popular common healthy food in Africa too! But let me just say this, I’m not brave enough to eat live ones. The ones I ate were fried worms. See the pics below!

Man with a bowl of grub in one hand showing thumbs up with the other.
Worms are good!

Plus, I’m really not that brave. It just happened. We were at the Le Bar’Lab in L’Futur Expo section of Futuroscope in Poitiers, France. This place displays technology, games, design, and architecture of the future, along with cool bizarre food too! Some of the fun stuff we tasted there were the ‘Glace de Cèpes et Foie Gras’, Cocktail Sphérification and the Coupelle D’insects. The ‘Glace de Cèpes et Foie Gras’ was a great tasting ice cream made of mushroom and duck liver. The Cocktail Sphérification was a cocktail of ‘billes de coquelicot’ or poppy balls that have undergone a spherification and stabilisation process. Indescribable!

Fried flower worms in a 2-inch white bowl.
Fried flower worms at Futuroscope in France!

But I waited till my friend had eaten almost half the worms and grillions (they’re sorta like singing crickets in France) from the bowl before tasting any. And for the record, the kids at that place were finishing their grub so fast and going to their parents to get 5 more Euros for another bowl. I would not have been able to live with myself if I hadn’t tasted ‘les vers’. So I did!

Those peeps from Graz that I just had to write about - TheWingedFork
Those peeps from Graz that I just had to write about

After forgetting about it for another thirteen months (Ha! much longer than a human gestation period), my friends finally persuaded me into blogging since they loved my trip advisor reviews and ghost travel pieces that I write for my clients. And I met some really amazing people on my last trip that I just had to write about. So here I am!

Visiting the Colosseum in Rome with my sis Sarah - TheWingedFork
Visiting the Colosseum in Rome with my sis Sarah

I’m a traveller at heart. (Isn’t everybody?) And a foodie too. Well, I still get confused between a gyro and a shawarma. But I am human! I’ll bet it will happen again too, with some exotic dishes that I haven’t tasted yet. Can’t wait! What do you think?

Gazing down the Turkenbrunnen in Graz, Austria - TheWingedFork
Gazing down the Turkenbrunnen in Graz, Austria
Abby coming out of her igloo in Manali, India.
Stay in an eco-friendly igloo, check!

But I digress. Back to travel. Although I travel alone too, you’ll often find me traveling with friends, siblings, or my parents who are senior citizens. That’s one thing I’ve learned, no matter your age, travel never stops! I’ve been to a few countries, have lived in tents and a friend’s private cave on the one hand, and stayed in luxurious hotels on the other. I stayed in an igloo too. Did I tell you about that? Nope, not had the chance to visit Alaska or the Nordic countries yet. But I spent the night in an eco-friendly igloo in Manali, India. Who would have thought that possible?

A man and woman on top of an Indian igloo, with another igloo in the background built by the man standing nearby.
My friends Dev and Tej atop the igloo in the background built by Tashi in India

Every place I visit adds a few more places to my bucket list. It never ends, and I hope it never will! Well, if it did, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. Or maybe I would? I could blog about food, right? Well, I sorta do that on my recipe blog.

I love cooking.

I grew up watching mom and grandmom cook. Although granny was strict about her food, mom would allow us kiddos to sit on the kitchen platform and stir the dishes for her. I was around 6 or 7 then. I used to just love watching her making sojee cakes or blanc mange eggs or Christmas sweets like marzipan or cordial.

When I got sucked up in the rigmarole of life and started working a regular job, I used to still sell food to friends and colleagues on the side. The dishes were random inventions they used to love.

But I don’t have any foodie certifications. Just experimenting with a bit of this and a bit of that and turning it into something delicious. Just like mom and grand-mom. Their East Indian food is always yummier than yum! Anyways, I add in the measurements for you lovely readers. Can’t have you wondering how much a ‘handful of this’ or a ‘little of that’ is. Plus, in the words of the French baker ex-BF, ‘You need precision Abby, precision!’ But really, I believe that the best dishes are always the ones made without measurements.

Easter Eggs made of cashew marzipan ---TheWingedFork
Traditional East Indian Easter Eggs made of marzipan

My friends love my cooking. (My family not so much. They say I’m fattening them up with too much food!) I love baking too. I used to help my sister sell cakes and cookies, and our traditional sweets (as a hobby) on our days off.

Goat tripe - Ground-copra,-garlic-and-ginger---TheWingedFork
The beginnings of a goat tripe curry

Work-wise, well I was in Banking and IT for a long time, and did well too! But neither were my passion. So I switched to content writing, where I’m a lot happier. Sometimes Jesus takes us down the long road to our destiny, doesn’t he? So much learning along the way…


Anyways, apart from writing about travel and reviewing food and lodgings. I freelance as a content writer and virtual assistant for some well-known travel and food blogs to support this little blog of mine. Maybe I don’t mean little, maybe I mean upcoming. Wink wink! But we do have to make a living one way or another, don’t we?

Kayaking in Cala Blava Spain - TheWingedFork
Lost my apples after falling off the kayaks in Cala Blava, Spain

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your reads make it worth it!

Facts about moi – Abby

  • I love Kiri, in both its forms. The first one being Kiri, the calcium-filled yummy French cheese that’s made for children. Yup, the French ex-BF’s mum introduced me to it, and I absolutely love it. Do you? And also kiri, the udders of a goat roasted on a shig in India. It tastes like a savory marshmallow.
  • My other favorite foods are chocolate and marzipan (Okay, I know these are not really foods), malawach (the tasty flaky flatbread from Israel), paneer (Indian cottage cheese), foie de morue (Ever soft cod liver sold in tins in France that a friend introduced me to. He said it’s good for the brain, which it probably should be considering Cod Liver Oil is so popular.), mathiya (delicious Gujarati papad made from Math beans for Diwali), green mutton chops (only mom’s version will do), and a lot more.
  • I can’t decide whether I like wine or beer more. Or was it amaretto?
  • My friends and family complain that the wine I make gets them all sleepy, drowsy and lethargic. But they haven’t stopped drinking it yet, so I’ll take that as a compliment.
  • I’m an East Indian from Mumbai, India.
  • I love baking and cooking. I can spend hours at a time in the kitchen. It’s relaxing.
  • I love eating raw cake batter. My brother and I used to eat a lot of it while young. Now not so much, but ever so often, you’ll see a spoonful or two disappearing.
  • I was raised Catholic, but I’m a just Christian now, and Jesus is first in my life.
  • My favorite pastors. There are so many of them.
  • I have a Master’s in Information and Communication Technology Management but got tired of the corporate life. Step in freelance writing. That’s my day job till now. If you want to hire me, ping me at [email protected]
  • I love to crochet. It helps me to de-stress. And although I hardly find the time to do it nowadays; it’s one of my go-to relaxants, other than cooking and wine.
  • I’m like dad. I have to have at least one tiny piece of dessert after every meal. It’s a proclivity I cannot shake.
  • The one thing I can’t leave home without? My trusty mosquito net. Okay seriously, I can’t cart that thing off to everywhere, but I’m a serious mosquito magnet. So I have to rely on natural mosquito repellents and a whole lot of antihistamines. No wonder I’m always happy or drowsy while traveling. 😉
  • I’m waiting for the day when I can afford to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, with just the mountains and streams to keep me company. And maybe a few sheep and olive, almond, orange, lemon, and apple trees, and tomatoes, pumpkins, and so many other things.
  • My favorite fish is the fattiest one ever, the local baiki (not to be confused with the bhetki from the Bay of Bengal). It just oozes yummy sweet fatty goodness.
  • My favorite books and authors at the moment are Ann Voskamp, Max Lucado and John Eldredge. Just putting that out there in case anyone wants to gift me a book for Christmas. Wink wink!
  • My favorite colors. Aw c’mon, I can’t tell you everything. Try guessing that!
  • I love listening to gospel and country music.
  • I’m left-handed. Go figure!

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Who is Sarah?

Girl(Sarah) touching a rhino's horn in Kenya.
Sarah, African at heart!

My amazing sister contributes to my blog when she finds something interesting that she just has to rave about (read ‘write pages about’).

Sarah has worked in travel for 15 years and specializes in Africa and other niche destinations.

Sarah-with Rhino Baracka in-Kenya-TheWingedFork
Sarah with the Rhino Baracka in Kenya

She caters to clients looking to travel to niche destinations across the globe, whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, rafting on the Zambezi River, viewing seals and penguins in Antarctica or Safaris to see the big five in Kenya and South Africa…

Lioness-Masai-Mara - Kenya - Africa---TheWingedFork
Lioness in Masai Mara

She loves music, wine, food, and travel. Have you tried her recipe for the East Indian chicken tope? Or seen her posts about spotting tigers in Pench and Ranthambore? 

Treepies in a dhok tree in Ranthambore National Park in India -TheWingedFork
Treepies in Ranthambore National Park

Her love for nature and wildlife makes her work even more enjoyable and satisfying. Armed with her Canon, she likes to take photographs and write stories that inspire you to pack your bags and run off to a faraway destination.

Sarah’s got some amazing posts! Click here to read about feeding crocodiles in Bamburi, Kenya or being proposed to by a store owner in Jerusalem, Israel.

But that’s not all Sarah does. Sometimes she says she gets mollycoddled by me and mom into cooking mom’s famous boiled egg chilly fry or writing about our traditional chicken tope recipe or writing about her semolina and orange cake.

But what Sarah actually loves to do on the food front is bake some yummy chocolate cakes or make marzipan easter eggs or almond eggs. She also makes duck moile curry with mum or helps mum make her sweet red wine mustard sauce. You could almost say she lives on the sweeter side of life!

Facts about Sarah

  • She’s a travel agent by day, and a blogger by night. Well, some nights. She just blogs once in a blue moon, which is why her blogs are precious. Wink, wink!
  • Sarah does lovely Sugarcraft work. She used to sell cakes some time ago.
  • She’s in love with Africa.
  • Sarah is afraid of birds fluttering overhead but loves taking pictures of them.
  • 99% of Sarah’s food and travel pics on this blog have been taken with the Canon EOS 1000D that she bought in 2011. Of course, now she’s upgrading to a better camera. But she’s still someone who needs to work her income. So she’s slowly using working up to the Canon EOS 850D (Rebel T8i).
  • Because of her smile, she was once offered a job as a toothpaste model but didn’t take it.
  • Her favorite color is blue. Isn’t everyone’s? 

 Who is The Soz?

Picture of lady on a bike among olive trees.

The Soz also contributes to my blog.

South Africa born and British bred, The Soz often takes to the skies. However, the majority of the time these gravity-defying feats are for business and not pleasure. Well except for the time she went on the Hackett Nevis Swing. That was for pleasure, wasn’t it? Wink, wink!

Swinging off at the Hackett-Nevis-Swing-in-Queenstown-New-Zealand-TtheWingedFork
Swinging off at the Hackett Nevis Swing in Queenstown New Zealand with hubby

Although she flies a lot for business, it does not stop her from flying once again to go where no Soz has gone before.

Soz hiking the-Blue-Mountains-TheWingedFork
Soz hiking the Blue Mountains in Katoomba

Saying that… The Soz says that reading about her is not as interesting as reading about the places she’s been. So scroll on to her posts and let the adventures begin!

Emerald-lakes at Tongariro New Zealand - TheWingedFork
Emerald lakes at Tongariro New Zealand

Facts about The Soz

  • The Soz is a pilot. 
  • She recently learned how to skin a lamb. 
  • The Soz has beautiful blue eyes. 
  • She makes a mean mushroom in butter garlic sauce
  • The Soz is great with horses.

Who is Paps?

Picture a of a man walking along a tree lined path.
Paps, our secret writer!

My friend Paps has also decided to become a regular contributor to the blog.

Cuevas Del Drach or Dragon Caves in Majorca Spain - TheWingedForkq
Cuevas Del Drach or Dragon Caves in Majorca, Spain

This is what he has to say:

“Hey this is paps, this is my blog,
Here you’ll find stories from my travelling log;
I’ve been to places but not a lot,
These are stories of what I’ve seen and thought;
Small tales of places I’ve been to
So go on have a browse, have a read through.”

View of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort - TheWingedFork
View of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort

We’ve been told that the Paps‘ posts on Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur, India and the Cuevas Del Drach in Mallorca, Spain have influenced quite a few of his friends to visit. 🙂

Facts about Paps

  • Paps lives on a farm with sheep and orange trees.
  • He’s very good at math.
  • The Paps is a die-hard fan of Elvis Presley.
  • He’s got an amazing mop of hair and in another life, he was probably a model.
  • Paps makes perfectly round chapatis (Indian flatbreads)
  • He’s quite a funny guy.

Guest Contributions to TheWingedFork

There are also a select few from different continents and diverse cultures who have made inspiring contributions to my blog in some way or another. Here are their awesome reads!

Here’s one from my friends who had troubles finding bras or swimsuits while travelling. Or those who’ve had bizarre encounters while travelling.

Nomadic Nurse - Gemma from Blessedarethecurious
Gemma the Nomadic Nurse from Blessedarethecurious

You could also read the story of Gemma – the nomadic nurse, and Deines – the photographic nomad. Or about the most beautiful churches in Europe or the most amazing churches in the world.

Or would you rather read about food? Here’s what’s for breakfast and what’s for dinner in different cultures across the globe. And here’s dessert! Famous ice creams from across the globe! What more do you want?

Email me at [email protected] and let me know.

See you somewhere someday maybe. 😉