Fucking Fantastic! Watching Lions mate in Maasai Mara

Sis told me to make time to see lions mate the next time I get to Kenya. I told her I’ve already seen lions mate a few times, in Amboseli and Masaai Mara. So after a few expletives from her about what was wrong with me for not blogging about it, she finally mollified me into writing this

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A world of ice creams – Local favorites from across the globe

The ice cream man’s a coming Bells ringing, childhood memories. The ice cream cart comes to our neighborhood, but here in Bombay it’s kulfi. Sometimes it’s the kulfi man with the basket on his head announcing his arrival. ‘Kulfi-eaah’. As kids we used to run happily for ice cream or kulfi. That instant brain freeze

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Together Forever – The Albatross

Just saw a video by BBC Earth and Sir David Attenborough on how albatrosses spend over fifty years together. It’s almost like forever in human terms. Wonder why humans can’t do that? Well, half of us humans at least. I know quite a few people who have lived together for more than 40 or 50 years,

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The Horse Runner – Nick Turner

Came across this interesting article about Nick Turner, an artist who takes nude portrait of himself with horses. Born in 1983 in Boston, Turner preferred the company of horses to his school classmates in France. He grew up wanting to be a part of tribe of horses, and to understand his primal instincts. Turner is

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Surviving Life

Stumbled across this video from BBC One in the Planet Earth II series. It shows a newly born iguana being chased by snakes. So many snakes, and yet it fights for life and survives. Much like our life! Everyday we are faced with so many situations and choices that either help us grow stronger or

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