Beautiful empty blue Cala San Vincente

Where shall we go snorkelling? On asking in and around Alcudia and Port de Pollenca area of Mallorca one name seemed to be echoed more than others; Cala St Vincenc (also known as Cala San Vincente). So off we went to this Cala in Northern Majorca which is just about a 10 minute drive once you turn off the Ma 2200 between Pollenca and Port the Pollenca.

Cliffs on both sides

As you arrive at Cala St Vincenc you are met with a stunning view of the turquoise blue waters of Cala Barques and Cala Clara adjacent to it. With an abundance of parking just next to the cala it is a short walk down to the beach. Hidden in between the beautiful rocky cliffs of the Tramuntana mountains these beaches are a must visit.

These are pebble beaches; and a few of tourist shops here sell water shoes for those who aren’t accustomed to walking bare foot. We didn’t try them though. What’s a beach if you can’t walk barefoot, pebbles or no pebbles.

Beautiful waters of Cala San Vicente

As soon as you hit the water, just a little way in the fish come for you, well almost as soon as, you know what I mean. And no, not like in the movie Jaws, just normal marine life swimming past you. The sea puts on a beautiful show just for you. We’ve even spotted scuba divers in the deep sections.

Perfect beach for snorkelling in Mallorca

The rocky cliffs on the right of Cala Clara are quite unique, you can walk along the top right to the end that separates the peninsula from Cala Barques / Cala Clara and Cala Molins / Cala Carbo. If you are a mini adrenaline junkie there is a point along this cliff face that you can launch yourself into the blue from a good elevation of 30 feet or so. I haven’t mustered the courage to do so yet.

We’ve been going back to Cala San Vincente a number of times, since finding out about it. It’s perfect for water babies and adventure lovers like us. Why not give it a try?

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