Independent Young Nomad : Inspiration Series – Jeremy

As India celebrates its 70th Independence Day and the reaffirming of our freedom, we celebrate our right to be all we can be and our right to choose our own destiny. We celebrate youngsters like Jeremy who have chosen to walk the path less travelled, to find their own destiny, and to give hope to

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Of bras and things – 5 stories of traveling boobs 

You’ve already read the blog about how I found it difficult to get back into a Kayak because my boobs kept getting in the way. But that’s not the only problem I’ve had with having big boobs. My country wants me to go braless Take for instance the fact that bras my size are not manufactured

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7 Things you must know before visiting the Colosseum

Strangest question to hear at the Colosseum ‘What’s a gladiator?’ the lady asked her daughter as she sat to take a break. We watched stunned as the daughter replied that a gladiator may have been a warrior. She then read a display nearby and elaborated that a gladiator was a captured warrior in ancient Rome

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Bizarre or Weird? What was the most peculiar thing someone said to you while travelling?

Bizarre Beauty? Travel exposes you to the strangest things – apart from discovering wonderful cultural diversity, behavioral differences and contrary thought processes – one is also exposed to a range of novel and sometimes surprising situations. Take for example when I was in Cardiff a few years ago, and after ordering a Whiskey and Soda

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Inspiration Series : Weekend Nomad – Gareth

Inspiring nomads, it’s a term that can mean so many things. But on the journey to becoming a nomad there is so much that one learns and one learns to let go off. Today, we invite a different type of nomad to the blog floor, a weekend nomad. Gareth is a teacher 5 days a

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Inspiration Series : Going Nomad – Maegan and Elise

Going Nomad – Should or shouldn’t I? As an aspiring nomad, I’ve come across quite a few individuals who discredit this lifestyle, and also say that it’s difficult and amounts to no good. To counter this thinking, and to provide inspiration to myself and other aspiring nomads, I’ve started this Going Nomad : Inspiration Series, where

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Together Forever – The Albatross

Just saw a video by BBC Earth and Sir David Attenborough on how albatrosses spend over fifty years together. It’s almost like forever in human terms. Wonder why humans can’t do that? Well, half of us humans at least. I know quite a few people who have lived together for more than 40 or 50 years,

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The Horse Runner – Nick Turner

Came across this interesting article about Nick Turner, an artist who takes nude portrait of himself with horses. Born in 1983 in Boston, Turner preferred the company of horses to his school classmates in France. He grew up wanting to be a part of tribe of horses, and to understand his primal instincts. Turner is

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Surviving Life

Stumbled across this video from BBC One in the Planet Earth II series. It shows a newly born iguana being chased by snakes. So many snakes, and yet it fights for life and survives. Much like our life! Everyday we are faced with so many situations and choices that either help us grow stronger or

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