Best Places to Visit In The Philippines

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Do you know the best places to visit in Philippines when traveling solo?

Have you been dreaming of exploring the world solo? If yes, don’t let fear keep you from experiencing the world out there! Deciding whether or not to travel solo, planning the entire trip, and making that final decision of hopping onto the plane can be nerve-wracking. But, travel is extremely liberating and exciting.

The thrill of going out on an adventure all alone or with friends will give you a chance to grow and learn. It also makes you confident and strong. So, if you’ve chosen the Philippines and you’ve received your Philippines tourist visa, here are the best solo travel spots that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Orange sky with a person in a single boat in sea.
Watch a beautiful sunset!

#1: Batanes

Now that you’ve chosen Philippines as your destination, don’t miss out on Batanes. This is an archipelago perched in the northern part of Philippines and is home to steep cliffs, rolling hills, old stones, deep canyons, lighthouses and war memorials. Batanes also gives its traveler untouched landscapes. This place also happens to be one of the most peaceful and the safest destinations of Philippines. The climate there is tropical and cold at the same time.

Pixabay Green mountain cliffs with the sea and a boat.
Go island hopping around Palawan!

#2: Palawan

Palawan is breathtakingly beautiful as this place has been able to preserve its marine systems and natural environment. The beaches there are largely unexplored. Hence the lagoons and coves feature clear water that lets you see the underwater sea bed. There are more than 1700 islands in Palawan among which the most famous ones are Coron and El Nido Puerto Princesa. You can go snorkeling or island hopping in a hired boat. Don’t forget to experience the underwater cave.

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#3: Davao City

Davao is a great choice of destination while traveling solo to Philippines. Davao City will never baffle you as long as the best tourist attractions are concerned. Davao City has Mount Apo, which is the tallest mountain in Philippines. There are other tourist attractions like Eden Nature Park, Island Garden City of Samal, the People’s park, Davao Crocodile Park and the Philippine Eagle Center which is home to the Philippine Eagle. This eagle is considered to be the largest eagle in the world.

#4: Bohol

2 people ziplineing between trees.
Bring out the adventurer in you at Chocolate Hills!

Bohol is definitely yet another must-visit destination in the Philippines, especially when you’re traveling solo. The primary reason why people head for Bohol is because they wish to see Chocolate Hills. In the summer season, these hills turn brown which makes it resemble chocolate. While in Bohol, try an ATV ride and bike zipping in the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Bohol also offers the mesmerizing Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary to its tourists.

#5: Sagada

Rice cliffs in the mountains.
Find peace at Sagada!

Sagada is located between Cordillera Ranges and Ilocos Ranges. If you come from Manila, this 12-hour commute will be delightful to your eyes with some of the best views. But once you reach the grandiose landscapes, you’ll be reminded of the romantic movies. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have any problem with climbing or walking, you will find peace at Sagada.

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#6: La Union

As long as you’re traveling solo, La Union is a hot-spot due to its easy accessibility from Manila. Within just a few hours, you can reach the proper town of San Juan, La Union. This place is mostly known for its relaxing and laidback beach vibe. La Union is a quick retreat if you wish to de-stress without having to book a flight. Being an adventurer at heart, La Union is a good place to start off with surfing the waves.

#7: El Nido

Pixabay A beach with blue water and sky and boats and coconut trees.

If you want to taste the undeniable charm of Palawan, El Nido is the place where you can live in the moment. Are you a solo traveler who wants to get lost in paradise and stay away from the monotony of the hectic life? If yes, El Nido is the best destination for you. With the awesome views around that include turquoise blue water, limestones and white beaches, you’ll love exploring everything about this place.

Therefore, it might be an exciting and freeing experience to travel solo in the Philippines but you should stay cautious and connected. Carry emergency money, talk to the locals, and do some good research in advance to avoid any kind of complications.

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