Spicy Brain Masala Recipe

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Brain Masala, a mouth-watering dish among Indian non-veg enthusiasts can be made in different ways. As East Indians, we also have our own method of preparing the traditional East Indian Brain Masala. And this too differs from home to home! Here’s my mom’s version of the spicy brain masala recipe! The difference from the regular brain masala recipe is in the extra chillies, and the coconut and cashewnut powder that mom adds in. Scrumptious!

What are the ingredients in the East Indian Brain Masala Recipe?

These are the ingredients we use to make mom’s spicy brain masala recipe.
6 Goat Brains
2 tablespoons Ghee or Clarified Butter
4 Bay Leaves or Tej Patta
1/2 cup Curds or Dahi or Yogurt
For the masala:
6 Kashmiri Chilies
1 inch Ginger pieces
1/2 teaspoon Dhania Powder or Coriander Powder
5 Cloves
4 inches Cinnamon Sticks
8 Garlic Flakes
1 teaspoon Jeera Powder aka Cumin Powder
1/2 teaspoon Peppercorns
3 pods Elaichi or Cardamon
1 tablespoon Salt
1 tablespoon Cashewnut Powder
1 tablespoon Desiccated Coconut or Coconut Powder
1 Cup Water

Recipe for how to cook Indian Goat Brain Masala

We start by washing and cleaning 6 goat brains, and then chopping them roughly into 1-inch size cubes. And yes, there’s bound to be some blood.

Did you know that some people couldn’t even think of eating brains? They discard it as offal along with the tongues, tails, ears, and other parts of the animal. But to each his own.

I know my Uncle Denzil loves eating pig brains. And most of my culture just loves eating ox tongue roast or salted beef tongue as much as they love eating goat trotters and goat tripe curries.

Six goats brains ready to go - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork
Six goats brains ready to go
Chop the brains into 1 inch cubes - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork
Chop the brains into 1 inch cubes

Leave the chopped brains, yogurt and ghee aside; and grind the rest of the masala ingredients listed above in a mixie with a cup of water.

Grind the masalas - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork
Grind the masalas
Brain Masala is ready - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork
Brain Masala is ready

In a thick bottomed pan, add the two tablespoons of ghee and fry the masala for 5 minutes. Then add in the chopped goat’s brains and bay leaves and allow to cook on a low flame for another 20 minutes.

When nearly done, add in the yogurt, stir and allow to cook for another 5 minutes before serving. You can take the bay leaves out now or leave them in for your family to suck clean like chicken bones. Both ways work! Brain masala goes deliciously well with naans, or just simple chappatis, or even plain ‘ol rice for lunch or dinner. You don’t even need any pickle to go with it.

Spicy homemade brain masala curry in a steel pot on a red kitchen cloth.
Spicy homemade brain masala curry!

Try this easy brain masala recipe at home and let us know how spicy you made it!

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Brain Masala is ready - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork

Spicy Brain Masala Recipe

An easy to prepare recipe for the spicy and rich East Indian Brain Masala.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 50 mins
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine East Indian, Indian


  • 6 Goat Brains
  • 4 Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)
  • 2 tbsp Ghee (Indian clarified butter) (Clarified Butter)
  • .5 cup Yogurt

For the masala:


  • Wash and clean the 6 goat brains.
  • Chop the brains roughly into 1-inch size cubes and set aside.
  • Grind all the ingredients for the masala in a mixie.
  • In a thick bottomed pan, add two tablespoons of ghee along with the masala and fry for five minutes.
  • Next, add in the brains and bay leaves and allow to cook on a low flame for 20 minutes.
  • When nearly done, add in the yogurt and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Serve with bread, naans or rice. Enjoy!

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Brain Masala Recipe - By Abby from TheWingedFork
East Indian Recipe Brain Masala - By Abby from TheWingedFork

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