Top Places to Explore in Munnar, Kerala

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Are you a person who is in love with mountains, greenery, mist, and long walks? If your answer is yes, then I’m going to introduce you to a paradise on earth, and that is “Munnar.” In Kerala, the southernmost state of India.

Munnar is an alluring hill station located in the Idukki district. It is about 1700 meters above sea level. Wish to visit Munnar but not sure in which season? So you can explore this mesmerizing hill station at any time of the year. Throughout the year you will get pleasant weather and lush greenery all around and hence, Munnar is aptly known as “Kashmir of South India.”

At Cheeyapara Waterfalls.
There are many waterafalls in Munnar. This one is the Cheeyapara Waterfalls

Munnar is a perfect holiday destination for honeymooners, families and friends alike. Whether you are planning a trip with your partner, family, or as a solo, Munnar’s bewitching beauty will mesmerise you for sure. To make your Munnar visit unforgettable, I have prepared a list of places to visit in Munnar as well as things to do in Munnar.

Best places to visit in Munnar

Mattupetty dam and lake

Image at Mattupetty dam and lake.
Mattupetty dam and lake

Located 13km away from Munnar, Mattupetty comes on top of the list of must-visit places in Munnar. Do you know about the best attraction spot in Mattupetty? It’s the Mattupetty Dam and the associated lake. Mattupetty dam is generating hydroelectricity and is the essential source of electricity in Munnar. It is a habitat for much-endangered flora and fauna. This place has the power to bind the tourist with its magnificent beauty. The reflection of the green tea garden and hills in the Mattupetty dam’s still water is a breathtaking view.

You can engage in activities like speed boating just in INR 500/5 persons as well as go for trekking in the Shola forest. Along with it, Mattupetty Dam and lake offer birdwatching for wildlife lovers. The ideal time to visit this majestic place is from August to May between 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM.

Top station

Top station is one of the most alluring destinations in Munnar. Located on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Top station is known as the elevated point in Munnar. This majestic place is 32Km distant from Munnar. You might be wondering why its name is the top station. It was the towering railway station in this area that is why its name is top station. People desired to visit this place because of the Neelakurinji flowers (Strobilanthus) also. These flowers are unique as they bloom only every 12 years. Shocking, right? The last time they bloomed in 2018, and the next blooming season is 2030. The most suitable time to enjoy the magnificent panorama at Top station is April to May. The adventurous seeking soul can trek to Top station through the central village.

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Echo point

Echo point is famous for its majestic natural echo phenomenon and it can be understood that when you shout your name, the sound returns to you as an echo. Kids and even adults found this natural echo phenomenon fascinating. Located around 15Km away from the hill station, this mystical place is surrounded by beauty that will make you forget to blink. The mist, mountains, and forests make your Munnar trip-worthy.

Kundala Lake

Enjoying the beauty of Mattupetty lake.
The green tea garden and hills on the other side of the Mattupetty lake

Kundala Lake is another breathtaking destination in Munnar. Located 20Km away from the hill station, this artificial lake offers you clean air and majestic sight scenes. Kundala Lake is the house to rare species of flowers like Cherry and Neela Kurunji flowers. Do you know that cherry blossoms twice a year, and Neela Kurunji flowers blossoms once in 12 years?

If you are planning to visit the magnificent Kundala Lake, then visit in the morning hours. When the sun starts rising, its rays fall on the water, and it looks like sun rays are dancing on lake water. You can visit this destination in any season. And there are no entry fees.

Asia’s first Arch Dam is built near the Kundala Lake. You can explore the dam too while visiting Kundala Lake.

Tea Museum

Magnificent beauty of the green tea garden.
Tea Garden at Munnar, Kerala

Are you a tea lover?

I’m sure you are, just like me. Munnar is a well-known name in the tea industry. While visiting Munnar, you must visit the tea museum. You will get an opportunity to see the evolution of the tea industry from manual plucking of the tea leaves to the automatic tea industry. Located at Nullatanni Estate, the tea museum is just 2 Km distant from Munnar. The tea museum has the machinery, various photos, and mementos which shares an anecdote of the growth of the tea plantation industry from scratches.

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You can visit here any time of the year, but November to February is more preferred. Also, it is closed on Monday. The entry fees for an adult is Rs. 75 and for minor Rs. 35.

Other Popular things to do in Munnar

Try Kerala cuisine

If you are a foodie, and despite being in Munnar, you have not tried the local food yet, then you are missing a crucial part of your vacation. Malabar cuisine is known for its appetizing flavor. And Saravana Bhawan is best for this cuisine. Apart from this, Mezbaan Hotel, Bamboo Hut, and Mayabazar are known for many mouth-watering dishes. Another interesting place to try fresh and local cuisine is during a houseboat ride along the backwaters of Kerala.

Trekking & Hiking

Many destinations in Munnar will leave your field of vision wide open. It may not be as difficult as Annapurna, but Chokramudi and Shola Rainforest are the perfect stop for enjoying picturesque views of the marvelous landscape beauty. Adventurous junkies can trek in Chokramudi and Shola Rainforest. If you love to trek, monsoon is the best time to explore the various species of flora and fauna as well as tea plantations with your trekking mates.

Hiking to Eravikulam National Park.
Hiking to Eravikulam National Park


If you are in Munnar and want to enjoy nature, then there will be no better idea other than settling down in a base camp. So set up your base camp and enjoy the mountains, mist, valleys, beautiful sunset, and fascinating wildlife all around you. It will be a great dose of “me time “for you. Feel relaxed and enjoy the refreshing views.

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Enjoy Some Massage Therapy

You can also enjoy Ayurvedic massage therapy in Munnar. Massage therapy releases your physical as well as mental stress and helps the body to feel refresh. If you are in Munnar, then why not enjoy an ayurvedic spa and massage. Some spa resorts and wellness centers are very well known for their price and the service that they offer. Some of them are named here.

  • The Bliss Mountain Spa in Spice Tree
  • Antara AyurSpa in Misty Mountain Resort
  • The Grandpa Ayurvedic Wellness & Research Center

    There are varieties of ayurvedic spas and massages. And its cost is between INR 1,800 and 2,500 .

Take an Elephant Safari

The elephant is the World’s largest but a cute and caring creature. If anyone gets a chance for Elephant Safari in Munnar, then who would want to miss it. Carmelagiri Elephant Park is a very prominent tourist place in Munnar. It offers a small elephant ride to tourists. From children to adults, everyone enjoys these fascinating elephant rides. The cost of an elephant safari is around Rs. 1,150. The park is opened every day, and you can visit there between 9 am -5 pm

The enthralling magic of these majestic places may have urged you to plan a trip to Munnar. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventurous junkie, Munnar welcomes everyone with an open arm. Take a break from the hustle-bustle of life because it’s time to feed your soul with nature and adventure

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Image of Cheeyapara Waterfalls.
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