5 hours at the Rude Lounge

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So we finally ended up at the Rude Lounge for dinner, instead of our regular haunt the Irish House. After waiting downstairs for more than half an hour for the sleepy friend that’s always running a bit late, we went up to the 6th floor of Link House that holds the Rude Lounge at Malad. You ask why we didn’t just go upstairs and start without her? Well because as usual she kept saying she was nearly there, and would reach in a minute. Yeah, patience is something you never stop learning.

Guy-Rude-lounge - TheWingedFork
Guy Lounging

Anyways, so once we enter the Rude Lounge the first thing we see is this guy lazing on the floor. We tried posing with him later too. Then you look up at the ceiling and see these people falling through the floor above. A nice take!

ceiling-Rude-lounge - TheWingedFork
Ceiling Mannequins – Rude Lounge

The place itself is really large and spacious, with an air-conditioned and an open air section. We started out with the open air section but then scooted over to the air-conditioned section since one my friends didn’t wanted to breathe in the polluted air on the Malad Link Road.

Comfy couch chairs and a wall covered with photos of singers from different genres tried to give the place a retro appearance, but it felt a tad like the management was trying too hard. I did however love that there were a lot of pics of Elvis hanging there.

Happy hours are 7 pm to 12 am, but the Buy One Get One offers don’t run on too many drinks. My friend wanted Kingfisher Draught, but only Fosters was on offer. So we stuck to Kingfisher Draught priced at about INR 750 a pitcher. Shouldn’t there be offers on draught, IMFL, and others too? At least a Buy Two Get One like other restaurants?

Sleepy-late-coming-friend is also now voraciously hungry and goes straight for dinner while we do starters. Not to mention, she’s a veggie who doesn’t eat garlic. After running through a number of options with the attending waiter, she orders the Singapore Noodles which were a bit bland. So she drowns it in soy sauce. Here’s the pic I managed to steal of her plate.

soy-noodles - TheWingedFork
Singapore Noodles drowning in Soy Sauce

The rest of us ordered the Chicken Tiranga Kebabs that were quite tasty with a creamy cardamom flavor. The white colored chicken disappeared faster than the green and orange.

tiranga-kebabs - TheWingedFork
Creamy Tiranga Kebabs
Chilli-lamb - TheWingedFork
Roast Chilli Lamb
Chicken-steaks - TheWingedFork
Mini Chicken Steaks

We also had some great Roast Lamb in Chilli Garlic Sauce, Mini Chicken Steaks, and Chilly Cheese Toast. When it was near closing at 5 minutes to 12 am, Biren asked us for last orders and we ordered some Baileys and Jagermeister shots. A tad expensive, but then isn’t foreign liquor always?

Jagermeister - TheWingedFork
Jagermeister shot

And at 12.20 am when we were just about ready to leave, my sleepy-late-coming-friend decided that she was hungry again and needed some Paneer Chilly Amritsari. That tasted amazing. I don’t know why, but I could have eaten a lot more of that.

Bill - TheWingedFork
The Bill

A plus point at the Rude Lounge is that they don’t add Service Charges to your bill. So you have the option of tipping your waiter as much as you like. On the whole for a 5 hour dinner, the Rude Lounge wasn’t too bad. What do you think?

Contact Rude Lounge
Address: Link House, Link Road, 601, Chincholi Bunder, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064, India
Telephone: +91 77388 92804

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