Hilton Cancun Resort Las Vegas: An Oasis Just Off of The Strip

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Are you looking for the perfect place to stay while visiting Las Vegas, Nevada? The Hilton Cancun Resort Las Vegas is the perfect place to stay if you don’t want the noise and bustle of staying on The Strip, but want to be close to all the attractions.

When we visited Las Vegas for a week, we made this hotel our home-base and it was exactly what we needed. Not only were the rooms great, but we loved the fun Mayan Temple themed waterfall and waterslides.

Mayan Temple at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.
Mayan Temple waterslide

Keep reading for everything you need to know about this fantastic place to stay just down the road from The Strip in Las Vegas.

Where is the Hilton Cancun Resort

Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Hilton Cancun Resort Las Vegas is just 6 minutes from the main airport in Las Vegas, Harry Reid International Airport (LAS). It is a 4 minute drive to the South Premium Outlets and a 10 minute drive to The Las Vegas Strip.

Fountains in Front of Hotel.
Front of Hotel

There is a grocery store located conveniently across the street and down half block. We ordered our groceries ahead of time for pick up. This was so convenient after our long drive after exploring the Lava Tunnels in St. George, Utah. It was also great so we could grab the few little essentials we forgot to pack.

Funny story…I had put 15 cans of diced green chilis in my online shopping cart that I intended to pick up with my next grocery order to restock the pantry with. I forgot I put them in there and didn’t review my order before submitting it for pickup when we arrived in Las Vegas. We had to haul those 15 cans back home with us because I am too cheap to buy them again. My husband still gives me a hard time about it any time we go on a trip.

How to Get to the Hilton Cancun Resort

The Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas does not have an airport shuttle, so you will need to get a ride-share, rent a car, or take the public transport bus.

We live in Utah and drove down, so we didn’t use any of these options, but talking to people in the hot tub, it is easy to navigate to the Hilton Cancun Resort even without your own car.

About the Resort

The Cancun Resort was built in 2002 and was renovated in 2022. When I think of the word “resort” my mind automatically envisions an all-inclusive resort, but that is because I’ve never been fancy enough to stay at either one of them. The Hilton is a resort in that it has a restaurant, a spa and a swimming pool.

Pool at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.

The Hilton Cancun Resort is made up of 5 buildings with the unique Mayan Temple themed waterfall in the center. Two towers have 8 floors and the other 3 towers have 4 floors. The Mayan Temple has a relaxing waterfall on one side and four waterslides on the other side.

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The Spacious Rooms at the Hilton

My favorite part of the Hilton Cancun Resort is that each of the rooms is a suite…with either one or two bedrooms..and a stocked kitchen. We were able to save so much money while we were in Las Vegas by cooking our own breakfast and dinner.

The suites are very spacious, which was exactly what we needed to spend a week together. Traveling with kids can be tricky, but the amount of space in the rooms made it so we weren’t on top of each other for the whole week.


Every room has a private balcony, which gives you more space and a nice place to relax. I loved how tall the railing was for kid safety, but they are solid cement and you can’t see anything if you are relaxing on one of the chairs.

The kitchen has an oven and a microwave, as well as other kitchen essentials such as plates, cups, utensils, and pots/pans. There is also a dishwasher, which is nice because I never trust dishes left in a hotel. I didn’t see anything visibly dirty on the dishes when we pulled them out, but you never know, so it was nice to be able to run them through the dishwasher before using them.

Kitchen at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.
Kitchen at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas

Offset from the kitchen, is the dining room with a large table and chairs. I loved having the table to eat at, but I especially loved the extra flat area for packing and organizing that you don’t usually have with a regular hotel room.

Bathroom at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.
Bathroom at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas

The bathroom is very spacious (almost bigger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in) and the bathtub is enormous! There aren’t jets in the tub, but it is perfectly relaxing just filled with hot water. The hot tub had quite a few adults in it and my kids are not very good at sitting still in water, so we opted to head to our room and filled up the tub for the kids to play in.

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There is a lot of parking available at the Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas, and the best part is that you do not have to pay extra for it. Valet service is not available, so you will have to park your own car and walk to your room.

We were always about to park close to the entrance to our room, which was nice. The area is not gated, but I never worried about our car as the area seemed very safe.

Resort Fees

The Hilton Cancun Resort has a daily resort fee, so make sure that you are expecting that when you check-in. Thankfully I knew about it ahead of time or I would have been frustrated having the extra charge.

What Amenities Does The Hilton Cancun Resort Las Vegas Have?

The Hilton Cancun Resort has multiple amenities and is the perfect place to stay away from noise and bustle of staying on The Strip, but close to all the attractions to make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Swimming Pools

The swimming pools were the highlight of our stay. There are two swimming pools and one hot tub on the property, but know that if you go in the winter, they close the front pool.

Pool facing hotel rooms.
Back Pool at Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas

I love waterfalls…exploring waterfalls in Iceland, hunting waterfalls in Oregon, hiking to waterfalls in Utah…I love it all! With Las Vegas being in a desert, the waterfall into the front pool was the only waterfall we saw. It is such a calming experience to float around the pool to the sound of the water (only if your husband is watching the kids).

The back pool stays open all winter and is heated. Four waterslides come out of the Mayan Temple and drop you into the back pool.

Our kids were nervous about doing the waterslides at first. They don’t like enclosed slides that get dark, and all 4 slides are fully enclosed. After watching the other kids have so much fun, they decided to give it a try and loved it.

Caribe Lounge Restaurant

The Caribe Lounge is a poolside restaurant and bar. It is next to the front pool and offers a nice view of the waterfall cascading off of the Mayan Temple. It has a full-service bar with happy hour specials daily from 3-4 pm.

If you don’t feel like leaving your room, you can get room service delivered to you.

We never ate here, so I can’t vouch for the food. We usually don’t eat out when we travel, so we cooked every night in our room.

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Fitness Center

If you are one of those people who likes to keep your workout routine while on vacation, there is a nice, up-to-date Fitness Center with ellipticals, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, and a few resistance machines.

I like to think that I am one of those people, but I just glanced in the Fitness Center and never actually used it. To be fair, we did a lot of hiking while we were there, and walking The Strip is no joke! I got over 18,000 steps on the days we explored The Strip.

Are Pets Welcome at The Hilton Cancun Resort Las Vegas?
Unfortunately, only service animals are welcome at the Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas.


When you go to Las Vegas, Nevada, the Hilton Cancun Resort in Las Vegas is an excellent place to stay if you are looking for a quiet place that is close to The Strip. It was the perfect home-base for our family and was just down the street from the mermaids at the Silverton Hotel, which was a hit for both of our kids.

The unique Mayan Temple waterslides and swimming pools are an added bonus and great for all ages. And the best part is that even though our balcony faced the pool, the rooms were quiet so it never bothered us. The rooms are spacious and it is so nice to have a little kitchen.

We would stay at the Hilton Cancun again next time we go. The only thing I would do differently in the future is try and avoid buying 15 cans of diced green chilis.

Author Bio: Elizabeth from Tall Adventure Fam

Elizabeth from Tall Adventure Fam
Elizabeth from Tall Adventure Fam

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