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Food makes the world go round.

Doesn’t it?

Okay, maybe just my world.

I love getting lost in the kitchen baking cookies and cakes for tea or cooking up something new that my friends and family get to quality test. They love the trials most of the time, except for when they complain that I’m fattening them up.


They don’t have to eat it, do they?

They just can’t stop themselves. Seriously, who’s fault is it? Theirs or mine?

If you don’t want to get fat, just take a bit and leave it. You don’t have to come back for seconds.

Anyways, back to food. I’ve learned a lot from my mom. We grew up sitting on the paaneri (platform) stirring marzipan and vanilla cream since we were barely 5 year old kids. And learning how to bake semolina cakes and fry potatoes and make a yummy chicken khudi. Or a chicken roast. Mom’s chicken roast stuffed with liver pudding is so yummy. Remind me to put down the recipe one of these days.

And I love the way mom cooks. Food never tastes the same twice. It’s always throw approximately the same things together to make approximately the same dish. It’s almost like being Alice in Wonderland. Sis and me have learned to cook like mom. Just throw things together and it tastes awesome!

But what was I talking about?

Yes, food!

I’ve put down a few of mom’s recipes. And I’ve got my friends to put down some of theirs too. Smile, grin, smile!

So if you’re looking for gluten free chicken soup or special East Indian chicken tope or a number of other dishes, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for restaurant reviews and where to eat or what to eat in a city, head over to our flavors section. Otherwise, carry on reading for some yummy recipes!

Mom’s Boiled Egg Chilly Fry Recipe

Since we were under lockdown for the Coronavirus and advised to stay at HOME, we were just lazying around listening to music, reading the newspapers and chatting. Somehow we reached…

East Indian Walnut Fudge Recipe

Ever wondered why the traditional walnut fudge made by East Indians can be moulded? Me too! I haven’t found any real answer to this other than ‘It’s because we dry…

Sweet Beetroot Puris Recipe

Puris or pooris always taste yummy! Give someone a choice between bread and puris, and most Indians will any-day pick puris. What are puris you ask? Puris are deep-fried Indian…

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cake Recipe

That sister of mine keeps asking me to write down all of the recipes that I throw together ever so often. I mean, I just throw them together. It’s not…

Trick to make puris or pooris quicker

Puris are literally one of the oiliest Indian flatbreads around, and tasty too! They’re well worth the time it takes to roll them out for your dinner. But if you’re…

Tu BiShvat Cookies

Tu BiShvat is the Jewish holiday that occurs on the 15th of Shvat (Hebrew month) and is celebration of the New Year of the trees. The holiday marks the season…

Homemade Beetroot Hummus Recipe

We’ve always loved hummus; ever since we visited Israel in 1997. It tastes so different, and natural. You could eat a lot of it without piling on the pounds. The…

Mom’s Green Pista Chutney recipe

We love chutney. Of course, we have to! We’re Indians. It’s one of the must-have food items that we grew up with. And there are so many forms of chutney,…

Simple Buttery Oyster Mushroom Recipe

Oyster mushrooms taste delicious. But if you ask me, they’re just too pretty to eat! You could spend quite some time just admiring their beauty. The stemmed caps with thick…

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List of Recipes

Goat Tripe – Vajri Khudi Curry : East Indian Series

Easter Eggs, Bonnets & Chicken : East Indian Series

East Indian Bombil Pickle (Sukha Bomblache Lonche)

East Indian Kadmat or Cuchumber Recipe

Honey Balls or Snow Balls: East Indian Series

East Indian Mango Chutney like Aam Murabba, Chunda or Varenye

Special East Indian Chicken Tope : East Indian Series

Crafting a Checkerboard Lightning McQueen Cake

Enchiladas: When you’re longing for a taste of home and a bit of spice

Majorcan Paella Mixtas: A lazy Sunday lunch with a traditional feast

Cooking up a Sorpotel Pav : East Indian Series

Mass Pav or (Moulded) Marzipan : East Indian Series

Tu BiShvat Cookies


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