A lovely stay in Rome at B&B RomaInterrazza

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My sis and I spent a few days in Rome on the way back from Spain because it was the cheapest route back. We took the opportunity to see Rome, the ancient and beautiful city (although somewhat crowded too). And we were glad we stayed at this lovely B&B (bed and breakfast) outside the city, instead of in it.

We booked our stay with Isabella from Roma in Terraza. Their place is about 15 minutes walk from the Vatican Museum and has a bus stop bang in front. The nearest metro station and train station were both at Valle Aurelia, a  10 minute walk away.

Room Smeraldo at B&B Roma in Terraza

Our flight landed in Rome at 10.10 pm on the first day, but Isabella and Francesco were great hosts and gave us everything we needed when we arrived. They even helped us book a private transfer from Ciampino Airport (in advance) which was a lot cheaper than the taxis. Francesco was waiting for us when we got there a little before 12 am. He gave us instructions and a map of Rome.

Our Room at the B&B – Topazio

We had the option of staying in either the Smeraldo or the Topazio rooms on the 5th floor or the Suite Zaffiro on the 6th floor. For the purpose of economy we chose Smeraldo on the 5th floor which shared the living room / kitchenette with Topazio.

Our room at Isabella and Francesco’s B&B was very clean and well kept. We were glad we chose to stay there instead of at a hotel. We especially loved the theme of the room – emerald, light and airy.

Smeraldo - TheWingedFork
Smeraldo – Light and airy, and green!

Our first night, the neighbour in the Topazio room was a man who was really noisy while getting his 6 am breakfast. On the other days, there was a family of three from Sicily I think, with their 8 year old daughter who were pleasant to interact with.

The Shared Living Room / Kitchen

Living-Room - TheWingedFork
The shared Living Room

The living room was spacious with tables laid out with baskets of butter, jam, honey, toast, and something like muffins. We also had access to an oven for heating food (since cooking wasn’t allowed), along with espresso machines, and jugs for tea. The fridge was stocked with milk, yogurt and juices everyday. And a maid cleaned up every morning as well.

Other side of the Room - TheWingedFork
Other side of the room – View of the main door

Strange how my camera pics up different colours for the living room at different times of the day.

Our Shared Balcony

Balcony-Roma - TheWingedFork
The View from our shared balcony

Yeah, I forgot to take a pic of the view till the night we were leaving. But it was pretty good. You could see the trees on a hill off in the distance.

Fireplace and plants on the balcony where we spent a few evenings

The balcony was large and spacious, a good place to enjoy a late breakfast or a meal.

Anyways, as I was saying, the stay with Roma in Terrazza was good. Isabella and Francesco were friendly and always available to answer our questions on anything and everything, either in person or on the phone. Isabella was kind too when I disturbed her in the middle of the night to find out what was buzzing in our apartment, only to find out that my sister had pulled on the shower emergency rope. Ha! That was quite something. If or when I go back to Rome, I’ll definitely stay with them again.

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