AJ Hackett Nevis Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand

Methinks he made that face for the Hackett Nevis Swing camera, didn't he? - TheWingedFork

My Palms were sweaty, weak arms were heavy, no vomit on my t-shirt already, I didn’t have Mom’s spaghetti.  I’m nervous already, but on the surface I look calm and ready, deep down thinkin’ why am I here, swingin’ …

Guide to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland


Do you hear the bagpipes play as you think of Scotland or it’s capital, Edinburgh? Does your imagination come alive with the Ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-lay”) dances? Fàilte gu Alba! Fàilte gu Dùn Èideann! …

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Where to go snorkelling in Mallorca?


Where shall we go snorkelling? Which are the best beaches in Mallorca for snorkeling? We’ve been living in Majorca for quite some time now and snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving come with the …

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What to do on a weekend in Amsterdam

Windmillin Amsterdam---TheWingedFork

Just like Maastricht, Utrecht, or Rotterdam, Amsterdam is a very famous tourist destination in the Netherlands with millions of tourists coming into the city every year. A lot of its popularity comes from …

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