Discovering the Dead Sea region

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As I was saying earlier, as part of my trip to Israel we spent a few days in different locations. The diversity and beauty of the country is truly amazing. Our next stop on the tour was the Dead Sea area. So we left Tel Aviv early in the morning and headed towards the Dead Sea region.

Dead Sea - Thewingedfork
Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as Yam Ha-Melah or the Sea of Salt is the lowest place on Earth, 400 meters below sea level. Our drive there from Tel Aviv was about 2 and 1/2 hours. Our first stop for the day was at the stoic and formidable fortress Masada, known as מצדה or metsada meaning ‘fortress’, that I have written about in another blog.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

Ein-Gedi-Kibbutz-hotel - TheWingedFork
Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

We then headed to the Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel where we stopped for lunch.

At-the-Ein-Gedi-Kibbutz-hotel - TheWingedFork
At the Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

This is no longer a working Kibbutz, and has been transformed into a hotel where one can take short getaways for spa treatments using the waters and minerals of the Dead Sea.

View-from-the-Ein-Gedi-Kibbutz-hotel - TheWingedFork
View from the Ein Gedi Kibbutz hotel

After visiting the hotel, we saw the Botanical Garden that has a wide variety of plant life from all over the world. The plants and trees number well over 900! Later that afternoon, we headed to our hotel near the Dead Sea and relaxed for a bit. The treatment rooms in the hotel that pampered us use water from the Dead Sea.

Water-Dead-Sea - TheWingedFork
Waters from the Dead Sea

Dead Sea swim and sunrise

In the evening, we had a cocktail dinner with entertainment at the Isrotel Ganim Hotel, and feasted on some fine wine and food. The next morning, we woke up early (well before sunrise) and headed down to the beach. After covering ourselves with the mineral-rich mud, and posing for a few muddy pics, we took a dip in the sea and floated on the dense salty water. You can’t sink, you know!

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before-Sunrise-Dead-Sea - TheWingedFork
Enjoying the Dead Sea before Sunrise with my friend Vera

After about an hour or half, we watched the beautiful sun rise over the Judean Mountain Range.

Sunrise-Dead-Sea - TheWingedFork
Sunrise over the Dead Sea

I even managed to get a pic of the other side of sunrise, the lovely moon setting over the mountains. Almost as different as night and day. By the way, my friend Christine has put together an awesome list of the best sunset spots in Asia that you must check out.

Moon-setting-Dead-Sea - TheWingedFork
Moon setting on the horizon

We started our journey to the next leg of our tour and stopped for a minute in a valley with a salty mountain range. Mount Sodom is supposedly all that’s left of the city of Sodom that was burnt with the judgment of brimstone and fire. An eerie reminder of both grace and judgment.

Sodom - TheWingedFork
Mount Sodom – A reminder of brimstone and fire

We then continued on our trip to Eilat, with its calm waters and teeming nature reserves.

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A trip to the
Israel's Dead Sea region is an amazing place to visit.
Visiting the EinGedi Kibbutz in the DeadSea region of #Israel.

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