Where to eat vegan Food in Fuengirola, Spain

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Perfectly situated on Costa del Sol in southern Spain, a few hours away from Seville and Cordoba, the city of Fuengirola is a popular tourist destination, but also inhabited by a great number of expats.

This makes it an international corner of the otherwise traditional Andalusia and with it comes a whole fusion of amazing food experiences.

In the last few years, Fuengirola has become more and more vegan friendly with numerous vegan cafes and restaurants coming and going. Luckily, some of them have come to stay.

Even non-vegan restaurants have started to offer a wide (or not so wide) range of vegan alternatives on their menus. This post will take you to some of the absolute best ones that surely will make your taste buds dance.

Where to eat vegan in Fuengirola

Travel through food is something most people enjoy and Fuengirola is a great place for that. There are a lot of different international restaurants serving incredible flavorful food.

But there are also more traditional ones serving vegan tapas and vegan alternatives to the traditional Spanish meat tapas and mains. The selection of restaurants recommended in this post are all loved by vegans and non-vegans for their flavors and devotion to a good food experience.

1. La Libelula Vegan Cafe

Ambience at La Libelula Vegan Cafe.
La Libelula Vegan Cafe

La Libelula Vegan Cafe has been in Fuengirola for quite a few years now. They’ve built up a loyalty among customers, both vegan and non-vegan. Their food is loved by everyone.

They focus on being eco-friendly and only use sustainable, local food. Supporting small local businesses and entrepreneurs, they host intimate live music and art exhibitions and display different eco-friendly products for sale.

Their love for vegan food, for the planet, and the feedback they take from customers creating a better environment is amazing. They’re now plastic free and you need to pay extra for their eco-friendly takeaway boxes as they encourage you to bring your own.

At La Libelula you can expect different Spanish tapas like vegan meat balls, green gazpacho, and vegan sausage. For mains, you can get vegan burgers, kebab (this is a Must-try!), and moussaka, among other dishes. They also make the best cakes and vegan banana bread. Their best work yet, is the banoffee pie, though they don’t always have it.

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La Libelula is open Monday to Saturday but change opening hours between summer and winter. Located at Calle Cataluña, Calle Espínar, esquina, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, you can find updated opening hours here.

2. Mezzanotte

Outside Mezzanotte Restaurante.
Mezzanotte Restaurante

There are and have been a lot of different Lebanese restaurants in Fuengirola – not all of them as vegan-friendly as you would hope for. But Mezzanotte scores a ten out of ten. There is no way you will walk out hungry from here.


They have a vegetarian menu that can be made vegan on request with different dips and grilled vegetable skewers. They can even make vegan pizza.

Mezzanotte has become more and more conscious of using ecological ingredients with the years too and you can be sure that they make everything from fresh ingredients in their own kitchen.

Mezzanotte is located at Paseo Maritimo 10, 29640 Fuengirola and is closed on Mondays. You can check out their opening hours here.

3. Chez Boyejo

Vegan burger and fries at Chez Boyejo.
Vegan burger at Chez Boyejo

Chez Boyejo is a small, cozy non-vegan restaurant ran by an amazing and friendly chef, David. And he makes the best vegan burger in town!

Though there isn’t anything else on the menu for us vegans here, it’s absolutely worth going just for the vegan burger. There is no doubt he makes the food from his heart and he loves to come out of the kitchen for a chat whenever he has the time. This little gem is totally worth it!

Chez Boyejois open Wednesday to Sunday. Find them at Yate 3, local 6 Calle San Francisco, 29640 Fuengirola, Spain.

4. Vegetalia

Stuffed eggplant, vegetable paella, soy meatballs, and so much more.

Vegetalia is a vegetarian restaurant that has existed for a long time in Los Boliches in Fuengirola. They are only open for lunch and have wonderful buffets which differ from day to day.

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Most of the food is usually vegan, so make sure to ask the staff what you cannot eat. The rest is just to dig into and top up your plate for a delicious meal.

The buffet includes cold tapas and salad bar, and the warm dishes consist of four different meal choices. This could be stuffed eggplant, vegetable paella, lentil burgers, soy meatballs, and so much more.

Vegetalia is located at Calle Sta. Isabel, 8, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. They’re open between 12:30 and 16:00 Monday to Saturday.

5. Sukiyaki

Outside Sukiyaki sushi restaurant.

Not all sushi places in Spain have a great lot to offer vegans. But Sukiyaki definitely do. There is a lot of choices among the side dishes like edamame, mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and broccoli.

But also vegan sushi with avocado, cucumber, and edamame. Make sure you let the waiter know you’re vegan, so they don’t mix up things.

This is a buffet restaurant, so you pay per person, 15 Euros at lunch or on the weekdays and 19 Euros at dinner and weekends. They have a fancy ordering system by tablet so you can order continuously straight from the kitchen.

Located at Sukiyaki, Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 9, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. Sukiyaki opens every day 13:00-16:30 and 18:30-24:00.

6. Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant

Red Thai Curry at Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant.
Red Thai Curry at Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant

Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant is the best place for Thai food in Fuengirola and most of the vegetarian menu can be served vegan.

They have amazing Thai coconut curries that bring you straight back to Thailand in a blink of an eye. The portions are huge, but you can ask to take the rest with you home if it gets too much. The spring rolls are vegan and the perfect appetizer.

The yellow and red curries are so flavorful and filling – they can easily be shared between two people. And if that isn’t enough, their mango sticky rice is to die for!

Vegan spring Rolls at Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant.
Vegan spring Rolls at Dao’s Bar & Thai Restaurant

Dao’s Bar is located at Av. Ramón y Cajal, 32-34, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. You can find more information about opening hours on their Facebook Page.

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Other vegan options

There are of course a whole lot of other vegan restaurants and places that serve great vegan food in Fuengirola. Here are a few of them:

Lorena Café: Has an amazing vegan “serranito”

Vegabonty: online vegan bakery selling mouthwatering vegan pastry for pickup or delivery


There is no doubt Fuengirola has a lot of great vegan food to offer, not to talk about the wonderful variety of vegan alternatives you find there. On top of the above-mentioned places, there are a lot of Italian, Mexican, and Indian restaurants in town where you easily can get vegetarian dishes veganized.

Andalusia in general is not the most vegan friendly region of Spain, especially not outside the big cities. But Fuengirola has really grown its vegan food presence throughout the last years, and a lot of it might be a result of the international community opening Fuengirola to have a market for more than just traditional food.

Author Bio: Linn from Easy Way to Vegan

Linn from Easy Way To Vegan.
Linn from Easy Way To Vegan

Linn Haglund is a Norwegian-Italian expat which has lived the last 6+ years on Costa del Sol, just outside Fuengirola. She is a life-long vegetarian turned vegan, for the animals, the planet, and for health. Her passion for vegan cooking led to her latest project, Easy Way To Vegan, a blog where she shares easy, vegan recipes that anyone can make. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook for easy vegan food tips.

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