7 Tasty Places To Eat In Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe is one of the most magnificent places in the United States. It is a stunning alpine lake that is made up of crystal blue waters that are perfect for sailing. If you’re visiting California, it’s only a few hours away from San Francisco and well-worth a trip!

This beautiful lake earns the nickname “The Jewel of the Sierra” as it’s a gem amongst the Sierra Nevada mountains. While there are many things to do in and around Lake Tahoe, dining is among the best in Lake Tahoe and we recommend taking the time to dine at these 7 spots.

Where to Eat in Lake Tahoe

One of the best things about Lake Tahoe is the food! Whether it’s an upscale dining experience or a casual diner, you can find something on the lake to satisfy your cravings, whether it’s getting there on a bike or by helicopter.

The lake is home to many different types of dining experiences. From wood-fired pizza and homemade crepes to gourmet chophouses and high-end cocktail lounges, Lake Tahoe delivers.

An incredible dining experience is a part of what makes Lake Tahoe such a popular destination. We’ve selected the top 7 restaurants in the area that we’ve enjoyed. Get ready, because your taste buds are about to be in for a treat!

1. Lone Eagle Grille

Lone Eagle Grille chicken and beet salad.
Enjoy the roasted chicken and beet salad at Lone Eagle Grill

If you’re looking for upscale, delicious and authentic food with ingredients found in Lake Tahoe, choose Lone Eagle Grille.

This fine-dining restaurant serves you American dishes with a huge selection of wines. Plus, Lone Eagle Grille is one of the best Lake Tahoe restaurants with a view. Right by the lake, this restaurant has ceiling-to-floor windows that show you Lake Tahoe and its surrounding mountains. The restaurant also has authentic wooden tables with stone fireplaces that give you a cabin experience.

During the summer months in Lake Tahoe, you can walk out to their fire pits and have drinks while enjoying the sunset. My husband and I ordered the Roasted Natural Chicken Breast and the Roasted Beet Salad. The chicken was fully cooked and juicy and we loved the crunch of arugula in the salad.

While the salad was just an appetizer, we were both very full and satisfied with both items. This place is a part of the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort and is more expensive than other nearby restaurants but its luxurious dining experience is worth it!

Lone Eagle Grille: 111 Country Club Dr, Incline Village, NV 89451

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2. Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant chicken and waffles.
Chicken and waffles at Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant

The Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant is the perfect place to start your day before hiking in Lake Tahoe. This American restaurant will fuel you with food and energy throughout your day. We picked Spindleshanks for brunch before exploring Kings Beach.

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant veggie omelet in a green plate.
The tasty veggie omelet at Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant

My husband chose chicken and waffles and I got a vegetarian omelet. We loved the fried jalapeno that we ordered along with the omelet! It’s known to be the best place that pairs food and wine and the restaurant has its own wine bar.

Spindleshanks is located in the Old Brockway Golf Course, one of the best golf courses in Lake Tahoe. The restaurant is built with wood and has 3 decks that look out to the greenery of the golf course. The golf course was used often by actor and singer, Bing Crosby in the mid-1900s.

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant: 400 Brassie Ave, Kings Beach, CA 96143

3. The Soule Domain

Outside of The Soule Domain restaurant in lake Tahoe.
The Soule Domain Restaurant

As cozy as Soule Domain looks from the outside, it’s even cozier on the inside! If you’re looking for an intimate restaurant with your partner or looking to warm up after a snowy day in Lake Tahoe, you’ll love Soule Domain.

The food is high-quality and organic with a variety of drinks to select from. They use free-range poultry and local ingredients.

Organic Chicken Thighs on a plate next to a fireplace.
Enjoy some organic chicken by the fireside at The Soule Domain

We sat in front of a warm fireplace and ate Organic Chicken Thighs and Thai Curry Chicken Noodle Bowl for dinner. The tasty chicken was accompanied with mushrooms, garlic and capers. The noodle bowl included coconut milk, sweet potato, jalapeños, basil, shiitakes and was topped with crunchy almonds.

The interior of the restaurant was decorated with Lake Tahoe paintings that were on sale. The exterior of the restaurant is decorated with statues of carved bears.

Soule Domain: 9983 Cove St, Kings Beach, CA 96143

4. Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen

Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen chicken momos and chutney in a steel plate
Chicken momos at Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen

If you’re looking for Himalayan food, Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen is the best place to eat in South Lake Tahoe.

This family-run restaurant serves you traditional dishes from India and Nepal. Taste the spices in the dishes and fall in love with the dishes’ freshness and vigor it gives you!

Come here after a morning at one of South Lake Tahoe’s beaches or exploring the activities in the area. We chose this place after taking a Tahoe Helicopter ride in South Lake Tahoe. We were tired from the activity but the food here woke us up!

Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen naan chicken curry.
Naan with chicken curry at Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen

You’ll also find Halal food here and many choices for vegans and vegetarians. We ordered the Himalayan Chicken Momos, Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan.

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Once you taste them, you can tell that the chicken in all these dishes were cooked gradually to perfection. The Momos were soft dumplings filled with chicken and spices that we couldn’t get enough of.

We highly recommend ordering Momos at any Himalayan restaurant as they cook it best! It’s considered a traditional dish from Nepal, Tibet and Northeastern India. The Chicken Tikka Masala is a common item that we order at Indian restaurants but this one was the creamiest we’ve ever had! The Chicken Tandoori came out of the kitchen sizzling after being baked in a clay oven.

We also loved how authentic the restaurant looked with its colorful decorations and Indian music on its TV screens.

Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen: 1142 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

5. La Fondue

Cheese fondue and croutons at La Fondue.
The perfect fondue and croutons at La Fondue

Travel to Europe at this small and cozy restaurant. With architecture similar to those found in the Alpine region of Switzerland, La Fondue is perfect for intimate nights with your partner, friends, family or yourself. As the name of the restaurant says, this place serves a variety of fondues and other Swiss dishes.

For dinner, we chose a platter of vegetables with tempura batter. We loved the do-it-yourself experience where we dipped the vegetables in the batter before frying it in the oil.

Girl dipping seasonal veggies in batter at La Fondue.
Seasonal veggies with tempura batter at La Fondue

We also ordered the Alpine Cheese Fondue Appetizer where we dipped slices of apple, pear, grapes and bread in cheese before eating them. If you’re looking for a dinner place that isn’t too heavy and shareable among others, check out La Fondue.

La Fondue: 120 Country Club Dr #66, Incline Village, NV 89451

6. T’s Mesquite Rotisserie

If you’re looking for a quick fast food place in North Lake Tahoe, check out T’s Mesquite Rotisserie. We stopped here before heading out of Lake Tahoe.

You’ll get Mexican food with the meats being fire-roasted on their rotisserie. We ordered the Yucatan Style Chicken and a T’s burrito. Compared to other restaurants, the food is inexpensive and they provide a lot in quantity.

T’s Mesquite Rotisserie: 901 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451

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7. Cutthroat’s Saloon

Plate of nachos and bowl of salsa at Cutthroats Saloon.
Nachos at Cutthroats Saloon

If you’re looking for a sports restaurant in an Old West setting, then head to Cutthroat’s Saloon. This restaurant is located inside Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort but you don’t have to be a Hyatt guest to check out this place. Look up to see dollar bills stuck on the ceiling.

The restaurant has 17 TVs so you can see any US sports game going on at the moment. You’ll find comfort food and a variety of cocktails here.

We ordered the Loaded Saloon Nachos along with the drinks: Berrytastic Mule and Tahoma Paloma. The nachos are definitely loaded and we had those leftovers as a late-night snack. The drinks were unique and strong.

Cutthroat’s Saloon: 111 Country Club Dr, Incline Village, NV 89451

Bonus Lake Tahoe Must-Do: Make S’mores!

Before leaving Lake Tahoe, there’s one thing you must do: make s’mores at a fire pit! S’mores is a sweet treat that you make when you toast the marshmallows in the fire and add them in between graham crackers along with chocolate.

In Lake Tahoe, you will find fire pits at your hotel, your campsite, or near the beaches. We stayed at Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort and received a complimentary s’mores kit to use at the hotel’s fire pit. It was sticky but delicious!!

Other hotels that provide free s’mores kits include Edgewood Tahoe Resort, Basecamp Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe, and Northstar California Resort.

Conclusion: Where to Eat in Lake Tahoe

Whether you’re looking for something cozy and quaint or a more casual bite, the selection at resorts and restaurants throughout Lake Tahoe is incredible. Plus, we recommend checking out the local food scene. Lake Tahoe restaurants offer something for everyone. We hope this guide on where to eat in Lake Tahoe helps you plan out your next trip to Lake Tahoe.

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