Top 10 Best Places To Eat In Dublin, Ireland

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Western European dining is not often referred to as a foodie’s paradise, but you might be surprised by how much great food there is to try in Ireland!

Dublin especially is an exciting capital city with plenty of options for a range of dining experiences and incredible meals.

Temple Bar most famous Dublin pub.
Temple Bar, the most famous Dublin pub

It’s hard to pick where to eat in Dublin with so many great places to choose from. Though pub food like that at the Temple Bar might be the most popular option for dining out, there are still plenty of other restaurants to explore from fine-dining, exquisite menus to healthy and modern, unique places.

The top 10 BEST places to eat in Dublin, Ireland for different types of food are

Where to find Traditional Irish Food?

When spending some time in Dublin, you will no doubt want to find where to eat the best traditional Irish food. Many people compare traditional Irish and Scottish or English foods. While they are similar to one another, Irish food has a distinct difference in taste, and unique dishes that you should certainly experiment with while in Dublin.

Irish Breakfast.
An Irish Breakfast

Irish food is famous for its stews and hearty meals of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Some of the most popular dishes are Irish lamb stew, Irish pot pies, a full Irish breakfast (very meat-heavy), Guinness or Shepherd’s Pie, coddle, and Irish soda bread.

Where to go for the best traditional Irish food:

1. Sheehan’s Pub

The Winding Stair is another fantastic, little-known place to go for traditional Irish food. It’s in a great location overlooking the River Liffey and Ha’penny Bridge. The Winding Stair is unique in that it has a bookshop located on the ground level that used to be a popular place for writers, musicians, and artists to frequent.

For a traditional Irish pub, you can’t ask for much more than Sheehan’s. It’s in the 3rd generation as a family-run pub and the quality of the food and care from the staff is unmatched. The pub itself is cozy and quaint and will give you the full Irish experience you are looking for.

Sheehan’s has some of the tastiest Irish stew in all of Ireland and an incredible Guinness pie. Plus, if you are looking to branch out on the menu, they have a delicious Irish oak smoked salmon and Cajun Caesar salad as well.

Sheehan’s Pub
17 Chatham St, Dublin 2, D02 X923, Ireland

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Irish Pub.
Me and my friend at an Irish Pub

2. The Winding Stair

The Winding Stair takes traditional Irish food up a notch to bring a flare of fine dining to the dishes. The delicious meals are all sourced from seasonal, local Irish produce with their venison dishes often some of the most popular. They have an incredible brunch menu as well that is a must-try!

The Winding Stair
40 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland

Where to Go Fine Dining in Dublin?

For those looking for the most exquisite restaurants and fine dining experiences, Dublin has a few wonderful places to explore. Ireland currently has 21 Michelin-star restaurants, and quite a few of them are found in Dublin.


3. Chapter One

Located in the basement of the Dublin Writer’s Museum, Chapter One is a superb Michelin-star restaurant with incredible tasting menus. Dinner at this French-inspired restaurant is certainly an experience, and one of the more expensive things to do in Dublin at night.

The Chef combines a subtle modernity in the dishes with plenty of creativity and personality that results in beautiful and delicious meals. Reserve your table ahead of time, this popular restaurant is always in high demand.

Chapter One
18-19 Parnell Square N, Rotunda, Dublin 1, D01 T3V8, Ireland

4. Variety Jones

Another Michelin-star Dublin restaurant, Variety Jones only offers a chef’s choice sharing menu. It’s more affordable than Chapter One but still a fine dining, multi-course experience. The food has an emphasis on seasonal produce and is cooked over an open fire. The atmosphere is relaxed, and service is flawless.

Variety Jones
78 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland

Tea Brunch.
Tea Brunch

Where to find Fast Food in Dublin?

Sometimes we need a quick bite or are craving the familiarity of fast food. Dublin has many of the basics such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa Johns, etc. but if you are looking for a step up, these are the BEST fast-food places to eat at in Dublin.

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5. Saray Kebab House

Kebab is almost a staple for European capital cities, it’s the perfect food after a night of drinking or as a quick bite while out exploring the city. Saray Kebab House is probably the best kebab in the city (and some have said the best in western Europe even). Its location in the city center just north of River Liffey is fantastic, and the quality of the food is incredibly flavorful.

Saray Kebab House
180 Parnell Street, Rotunda, Dublin, Ireland

6. Pi Pizzas

Lovin’ Dublin rates Pi Pizzas as the best pizza in Dublin – and for good reason! Their woodfired pizzas are heavenly and service is quick and thoughtful. The pizza dough is authentic, and the ingredients are always of a fresh, high quality. Plus, the city center location couldn’t be better, it’s situated directly in front of Trinity College Dublin and near the Dublin Castle.

Pi Pizzas
Unit 10 Castle House, 73 – 83 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Where to find Asian Food in Dublin?

Ireland is not typically known for its diversity in food. However, Dublin is the best city if you are looking for somewhere to eat with an Asian influence.

7. Honkaku Sushi & Thai Restaurant

The food at Honkaku is fresh, tasty, and the best Japanese and Thai place in Dublin. They have a large and diverse menu but are especially praised for their bento boxes. There are two locations, one closer to the city center and one further to the northwest outskirts of Dublin and both attract regulars that are obsessed with the menu!

Honkaku Sushi & Thai Restaurant
189 Kimmage Road Lower, Terenure, Dublin, Ireland

8. Spice Village Indian Restaurant

One of the best Indian food restaurants in Dublin (and possibly all of Ireland!). The Indian food is authentic, fresh, and flavorsome and the service is friendly and quick. Their butter chicken is an especially delicious dish, though everything on the menu is incredible and well worth a visit.

Spice Village Indian Restaurant
95 Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6W, Co. Dublin, D6W FH24, Ireland

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Food Hotspots in Dublin

Fish and Chips in Dublin.
Fish and Chips in Dublin

Surprisingly, Dublin is the NUMBER ONE most vegan friendly popular tourist city with 21.2% of local restaurants offering vegan-friendly options! According to this study analyzing cuisine from restaurants in the 50 most visited cities in the world (using data from TripAdvisor).

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9. Veginity

This restaurant’s slogan is “where street food meets fine dining.” The Colombian-inspired menu proves that good food does not need to include meat. Veginity has won a few awards for being the BEST vegetarian restaurant in Dublin.

The vegetarian restaurant offers brunch and dinner options along with great coffee, cocktail and wine pairings, and a few vegan desserts and pastries that are to die for. The menu changes every couple of months to use the freshest, in-season produce.

101 Dorset Street Upper Dublin, D1, Ireland

funny Dublin vegan sign.
A funny Dublin vegan sign


For the best vegan snacks and bowls, KALE + COCO can’t be beat. This entirely plant-based café specializes in healthy (and aesthetic) smoothie bowls, nourish bowls, smoothies, sweet treats, and superfood lattes. The friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere make this a great place to stop and rest for a bit while out exploring Dublin.

Smoothie Brunch.
Smoothie Brunch

Whether you are just visiting or are looking to move to Dublin, there are so many fantastic restaurants and places to eat at. You will be able to find just about any dining experience you desire, and you will love experiencing Irish food and cuisines from all around the world. Dublin is much more than a fun place to visit full of pub food, but a wonderful city to find some incredible places to eat in Ireland too!

18 Grangegorman Lower, Dublin 7, D07 WF44, Dublin, Ireland

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