22 Best Coffee Shops to Visit in The World

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I can’t live without coffee. Even while traveling I need to get my daily fix of the best coffee around or visit some unique cafes to absorb their ambiance. This is why I always keep a lookout for the best coffee shops to visit in different countries.

And although I haven’t been to all of them, my food and travel blogger friends have. So here as a result of their collective wisdom are the absolute best coffee shops to visit in the world!

1.Caffe Meletti in Ascoli Piceno Italy

Caffè Meletti - Pic by Sibilla.io from Wiki Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 .
Caffè Meletti
Pic by Sibilla.io from Wiki Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0

Caffe Meletti can be found in Ascoli Piceno in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy – Piazza del Popolo. The café started out as a distillery owned by Silvio Meletti where the Italian liqueur anisetta was first created.

Caffe Meletti has been serving coffee to locals and visitors for over 100 years and has seen many notable characters during its time – Ernest Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre have passed through its doors and the cafe supplied anisetta to King Vittorio Emanuele at the start of the 20th century.

Housed in an art nouveau building with an attractive colonnaded frontage, today Caffe Meletti is an elegant destination for a coffee or cocktail.

There is plenty of seating outside and it is the best place to sit back and take in the sights of Le Marche’s most appealing town. The café also has a restaurant which has an excellent second floor terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo.

As well as sampling a famous chocolate coffee liqueur at Caffe Meletti, ensure you also try Ascoli Piceno’s other local delicacy – deep-fried stuffed olives.

By Annabel from Smudged Postcard
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2. Roasters in Reykjavik, Iceland

Paula having a warm coffee at Roasters, Iceland.
Warm coffee at Roasters in Reykjavik, Iceland
By Paula from Paula pins the Planet

I truly believe that there is something magical about a warm cup of local coffee, and during my day of exploration in Reykjavik I came across the best coffee I ever had during my many years of traveling.

I choose this place based on the reviews online, and I understand why they are all 5 stars. Make sure that if you are planning an Iceland trip Itinerary, you add a visit to the Reykjavik Roaster coffee shop.

Not only the coffee here is amazing, but the environment is cozy and friendly making it a perfect place to sit comfortably and enjoy a great cup of warm coffee with some of the local delicious pastries.

What makes this place so special is the quality of the beans that they import. I love to see that they hand-pick the coffee farms abroad, coming from different places all over the world such as Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. They roast the beans to perfection and brew the coffee with enjoyment – you can really tell how much the baristas are passionate about preparing and serving their coffee.

There are three different locations in Reykjavik for you to choose from. The first one opened in 2008, and the original building has been in place since 1929 and before the café, it used to be a small, typical convenience store on one side and a milk shop on the other, where it was possible to buy skyr and milk in bulk as it was customary in those days in Iceland.

By Paula from Paula pins the Planet
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3. KuPiKu Coffee, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Coffees at KuPiKu Coffee, Yogyakarta Indonesia.
KuPiKu Coffee, Yogyakarta Indonesia
By James from Wanderus Living

Nestled in the busy city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia lies Kupiku Coffee. The unique atmosphere and personality of this place would make you think it belongs in Bali or popular tourist destinations of Thailand. Kupiku has a modern feel with board games, cards, free wifi for working and above all; amazing coffee!

Most people visit the city of Yogyakarta for the ancient Buddhist temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. Yogyakarta is also a great way to view the rural farms and towns of Indonesia which Bali does not have.

When we stumbled upon Kupiku we were confused… a unique and good tasting coffee company on the outskirts of Yogja?

We spent 5 days in Yogyakarta and went to Kupiku every single day, and sometimes twice a day. They have hot coffee, ice coffee, frappes, small food items, to go meals and energy drinks. Their iced coffee was our personal favorite and would order the mocha iced coffee as if it was mandatory.

Kupiku was only about a 2-minute walk from where we were staying, so we just happened to stumble across it! If you aren’t staying near Kupiku make sure you stop by for coffee, its super cheap and the staff are the best! Check out Kupiku on Instagram to see their amazing feed, awesome coffee and unique and comfortable atmosphere.

By James from Wanderus Living
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4. La Marzocco in Seattle

Ambience at La Marzocco coffee shop in Seattle.
La Marzocco in Seattle
By Matt from Wheatless Wanderlust

Seattle is an incredible coffee city, home to the global coffee conglomerate – Starbucks – that brought coffee into the mainstream in the United States.

In Seattle, it seems like you’ll find a different specialty coffee shop on every corner, which gives you plenty of options for staying caffeinated on your Seattle itinerary.

But there’s one spot that should be at the top of your list, and that’s La Marzocco Cafe. You know La Marzocco because they probably make the espresso machine that your favorite coffee shop at home uses, and their cafe at Seattle Center in the shadow of the Space Needle is a celebration of all things coffee-related.

It’s in the same building as KEXP, which is a local nonprofit radio station, and you can sip your coffee while you listen to the live radio broadcast and shop for records at the Light in the Attic, an onsite record shop.

The best part about the La Marzocco Cafe is that they bring in a different coffee roaster from around the world each month. That roaster brews up their best pour-over and espresso offerings, but also crafts a few signature drinks that are closer to cocktails than coffee.

You’ll find inventive offerings on their menu like the “Orange Blossom,” which is a combination of espresso, almond milk, orange blossom, and honey syrup, or the “Saturday Morning” which is a combination of cold brew and fruit-loop-infused oat milk.

By Matt from Wheatless Wanderlust
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5. Back to Black in Amsterdam

Best coffee and coffee bar at Back to Black in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam koffie
By Maartje & Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

Amsterdam is home to many coffee shops, but tourists usually mean the drugs selling type of shops when referring to them. But if you are looking for the best places in Amsterdam to have coffee, Back to Black should be your first choice.

Back to Black has two locations in Amsterdam. One close to the canals in the city center; another one outside the center but within walking distance, offering you a great way to see another side of Amsterdam than the touristy canal area. Whichever place you’d choose, both serve the best coffee and cakes.

Both Amsterdam coffee houses serve amazing specialty coffee, but you’ll love the coffee bars as well. The one in the city center is small and extremely cozy. People stop by to get coffee to go as well. The bar in West, outside the city center, is a bit bigger and a locals favorite to get some work done while enjoying the best coffee.

Oh, and do you like cats? So does Back to Black. It’s home to Binkie the house cat.

By Maartje & Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack
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6. Cafe Capitale Brussels

Delicious coffee and pastries at Cafe Capitale Brussels.
Café Capitale Brussels
By Trijit from Budget Travel Buff

Brussels is home to some of the popular Belgian chocolate brands, however, for true coffee lovers, Café Capitale is a real treat in the capital city. Located in the prime location of the city near the Bourse, Cafe Capitale is one of the best coffee shops in the world.

It is a cozy and quiet cafe and renowned among locals and international tourists for its amazing atmosphere and delicious coffee and pastries. The cafe is so calm and peaceful, you can spend hours sipping your favorite coffee, reading magazines, or working on your laptop.

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They are running this coffee shop since 2001 and offer a perfect ambiance for solitude seekers. Indoor and outdoor seating is available here. If you want to enjoy your coffee while watching people under the open sky, sit outside. Else cherish your coffee inside the cafe with soothing music in the background.

Apart from coffee, you can also try their croissants, cheesecake, and bagels. This popular foodie place in Belgium does not disappoint.

Cafe Capitale offers free WiFi too to its guests with comfy seats. The staff is very helpful and polite, and most importantly coffee and other food items are reasonably priced.

Tip: You can also buy coffee and coffee machines from their shop.

By Trijit from Budget Travel Buff
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7. Underdog in Athens

Breakfast and coffee at Underdog in Athens.
Underdog in Athens
By Chrysoula from Athens and Beyond

With an in-house roastery, a mouth-watering all-day brunch menu, and an ethos that centres around serving up the best coffee in the city, it’s unsurprising that The Underdog in Athens graces this list of the best coffee shops in the world.

Located in a neoclassical building in the Thissio neighborhood of Athens (just a stone’s throw from the Acropolis), The Underdog is an award-winning coffee company that prides itself on using the finest beans and having the best roasting techniques and baristas in town

In addition to their excellent coffee and tasty brunch, The Underdog also boasts cool urban interiors and a craft beer and cocktail list to match. The spacious interior features large bench tables and bar seating and the café has an outdoor patio too which is great for balmy summer days.

If you’re overwhelmed by the hipster coffee menu, fear not, as the expert baristas will be more than happy to help you choose a cup of Joe that will suit your palette!

Once you’ve tried (and fallen in love with,) their coffee you’ll be wondering when you can have it again and luckily for you, they also sell packets of beans and coffee capsules so that you can have an Underdog experience at home.

By Chrysoula from Athens and Beyond
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8. Cafe Ole in Pondicherry

Coffee Paintings at Cafe Ole Pondicherry.
Cafe Ole Pondicherry
By Sarah, writer at TheWingedFork

If you love coffee, chocolate and continental food, this is the place for you. Cafe Ole in Pudducherry is a haven for coffee and chocolate lovers. It is small but the interiors are well done and its kid-friendly. The bar-style seating adds to its cozy ambiance.

The quirky quotes and coffee facts all round the little shop make for some good reading. They even have portraits drawn with coffee! Charlie Chaplin, Mother Theresa, Sachin Tendulkar, Marilyn Monroe and so many others. Amazing!

They serve a variety of food and drinks from chicken, fish, egg, mushroom, and paneer sandwiches and tostadas to chocolate sandwiches, milkshakes, and of course, coffee. The chocolate sandwiches are to die for, they are just so mouth-wateringly delicious. And the chocolate milkshakes, heavenly! They come with really cool chocolate designs on the glass that you can admire too.

The locals love it and so do the visitors from all across the planet! It is a must-visit if you ever are in Pondicherry.

By Sarah from The Winged Fork
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9. A Brasileira in Lisbon

Café A Brasileira in central Lisbon.
A Brasileira in Lisbon
By De Wet & Jin from Museum of Wander

Café A Brasileira in central Lisbon is one of the oldest and most famous cafes in the Portuguese capital. If you’re looking for a break between sightseeing in Lisbon, the classic Café A Brasileira is the place to go for ambience, good coffee and tasty Portuguese pastries.

Café A Brasileira (Brazilian Woman Café) opened its doors in 1905. At that time Brazilian coffee was not very popular in Lisbon. However, to entice customers the owner offered a free cup of coffee for everyone buying ground Brazilian coffee. It’s thought that Brazilian coffee became so popular in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal mainly due to Café A Brasileira.

The iconic façade of the café is easily recognised by the dark green, double-arched doors. Inside the café oozes old world charm with carved wooden details. The long, marble counter invites you to have a look at the delicious pastries and cakes on display. The go-to drink to order here is the Bica.

A Bica is a short black coffee, almost like an espresso. Ordering a latte or cappuccino might be frowned upon.

By De Wet & Jin from Museum of Wander
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10. Cafe Demel in Vienna

Viennese coffee houses are more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee.
Cafe Demel in Vienna
By Or from My Path in the World

Viennese coffee houses are more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee. They are a huge part of Vienna‘s culture and are even listed by UNSECO as “Intangible Cultural Heritage.” Quite a few of them exist for over a century and have become cultural institutions, and Cafe Demel is one of them.

Dating back to 1786, this is one of the most elegant, palace-like cafes you’ll ever see. In fact, it was beloved by Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife, Elizabeth. But beyond the regal decor and impeccable service that will make you feel like royalty for a couple of hours, Demel’s coffee and cakes are true delicacies.

From classics like apple strudel (which is to die for) and sachertorte to all kinds of layer cakes and other desserts, it’s nearly impossible to choose what to devour, and you’ll need an hour just for that. Add a high-quality cup of coffee (or even some delicious hot chocolate), and you’ve got yourself a perfect Viennese cultural experience.

The Viennese coffee house is described as a place “where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill,” and that’s exactly how you’ll feel at Cafe Demel.

By Or from My Path in the World
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11. Truth Coffee, Cape Town

Elephant latte at Truth Coffee Cape Town.
Elephant latte at Truth Coffee Cape Town
By Alya & Campbell from Stingy Nomads

Out of hundreds of coffee shops in Cape Town, Truth Coffee offers some of the most amazing coffee, delicious food, a unique interior, and a great vibe. No wonder in the last couple of years it became one of the locals’ favorite coffee shops in the city and one of Cape Town’s attractions.

It has been named the world’s best coffee shop by The Daily Telegraph. Good coffee is the main ingredient of a great coffee shop and Truth Coffee has definitely nailed it.

They buy coffee beans from the best suppliers from all over the world, roast and grind them on site to make sure their customers get the best final product. Their coffee and coffee-based drinks are truly delicious. Their latte art always surprises with anything you can imagine, from a flower or a heart to an elephant or a funky monkey.

Besides coffee, the menu includes shakes and smoothies, sandwiches, toasts, egg-based dishes, burgers, fresh pastry, and cakes. Truth Coffee is a great place to come for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

The interior of the coffee shops is quite an attraction on its own. It looks like a mixture between a movie set and a bizarre antique shop.

A big bar surrounded many pipes in the middle surrounded by all sorts of peculiar objects hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. One can spend hours looking at different objects and constructions inside the coffee shop.

By Alya & Campbell from Stingy Nomads
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12. Indian coffee house Delhi

Coffees at Indian coffee house Delhi.
Indian coffee house Delhi
By Sundeep and Bedabrata from Delhi-Fun-Dos

Indian Coffee House is not just a coffee shop. It is a piece of history of self-determination in India. As a protest movement to British restrictions on allowing native Indians in coffee houses, Indian Coffee House chain was started all over the country. The first outlet started perhaps in Bombay, now Mumbai. Thereafter it spread to about 400 outlets across India.

The Delhi outlet of Indian Coffee House is in the heart of the city, Connaught Place. It is easily accessible by all modes of transport. We recommend the Delhi Metro. If you get out of Block A exit, the building Mohan Singh Palace, home to Indian Coffee House, is merely a walk of 5 minutes. Located on the top floor of the building that is serviced by lifts, the Delhi outlet opens out to a terrace from where you can get a bird’s eye view of Connaught Place, the beautiful colonial section of Delhi.

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Coming to the grub, we love the sandwiches and filter coffee here. They also serve a variety of South Indian crepe called dosa, and the meat-stuffed dosa is a novelty.

But, this place is way more than food. Traditionally, a host of dignitaries, including Indian Prime Ministers would come here for informal meetings and discussions.

Indian Coffee House in Delhi is still an intellectual and political hub and you would find diners on tables deep in discussion and totally oblivious to the outside world.

The swank western-styled coffee shops happened to India much later. But if you want to experience how a traditional coffee shop felt in India, Indian Coffee House, Delhi is the place.

In fact, we have visited Indian Coffee House chains in various cities of India – Bangalore, Gwalior, Shimla, our favourite Indian Coffee House in Kolkata, and are surprised by the consistent old world charm this chain has retained in today’s day and age of Starbucks. The waiters are dressed in starched white uniforms topped with a signature turban.

A cup of coffee in Indian Coffee House, Delhi, is a unique coffee shop experience that is literally grounded in the culture of India.

By Sundeep and Bedabrata from Delhi-Fun-Dos
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13. Cafe Florian in Venice

Entrance to Cafe Florian in Venice.
Cafe Florian Venice
By Anda from Travel for a While

Café Florian is the oldest coffee shop in Europe and a truly spectacular one. It was established in 1720 under the porticoes in Piazza San Marco and has been functioning without interruptions these last 300 years.

Its first name, Alla Venezia Trionfante was soon forgotten in favor of Café Florian, after its first owner-Floriano Francesconi.

It became the place where famous people went. Goethe, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens were frequent customers at some point. Even Casanova came to Café Florian, the only coffee house in Venice that admitted women at the time. Its rooms are exquisitely decorated with paintings, golden ceilings, marble tables, and comfortable sofas.

The coffee culture in Italy is very serious. You can have some great coffee, hot chocolate, an aperitivo, or some prosecco and enjoy the feeling of this beautiful place.

During the summer, they also have tables outside, under the arches, where you can have a good view over St. Mark’s Basilica and the piazza. In February, for the Carnival, you can often see kings and queens and other amazing dresses sitting in the richly decorated rooms of this famous coffee shop.

The service at Café Florian is very good, but the price will reflect all that history, quality, and location. However, the experience is worth the price. A visit to Café Florian should be on any Venice itinerary.

By Anda from Travel for a while
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14. Kozy in Paris

Breakfast Platter and coffee at Kozy in Paris.
Best coffee and delicious food at Kozy in Paris
By Ophelie from Limitless Secrets

Kozy is one of the best coffee shops in Paris! The philosophy of Kozy is to offer the best coffee, delicious food and amazing juices in cozy and chic places that you can appreciate with your loved ones.

The first Kozy cafe was created in 2013 and there are now 3 addresses in Paris. The one in avenue Bosquet in the 7th arrondissement (called Kozy Bosquet) is the best as they serve brunch all week.

Also, it has an ideal location not far from the Eiffel Tower: you can reach it in less than 15 min walk! Therefore, it makes the perfect place to visit before or after sightseeing in the area.

The cafe is nicely decorated, and the staff will make you feel at home immediately. If the weather is nice you can also enjoy the terrace in front of it.

On the seasonal menu you will find avocado toast, eggs dishes, sweet and savory pancakes, granola bowl, chia pudding, banana bread and other cakes.

I highly recommend the pancakes, the granola bowl and the avocado toast: they are super good! They have vegetarian options and gluten free options if needed. Their brunch menu is available on the weekdays between 9am and 2pm, and on the weekends between 9:30am and 4pm.

This coffee shop is very popular so I recommend going there on the weekdays or very early on the weekend, or you might have to queue for a while!

By Ophelie from Limitless Secrets
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15. Fabrika in Tbilisi, Georgia

Fabrika in Tbilisi, Georgia .
Fabrika in Tbilisi, Georgia
By Cecily from Groovy Mashed Potatoes

Fabrika is a former Soviet sewing factory turned creative space with one of the hippest cafes to hang out.

In the common area of the hostel, the cafe has mismatched couches, chairs and tables giving it an eclectic vibe. There are even hammocks you can lounge in, making it one of the most uniquely designed cafes in Tbilisi.

Young creatives like to hang out here in the colorful and cozy setting. It’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee and people watch or to do work on your laptop. The place inspires creativity, especially as you watch locals use it as a work space for their projects.

In the evening the cafe becomes lively with its dim lights, hanging disco ball and funky music. The teal colored bar with a lit up purple neon sign says “cocktails & dreams”.

Switch out your coffee for a watermelon cocktail to start out your evening. In the courtyard beside the cafe you will find many artisan boutiques, restaurants and bars that are worth checking out.

By Cecily from Groovy Mashed Potatoes
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16. Caffe Degli Spechi in Trieste

Caffe Degli Spechi in Trieste.
Caffe Degli Spechi in Trieste
By Shobha from Just Go Places

Although the Italians love coffee, no city seems to love coffee more than Trieste in the Northeast of the country. Trieste is a port city that used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire so it has a tradition of cafes in the Austrian style. The Caffe degli Specchi, is along the lines of the grand Austrian coffee houses. Both coffee and cake are an art form.

Having a coffee (and a cake!) and hanging out at the Caffe degli Specchi is entertainment in itself. The caffe itself dates from 1839 and has an extensive collection of coffees (both warm and cold) and cake. The Caffe is also perfectly situtated among the Austrian tourist attractions in the city with the main tourist office located in the square as well.

The Caffe degli Specchi is located on the Grand Piazza which is busy all times of the day making it perfect for people watching. It’s the main piazza of the city and built by the Austrians to rival St. Mark’s Plaza in Venice.

The buildings are grand and clad in stone with one side of the piazza overlooking the harbor. At one time, there were 4 large coffee shops in the piazza but the Caffe degli Specchi is the sole survivor.

The Cafe is perfectly positioned to catch the glorious sunset over the Adriatic Sea. Go early and grab a spot even though there are many chairs. Every outside table fills up on a summer evening. Even if you sit outside, make sure you see the inside which is a gold and red concoction worthy of any Imperial Austrian fever dream.

By Shobha from Just Go Places
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17. Saint Aymes in London

Pink and purple lowers in the St Aymes storefront that look amazing.
Saint Aymes in London
By Dymphe from Dymabroad

“One of the best coffee shops in London is Saint Aymes. It is just a small walk from Oxford Street so you can easily reach it. What’s unique about this coffee shop are its decorations.

The storefront has many pink and purple flowers that look amazing. Furthermore, these decorations are inside the coffee shop as well!

This is why Saint Aymes has become very popular on Instagram and why the coffee shop is one of the best Instagram photo spots in London!

But not only the looks of the coffee shop are great, you can also have delicious drinks and treats here. These are very unique in both their taste and how they look. For example, there are delicious and colourful cupcakes, milkshakes, and coffees. These look spectacular and many of the items even contain edible gold!

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Adding to this, Saint Aymes has special menus that you can book. These offer an even better experience of the coffee shop. For example, you can go here for brunch, afternoon tea or to celebrate your birthday! So if you are looking for a unique coffee shop, Saint Aymes is the place to go!”

By Dymphe from Dymabroad
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18. Fernandos in Antigua

Inside the Fernandos coffee shop in Antigua.
Fernandos in Antigua
By Holly from Globeblogging

It is reasonable to expect that the standard of coffee in any coffee growing region of the world should be pretty high, and Antigua in Guatemala is no different. Grown in the fertile, rich volcanic soil the coffee in Antigua is renowned and as such, every street has multiple coffee shops or cafes. Determined to have the best coffee in Antigua, one place consistently came up in searches, Fernando’s.

Located on Avenida Norte on the corner of Calle Camposeco, the doors of Fernando’s stand wide open inviting you in. Walking through the front of the store will take you to a sunny centre courtyard where if he is there, Fernando himself will greet you with a kiss on the cheek like an old friend.

The menu will introduce Misha, the resident cat, as being available to relieve worries or stress and it is not hard to spot her lounging somewhere in the sun.

Fernando’s roast their own beans on site and you can purchase the same beans to take home with you for less than 100 Quetzals per bag.

They also make their own chocolate, and a peek at the interior shelves will reveal unusual and amazing flavours of chocolate, such as cinnamon, and lavender. You can also take a chocolate workshop to experience the entire process of making chocolate.

By Holly from Globeblogging
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19. Union Cafe in Moshi, Tanzania

Inside Union Cafe in Moshi, Tanzania.
Union Cafe in Moshi, Tanzania
By Joanna from The World in My Pocket

Union Café is like an institution in Moshi and you can’t visit the town without stopping by to have a coffee here. The café belongs to the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union, which is the major producer of coffee in Tanzania, representing thousands of small coffee farmers.

Union Café is one of the best places to eat in Moshi, as besides delicious coffee, it serves food as well. But, in the end, it’s all about the coffee.

They roast their beans on site, fresh, and grind them just before making the coffee. Compared with other coffee shops in town, at Union Café the waiters are extremely polite, maybe a bit too much, making sure that every gust is happy with their order.

One of the speciality coffees that seems to be specific to Café Union, is the honey cappuccino. It tastes divine, with a sweet aftertaste that is like a balm for the throat.

The prices at Café Union are quite high for Tanzania, this is why this is a place where you won’t find many locals. Many tourists come to Café Union because of their generator and their reliable WiFi as well. Moshi is known to have power cuts quite often.

By Joanna from The World in My Pocket
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20. Cafe Central in Vienna

Pastries at Cafe Central Vienna.
Cafe Central Vienna
By Rachel from A City Girl Outside

Café Central is one of the most popular coffee shops in Vienna. People flock to this cafe year-round to experience the authentic Vienna cafe culture. Although there are many coffee shops in Vienna, this location is by far the most famous. Not only is the interior beautiful but the cakes and desserts are delectable.

Café Central opened in 1876 in a former bank and stock market building. The exterior boasts elegance and it’s unique location makes for perfect vacation snaps. You’ll often find a line-up outside this famous café as it’s one of the top things to do in Vienna. This Café was often frequented by Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky.

The menu is extensive featuring Austrian favourites such as Wiener Schnitzel and strudel. But the hot drinks and cakes are what most people visit for. The glass counters at the entrance to the café are lined with intricately designed pastries and desserts.

As for coffee, I’d recommend the classic “melange”, a staple in Vienna. It’s customary in Vienna to stay a while in coffee shops, so take your time and relax while enjoying the atmosphere.

By Rachel from A City Girl Outside
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21. Cafe Sin P in Guatapé, Colombia

Cafe Sin P in Guatapé, Colombia.
Cafe Sin P in Guatapé, Colombia
By Lozzy from Cuppa to Copa Travels

It’s almost easy to miss Café Sin P amongst all the colourful houses of Guatapé, Colombia. It’s located just a few streets away from the hubbub of the centre, where the vibe is a lot more chilled.

Being on the edge of all the excitement, the back of Café Sin P opens into a small balcony that looks out onto the non-touristic part of the town that most visitors don’t get to see.

This is a lovely place to take a step out of the crowds of Guatapé (especially on a weekend), but this isn’t the reason Café Sin P is special.

The coffee shop, with its walls covered in murals and hanging trinkets, has been set up to teach its patrons about typical colonial life in Colombia for the lower classes.

As you sip your traditionally-brewed Colombian coffee, you’ll be taught about the clothes (modelled by your server), society and working life of people who lived in the area 200-300 years ago, and then given a brief explanation of how coffee is harvested and prepared.

It’s not the full guide you’d expect on a coffee farm tour, but it’s just enough to whet your appetite on Colombian coffee and the influence it had on the culture of this stunning country.

By Lozzy from Cuppa to Copa Travels
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22. Fantahun Café Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A lady roasting Ethiopian coffee beans on a grill in Addis Ababa.
Roasting coffee in Addis Ababa
Pic by Phil of Journication

I had one of my best experiences with coffee in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian coffee is one of the best in the world. Definitely a good reason to visit this exciting African country. Ethiopia is considered the country of origin of the now so popular Coffea Arabica. Much of it is still grown today in the traditional growing areas of the country by farmers in small plots.

Café Fantahun in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is very simply furnished, a meeting point for the locals of the surrounding neighborhoods. Nothing special at first glance, but a special kind of coffee experience awaits you here:

Here you become part of a true coffee ceremony – typical for Ethiopia. Here the raw coffee beans are roasted in a pan and then freshly ground before they are mixed with hot water in a jebena (a kind of brewing pot).

All of this is done right in front of your eyes at Café Fatahun – it couldn’t be fresher. The fresh coffee is served in small cups, with boiling water being refilled so that the coffee can be brewed a second time.

Enjoy your coffee!

Explored by Phil from JOURNICATION Travel Blog
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Which of these top coffee shops have you visited? Which are your favorite coffee shops around the world? Comment and let us know!

PS. If you’re a lifestyle, travel or food blogger who wants to add something to this list, ping me at abby@thewingedfork.com

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