Where to eat vegetarian food in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar is a country conveniently located at the southern tip of Spain in between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean. One of the interesting facts about Gibraltar is that it is a British overseas territory and therefore part of the UK. Therefore, when it comes to finding vegetarian food in Gibraltar, you have a great selection to choose from.

There are several restaurants in Gibraltar that are Latino-inspired, representing the local Spanish influence. However, you also have the tastes of Britain and a lot of western restaurant chains representing different types of cuisine. This food guide will help you find where to eat vegetarian food in Gibraltar that gives you the best of both worlds.

Gibraltar Skyline
View of Gibraltar

Different locations for dining in Gibraltar

First things first, there are three main locations in Gibraltar for eating and drinking.

  1. Casemates Square, the vibrant town centre with many outdoor terraces to dine from
  2. Ocean Village, the upmarket waterfront restaurants, and popular food chains
  3. The Beach front, dining around the coastal areas of Gibraltar

Your preference will depend on what you want to eat and how you like the atmosphere.

Casemates Square

Seating area around the cannon placed in the Casemates Square.
Casemates Square

There are several dining options in the historic Casemates Square and the surrounding town centre that cater for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, head to The Gibraltar Arms on the Main Street for a healthy vegetarian option. While veggie versions of the ‘British all-day breakfast’ are available in several places, this restaurant offers a lighter and more interesting choice. How does avocado with sun-dried tomatoes and poached egg sound? All those nutrients will be sure to give you a great energy boost to prepare you for the many things to do in Gibraltar.

For Lunch head to The Kasbar on Castle Street as this is the only restaurant in Gibraltar that strictly plant-based and that caters directly for vegetarians and vegans. The only downside to this great café style bistro is that it is cash only and closes at 4pm (7pm on Saturdays). Be sure you factor this into your itinerary, otherwise you will truly miss out!

Another lunch option is to try the authentic British fish and chip shops that you will find in the main Casemates Square. Whilst your choice of options here is limited, you will be able to enjoy traditional British chunky chips which is a great comfort food to fill you up before you go about your day. In the north of England, chips are often eaten with gravy so give that a try if you’ve never had it before.

In the evening, grab a seat at one of the outdoor terraces to enjoy the lively ambiance and warm Mediterranean weather as you people watch. I found the Mediterranean restaurant, Café Solo to have the best selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. However, you will be able to eat in most places. The area can be lively in the evening and a lot of the restaurants have outdoor TVs so if there is a major sports match on, this area might be best avoided if you want a relaxing evening meal.

The best place for vegetarian food in Gibraltar in my opinion however is the Red Chilli Indian & Tapas restaurant, located just outside of the arches as you enter/exit Casemates Square. Indian food has some of the best vegetarian dishes in the world so there are so many fabulous options to choose from. There is also an extensive cocktail menu will tempt you to stay even longer. Most importantly, the food is delicious and cooked to your tastes.

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Ocean Village

Gibraltar beach front map
Gibraltar beach front map

Gibraltar’s Ocean Village is the most upmarket area for dining. The trendy décor of the different restaurants set against the backdrop of the yachts and boats creates a welcoming atmosphere. Whilst the majority of restaurants in Ocean Village are big well-known chains, there are lesser-known establishments that would be good to try.

Drinks served along the harbour bay at ocean village.
Drinks at restaurant at Ocean Village

Of the chains, all restaurants have a good selection of vegetarian options. Las Iguanas is always a good choice as there are so many tapas options, you really cannot go wrong. The restaurants also invite people who are just wanting to drink at the bars and enjoy some of the drinks offers. Therefore, if you’re visiting on a weekend, you might want to book in advance.

Just across the water from Ocean Village, along Harbour Bay there are more dining and drinking options. In the day, these restaurants are great for breakfast and dinner options. In the evening, the bars start to get lively so unless you are eating early, you might want to choose a different spot to dine.

Veg pizzas and drinks served at Gibraltar’s Ocean Village.
Dining at Gibraltar’s Ocean Village

The Beach front

The Beach front at Gibraltar
The Beach front at Gibraltar

There are several beaches in Gibraltar and tourists will typically think to stay close by. However, in Gibraltar, due to the immense rock that splits the city, staying by the beach is somewhat isolated. The dining options are limited to what your hotel provides, plus a few additional bar/restaurants.

These places do not typically cater specifically to vegetarians so you might be limited to different salads, pasta, or bread-based options.

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While you might eat at one of the limited restaurants by the beach in the day, most people will venture to Ocean Village or Casemates square at night. Read a Gibraltar Travel Guide for more information about the different areas and places to stay so you can factor this into your plans.

Final Recommendations

You can of course grab food outside of the three main places mentioned in this guide to vegetarian food in Gibraltar. Other options would be on the Queens Way Quay, which is another upmarket harbourfront area that is a little less touristy than Ocean Village.

However, an ultimate Gibraltar Travel Tip for when you visit the rock is to make an advance booking at the Mons Calpe suite. This restaurant is located on the top of the rock and if you dine there you will get a free cable car return, saving you approximately £17! They have some great veggie options and while it’s not specifically advertised, they will happily cater for a delicious vegetarian afternoon tea.

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