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Located close to the Sorrentine Peninsula, the island of Capri was the most visited and loved place by the emperors. The popularity of this place is still intact, as a large number of tourists visit this exquisite tourist attraction. Capri is an absolute must-see for your itinerary of the Amalfi Coast.

The island of Capri - Pic by Kyle from Via Travelers
The island of Capri

Capri is surely one of the most visited places in Italy. The widely acclaimed highlights of this island include its caves, large plateau, beautiful beaches, and a rocky coastline.

However, when visiting Capri don’t forget to try out its regional cuisine. If you don’t have an idea as to where to eat in Capri, just take a look at our list of best restaurants in Capri.

1. Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant - Pic by Kyle from Via Travelers
Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant
Pic by Ristorante Bagni Tiberio

After his retirement, the Roman Emperor Tiberius lived for the rest of his life in the Island of Capri. The whole island served the purpose of his private residence.

Some believe that the said emperor used to bathe in the bay where Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant locates. So this restaurant also holds historic value.
Reaching this restaurant is quite easy, as you can take a boat or just walk to it. The restaurant is popular for its rustic-marine vibe.

To introduce the marine experience, seashells and fishnets are hanging down the ceiling. The location of the dining area is also unusual and surprising.

Here, you dine on a terrace while facing the sea. Just enjoy your meal while looking at the island and surrounding anglers. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

The seafood is the primary option on the menu. The fresh seafood reaches the kitchen straight from the fishermen. After that, the chef adds magic to the food while preparing a variety of dishes.

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Most of the dishes relate to Capri’s ancient marine gastronomy. The most recommended options include seafood risotto and stuffed squid ink ravioli.

Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant
Via Palazzo a Mare, 41, 80076 Capri NA, Italy

2. Le Grottelle

After enjoying a peaceful walk in Pizzolungo, Le Grottelle serves as an ideal spot to pamper your taste buds. As evident from its name, the appearance of this restaurant resembles a cave.

The interior is seamlessly staged with homey furnishing and bucolic decorations. The menu offers homemade traditional cuisines like seafood Scialatielli and wood oven-cooked chicken.

There is a variety of dishes, which creates a perfect balance of seafood and land flavors. Hence, Le Grottelle caters to the taste of almost every guest.

Apart from the regional cuisine, the restaurant also offers a wide range of wine selection. The wine comes from the Campania region, selected for its refined taste.

Besides gourmet food, the place itself is quite impressive. The dramatic settings draw your attention as soon as you enter the restaurant.

One dining area is in a cave, while the other locates at the hillside terrace offering you some pristine views. A couple of most recommended dishes include rabbit with onions and fusilli pasta with shrimps.

Ristorante Le Grottelle
Via Arco Naturale, 3, 80073 Capri NA, Italy

3. Terrazza Brunella

A romantic dining experience at the Terrazza Brunella - Pic by Kyle from Via Travelers
A romantic dining experience at the Terrazza Brunella
Pic by Terraza Brunella

If you are looking for a more romantic and exquisite dining experience, the Terrazza Brunella turns out to be a viable option. Being a terrace-restaurant, it offers some serene view of Faraglioni.

It offers a variety of dishes and wines to meet your taste. Dining at this restaurant is an expensive affair. However, after having a mouthwatering feast, you won’t mind paying a slightly higher bill.

The restaurant boasts its refined interior with soft white-beige furniture. This makes the venue romantic and plush.

When it comes to the available choices, the menu generously includes a variety of regional delicacies such as prawns with cognac, pasta dishes, and chateaubriand.

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The Belvedere of Tragara is adjacent to this restaurant, which is the starting point of a path that goes all the way to Faraglioni.

Located at a distance of 10-minute walk from the center of Capri, Terrazza Brunella enjoys a prime location. Visiting this place is worth the effort, as it also offers engaging panoramas.

Furthermore, the atmosphere of this restaurant is peaceful. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of almost every attraction of Capri.

Apart from the comfortable and cozy layout, Terrazza Brunella is also popular for its wine selection. Thanks to some travel hacking, I was able to use my rewards points for dining here.

Ristorante Terrazza Brunella
Via Tragara, 24, 80073 Capri NA, Italy

Capri harbour from Anacapri - Pic by Kyle from Via Travelers
Capri harbour from Anacapri

4. Da Gelsomina

The Da Gelsomina is a family-run restaurant, located among the most sought after natural beauties of Capri.

While standing at its terrace, you can capture the most unbelievable and breathtaking views of this island. The panorama is vast enough to include even the Punta Carena Lighthouse and Faraglioni.

The dishes you can order are made with pure and homemade ingredients. For instance, the vegetables come from the family garden. Similarly, the wine served is also prepared in-house.

The signature dishes offered by Da Gelsomina include the spaghetti alla chiummenzana, rabbit cacciatore, and unique pollo al mattone.

Besides the food, the method of cooking also involves ancient techniques. This makes it one of the best restaurants in Capri.

Da Gelsomina
Via Migliara, Anacapri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

5. Lo Zodiaco

Located on the prime location of Marina Grande seafront, Lo Zodiaco is the ideal option when you ask yourself where to eat in Capri.

This particular restaurant specializes in seafood, which comes directly from the fishermen. Hence, freshness and taste are always guaranteed.

The basic menu relates to regional and Neapolitan cuisine. It includes mouthwatering pasta dishes like seafood scialatielli and paccheri with sea truffles.

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The long square types of spaghetti used to cook these dishes come from Amalfi Coast. In addition, the delectable sesame-encrusted tuna is the signature dish of this restaurant.

The chef of this amazing venue pays due attention and care while presenting the dishes. When an exquisitely decorated dish comes to your table, it surely enhances your temptation towards food.

Lo Zodiaco is a perfect place to have some fun with family and enjoy a delicious meal. The mesmerizing view of setting sun enhances your dining experiences to new heights.

Ristorante Lo Zodiaco
Piazzetta Ferraro, 2/3, 80076 Capri NA, Italy

Some of the popular gastronomic specialties of Capri

After the arrival of Emperor Tiberius in Capri, the inhabitants of this island started to follow the culinary traditions centered with more zeal and passion.

Most of the restaurants in Capri rely only on fresh food, which enhances the taste of the regional dishes. Some of the world-famous delights associated with Capri as under.

• Caprese salad (basil, mozzarella, tomato)
• The Capri fisheries
• Torta Caprese, chocolate, and almond cake
• Scialatielli
• Imperata di Cozze
• Chiummenzana
• Finocchietto, a fennel liqueur close to absinthe that can be enjoyed as a digestive

The food in Capri will likely make you obsessed with traveling and exploring the world. The views and eating options are best of breed.

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Where to eat in Capri, Italy - By Kyle and Alex from Via Travelers
Where to eat in Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy - By Kyle from Via Travelers

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