Ristorante Goose Roma: A Real Taste Of Rome, Italy

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‘When in Rome, do the Romans’, a friend of mine once told me. Well, we were talking about a totally different ‘when in Rome’ topic at the time. But on my recent trip to Rome, after visiting the Colosseum, my sis and I did make time to do as Romans do with respect to food.

Goose Ristorante Pizzeria: A golden egg/Goose in Rome, Italy

Rome has turned into a very busy touristy location and is dotted with a number of restaurants that claim to serve authentic Italian food. But finding one that really does is akin to finding a golden egg or golden goose in Rome.

One evening after our first 2 days in Rome, returning famished from touring around, our landlady directed us to Goose Restaurant, Rome. It’s a restaurant with a real taste of Rome that has been serving locals and tourists in Rome since 1998, and boasts a Forno a Legna or wooden oven with some amazing Roman delights.

Goose-Rome - TheWingedFork
Goose : We took this picture after leaving

Ristorante Goose, a real taste of Italy

Goose is located on Piazzale Greggrorio VII, 10 minute walk towards the Vatican from the B&B Roma Interraza on Via Ormisda where we were located.

Since we hadn’t called in to book a table first, we had to wait about 22 minutes till we were seated. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The menu was in Italian and English, and our waiter Sergio took the time to explain the different courses to us.

Fritti or Fried Snacks

pumpkin-flowers - TheWIngedFork
Pumpkin Flowers and Mozzarelline for Fritti

For Fritti or Fried Starters, we pick the Mozzarelline and the Fiori di Zucca. Mozzarelline are little deep fried cheese balls that we have always loved. Who doesn’t love deep fried cheese?

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But the awesomeness sneaks in with the Fiori Di Zucca. Our guide Anna from another trip had told us about the amazing Fritti and Fiori di Zucca in Italy. But the Fiori di Zucca or Pumpkin Flowers at Goose would probably beat ’em all.

The pumpkin flowers are stuffed and deep fried to give you a crunchy exterior with a soft tasty filling. There’s a saying in Italian that goes, ‘La scoperta di un piatto nuovo è più preziosa per il genere umano che la scoperta di una nuova stella’. Roughly translated it means that discovering new dishes is more precious to humans than discovering new stars. How true!

Goosing about – Taking Pictures

Goose-Bar - TheWingedFork
The well stocked bar at Goose

We picked a draft wine and house wine, as it went well with the Fiori di Zucca. But the bar at Goose is well stocked with every type of local and international liqour. As the Italian saying goes, age and cups of wine should never be counted. ‘Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai’.

Goose-owner - TheWingedFork
The Pizza Section

We then place our orders and while we’re waiting, I head over to watch Marco and Felice making the pizzas in the oven. On the right is the owner/manager Gianluca. Most of the guests are on first-name basis with him and appear to be regulars.

The pizza oven is close to the entrance at Goose Pizzeria Roma, and there are other guests arriving. They’re chattering in Italian and quite at home here.

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The Main Course

Our landlady had rightfully warned us in advance that the meal servings are large, and there was no need to order a primo, secondo and contorno. Just one of anything is more than enough. She was right!

Goose-Grigliata-Carne - TheWingedFork
Grigliata Carne – Meatalicious meats

I’m having the Grigliata Carne which is a mixed grill of beef, pork, and chicken. Well-cooked and loving it!

Goose-seafood - TheWingedFork
Tagliolini Al Frutti di Mare

My sister has the Tagliolini Al Frutti Mare which is a type of pasta, somewhat thicker than spaghetti cooked in a sauce with cherry tomatoes, scampi, squid, shrimp, scallops and mussels. The servings are so huge, she struggled to finish it.

Goose-limoncello-creme-brule - TheWingedFork
Divine Creme Brule and Limoncello


No meal is complete without dessert. So we chose to have the Dolci Del Giorno or Dessert of the Day, which was Crème Brûlée. Now I have had my fair share of Crème Brûlées, in India, in the UK and in France, its country of origin.

But believe me when I tell you this, none of the Crème Brûlées in France, nay none of the Crème Brûlées in the world can compare to the lusciousness of this one at Goose. The caramel layer is so exquisitely fine and the custard is just perfect.

I wanted to order some to go, but my sis didn’t let me. But I saw that a number of the other guests had taken parcels of this divine Crème Brûlée with them. It was just ‘to die for’ and would have been well worth kissing the chef for 😉

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Anyways, we didn’t… kiss the chef, I mean. But we did enjoy the limoncello that contrasted perfectly with the Crème Brûlée.

If you get to Rome, Goose Ristorante Pizzeria is a must visit. To eat the delicious local food of Rome and see the camaraderie between the guests and the staff is just great. I definitely have to make it back to Italy again sometime, even if it’s only for the food.

Contact Ristorante Pizzeria Goose
Address: Piazzale Gregorio VII, 33 – Roma, Italy.
Telephone: +39 06 39366269
Email : info@gooseristorante.it

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