J’ai mangé des vers! : Eating worms in France

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Getting to Futuroscope in Poitiers

It was almost a year ago now. I remember waking up early to the smell of fresh coffee and croissants for breakfast. The perks of travelling in France with your boyfriend! (Now ex-BF) It was a long 2 hour drive from Sables D’Olonne to Poitiers and we wanted to get there before Futuroscope opened at 10 am. So we left by 7:30 am and got there around 9:45 am to find decently long queues to get in, even for a Tuesday.

At the Parc du Futuroscope

By the time we entered the Parc du Futuroscope, most of the 3D rides were open. The rides are well spaced and most were frequent, allowing us the choice of order. And there were more than enough rides to take you through the entire day if you’re into 3D and being shaken like a rabbit out of a hat.

Although, the rides are stationary, combined with the visuals, you feel like you’ve just run through a tree, or crashed into a building, or been plunged to the depths of the sea, or speeding through the reaches of space. And on the rare occasion, they give you bruises on the back like I was the recipient of. My favourite ride was Dances with Robots, which Robots is a fast paced whirl in a 23 feet high robotic arm to music from a great DJ (I think it was Martin Solveig, not sure.) You really do get swung every which way when the robots dance. Awesomely unsettling!

L’Futur Expo

I didn’t take pictures on any of the rides. You’re not really allowed to. Well, actually I was too busy enjoying the experience and forgot to take pics. You forgive, right? Because I did get photos of the amazing futuristic food they served in Le Bar’Lab at L’Futur Expo. L’Futur Expo is a future themed section of Futuroscope that displays technology, games, design and architecture of the future, along with cool bizarre food too!

Le Bar‘Lab

Man with a bowl of fried worms and foie gras ice cream.
What we ordered at Le Bar’Lab: Cocktails, Ice cream and insects! (Cocktail, glace et vers!)

The best grub they made were the ‘Glace de Cèpes et Foie Gras’, Cocktail Sphérification and the Coupelle D’insects. The ‘Glace de Cèpes et Foie Gras’ was a great tasting ice cream made of mushroom and duck liver. The Cocktail Sphérification is a cocktail of ‘billes de coquelicot’ or poppy balls that have undergone a spherification and stabilisation process. Indescribable!

Coupelle D’insects

Worms in a 2-inch bowl.
Grillions done! Just a few worms left to go! (For size reference, that’s a 2 inch bowl)

However for me, the show stopper was the Coupelle D’insects that contained fried grillions and flower worms. The grillions were fine, crispy and fried well. But for a girl who’s afraid of worms as much as some people are afraid of spiders, eating worms was a bit over the top. My boyfriend (now ex) didn’t even bother coercing me to eat, just happily munching away at the worms leaving me with an ‘up to you’ as always. But that got me going, and once I had a few of them, I liked ‘em. Crispy and crunchy, my favourite sort of worms! Haha! Glad that’s off my bucket list. Wonder what’s in store next?

Spectacle Nocturne

We then went to The Arena to hurl ourselves down the free-fall slides the I-Schuss and the Z-Schuss, and then do it over again a number of times, like little kids. We also played Mind Ball and a number of other memory and reflex games. Fun! The other events at Futuroscope that I loved was the Cosmic Collisions, which was a planetarium like experience and the awesome Spectacle Nocturne showcasing Lady O that ended the evening. The Spectacle Nocturne was an extraordinary display of sound and light on water that leaves you spellbound. If you reach Futuroscope, you must stay back for the Spectacle Nocturne.

It gets over around 9.45 pm and it’s a bit late. There are restaurants in Futuroscope that are open till late serving food and drinks, and there are also a number of hotels located on and around Futuroscope site that offer good stays. But they were a bit expensive for us. So we chose to stay instead at the Premiere Classe Poitiers Futuroscope Hotel in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou which was pretty reasonable cost-wise and allowed us to check out as late as 12 pm the next day. They even had breakfast on till 12 pm, something the weary traveler appreciates as much as this sleepy traveller did. And after that we were on another long drive to Auvergne region to get closer to the Puy Pariou volcano.

I plan on going back to France and visiting Futuroscope again after a few years. They keep adding new 3D rides and events, and I would love to see what new devices crop up in the future! Maybe taste some new variety of worms too 😉

Contact Futuroscope
Address: Avenue René Monory – 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France
Telephone: +33 (0)5 49 49 59 06

Pinterest image of worms in a bowl at Futuroscope.
Pinterest image of fried worms and drinks in the background.

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20 thoughts on “J’ai mangé des vers! : Eating worms in France”

  1. Seems like a cool place. I love trying out new food when travelling and would happily try worms. I am sure they were delicious as well. Just imagine what a source of protein worms and insects are. With an ever growing world population, removing some of the arbitrary rules we have on what to eat or not could easily multiply the food supply several times.

    • Although I’m still afraid of the live ones, I totally agree with you. They are a great source of proteins. We just need to wrap our minds around that.

  2. Oh I don’t know how I would’ve gone eating the worms. Glad to see you’ve discovered your favourite type of worm! Think I would have stuck to the coffee and croissants. Futuroscope does sound like an interesting and stimulating place to spend a day at.

    • Yeah, the guy explained that they were properly grown and fed only flowers. Wouldn’t have eaten them otherwise. 😉 Not had any more since, but who knows.

  3. I remember traveling to Thailand and dared myself to try to weird stuff they sell on street. But I didn’t actually dare to – I chickened! The one you were served here is not something I would even contemplate on trying. Looks like a fun place though, at least you enjoyed the rides!

    • Ah, yes! I wanted to eat the cockroaches and bugs in Thailand a few years earlier. But my sis and cousins convinced me not to. Well, at least I got to top that with the worms. 😉

  4. Woah, sounds like a real life version of Westworld. I’d never heard of futuroscope, but the cocktails look great. Also, I’ve tried grasshoppers before and they weren’t bad, but worms are too extreme for me!

    • Futuroscope is pretty famous with the French people. It’s a fun 3D place. You should try it out next time. And fried worms don’t taste that different from grasshoppers. You should give them a try. 😉

  5. OMG I could barely even read the blurb about eating worms!!! You LIKED them!!?!?! Whaaat? So crazy, haha. I don’t know that I could try them… I think I’d wuss out. Great post!

    • Thanks Jewels. It was a once in a lifetime thing. Haven’t eaten any worms since then. Not sure I will again. Well, except maybe the fried ones. 😉


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