Wandering Across Europe

Planning a trip to the second smallest continent on the planet? The number of lists of best places to visit in Europe or the best European cities to visit is overwhelming, isn’t it? Don’t worry. We’re not going to bombard you with a list of the best cities in Europe to visit or the list of things to do in Europe. But we are going to tell you about some fun things to do and the best way to travel Europe like a local.

And since all roads lead to Rome, and we’re certain it will be a part of your European itinerary, we’ll tell you things you need to know before visiting the Colosseum. We might also tell you about Sweden’s little Secret, an ingredient in one version of the Kanelbullar that makes it special; or eating traditional Majorcan Paella with locals.

We might also tell you about what’s for breakfast in different cultures, and more importantly what’s for dessert. Or tell you about European street food and local food that you absolutely must try.

There is so much to see in Europe, from natural wonders to architectural marvels, from scenic beauty to striking mountain ranges, from coastal gems to hidden lakes. My friends share their stories of adventures in towns with fairytale charm and cities with extraordinary history. Quaint cafes and large city squares, ultra-modern stores and little village markets, they’re all here. From the Alps to the Rhine, from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, come join us on a journey across Europe.

Hills & Mountains

Seegrotte’s underground Blue Lake, and the tale to go with it. Gluck Auf!

2 things I didn’t like about Mount Vesuvius

Cuevas Del Drach : A main attraction in Mallorca

By the Seaside

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Where shall we go snorkelling?

Seegrotte’s underground Blue Lake, and the tale to go with it. Gluck Auf!

Cuevas Del Drach : A main attraction in Mallorca

European Cuisine

50+ Best Street Food in Europe

Brettlejause with Stefanie and Rupert at Buschenschank Schaar

Majorcan Paella Mixtas: A lazy Sunday lunch with a traditional feast


Goose : A golden egg in Rome

Dinner at K + K am Waagplatz in Salzburg, Austria

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What’s for breakfast in your culture?

What’s for dinner in your culture?

What’s for dessert in your culture?

Monuments, Forts & Castles

7 Things you must know before visiting the Colosseum

Most beautiful churches in Europe

Cities, Towns & Countries

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