Mr Whippy Ice Cream Memories

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As kids, both hubs and I immigrated to Canada at the age of around 8 years old (not together lol). At that age, of course, you have all kinds of memories of home and for both of us it turned out we were obsessed with English ice creams called 99’s.

Mr Whippy Ice-cream-van-from-the-60's-Daily-Mail---XYUandbeyond---TheWingedFork
Mr Whippy delights in the 60s
Pic Courtesy Belfast Live
Beautiful Yellow Enbisco square ice cream

In those days, there was no soft-serve stuff it was pure beautiful yellow ice cream made with full cream and deliciously rich and decadent.

A square block of ice cream was cut off and stuffed in a squared-off crispy cone, then the piece de resistance a Cadbury’s Flake was snapped in half and stuffed deep into the ice cream – shedding all its glorious milk chocolate goodness over the top of the ice cream. It was heavenly and in those days a rare treat for us kids.

99 Ice Cream

Funnily enough, no one knows how the 99 came to get its name. Some say it was because the fellow that invented it had an ice-cream shop at #99. Others say it was because the Flakes came in a box of 99, still others claim it was a masterpiece of marketing by Cadburys.

Hubs getting some 99 in Cyprus

These days the 99 comes as a soft serve ice-cream cone and it’s not quite the same but nevertheless hubs will head straight for the ice-cream van no matter what country it is to get his 99 fix. Oh, and a word for you tourists; a 99 does not mean you have to pay .99 pence/cents for this sweet treat.

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Faith in Spain - XYUandBeyond
Faith from XYUandBeyond

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