So Valentine’s Day is coming up, and everyone is planning a special something for their special someone. Well, not everybody. There are those of us who don’t have a special someone yet or anymore. We’ve had our hearts broken, we’ve loved the ones we thought were ‘the ones’, and we lost them. Or we’ve broken hearts, and we’re still waiting for ‘the right one’ to find us, still waiting to feel the passion and the love that others seem to have.

But we need to remember on Valentine’s Day, that love isn’t just about passion and romance and desire. Love is about knowing somebody completely so that you know all of them, their good and their bad, you know everything that they would never tell another person, especially the ones they hold dear. It’s about knowing the good, and also the dark and dirty, the sad and the lonely, the happy and the joyous, but also the distressing, the gloomy, the sad, the dismal, and the depressing.

It’s about knowing the other person enough to be a shelter to them in the storm, to be the light in their darkness, to be the hand they hold on to, to be the one that never leaves, to be the rock in their storms and the anchor in their hearts.

And true as can be, that person, that lover of your soul and lifter of your head does not need to be a husband or a wife or a lover. They can simply be the friend or family member who’s always there for you, they can be the parent who never gives up on you, the brother or the sister who’s always got your back. They can be anybody.

So if you’re off to celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t just celebrate romantic love. Celebrate the people in your life who will never give up on you, and those that you will never give up on. Be it your mother or your father, your brother or you sister, your friend or your neighbour. Celebrate them and let them know they matter. Happy Valentine’s!

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