The ice cream man’s a coming

Bells ringing, childhood memories. The ice cream cart comes to our neighborhood, but here in Bombay it’s kulfi. Sometimes it’s the kulfi man with the basket on his head announcing his arrival. ‘Kulfi-eaah’. As kids we used to run happily for ice cream or kulfi. That instant brain freeze when you bite, the cool feeling in your head, and short numbness on your tongue. Only ice cream can do that! Or kulfi. 😉 Here is a list of favorite ice creams from around the world by some of our readers and of course us. It’s a Work in Progress that we’ll add to as and when we find some awesome ice cream.

Walnut Crunch by Ritesh from Tinted Tales

K Rustom’s, Bombay, India

By Abby

My fondest childhood memories were of going to town with my mom and aunts to shop, because we knew that after shopping, we would be treated to ice creams at K Rustom’s.

Rustom’s s set up in Marine Drive in 1953 started as a Parsi family shop selling ice cream on attractive glass plates. But their plates kept disappearing. And so the idea of a plate-less sandwich ice cream sprung to mind and as it’s said, the rest is history. Although I don’t like the taste of the waffly sandwich layer too much, I love their ice creams.

K-Rustom's sandwich icecream-by-Ritesh---TheWingedFork
Ice cream sandwich by Ritesh from Tinted Tales

They are so amazing that people from all over still throng the small shop in South Bombay, India. But my favorite of their flavors is the Walnut Crunch that has caramelized sugar and walnuts in it. Well, it’s been everyone’s favorite in the last half century. Other must haves include guava, kesar pista, rum & raisin and almond crunch. It’s difficult to stop at just one!

My brownie Majestic at Aroma’s Cafe

Aromas Café, Juhu, Bombay, India

By Sarah

Think of ice cream and I think of Aromas Cafe in Juhu, Mumbai, India. I had been there for lunch with my friend Sushma. The wide glass windows gave the cafe a very spacious and positive feel. We could sit and relax for hours without being bothered to leave immediately once done. Sushma and I enjoyed our Lebanese Chicken, yummy, I must say, and the Apricot and Roast chicken Salad, also yummy!

And when we ordered our ice creams, we spent quite some time just enjoying the beauty and taking pictures. And then we remembered that we hadn’t taken pics of the rest of the food. But anyways, nothing compared to our Brownie Majestic. It was an absolutely gooey chocolate brownie with vanilla & chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce. We could see the steam lift of the ice cream when the hot chocolate sauce hit the ice cream. To die for!

Mushroom and Duck liver ice cream-Futuroscope---TheWingedFork
Mushroom and Duck liver ice cream – Yum! (It’s in the medium sized bowl)

Le Bar Lab in Futuroscope, Chasseneuil du Poitou, France

By Abby

Another strikingly strange favorite was an ice cream that surprised me. It wasn’t what I expected at all. The trepidation of tasting that first bite was soon replaced with an instant love for the ice cream, the Glace de Cèpes et Foie Gras. How often do you get to taste an ice cream made of mushroom and duck liver and actually enjoy it? The ice cream was the concoction of the talented chefs in Futuroscope’s Bar Lab – a showcase of what food might taste like in the future. Quite enjoyable, I must say, almost as much as their fried worms. I hope to go back and taste some new creation soon.

Il-Gelato-di-San-Crispino - TheWingedFork
When in Rome, San Crispino is a must!

Il Gelato di San Crispino, Rome, Italy

By Abby

You can’t visit Rome without visiting Il Gelato di San Crispino. Started in the early 1990’s, the store’s craftsmen have been experimenting with flavors and distinguishing themselves through their use of fresh ingredients and flavours without any artificial ingredients.

To die for flavors at San Crispino in Rome. Lush!

We got there around 4 in the afternoon on a rainy day, but the parlour was still crowded. My sis decided to go for a mix of the Hazelnut Ice Cream with the Caramel Ice Cream, while I opted for the Whiskey Ice Cream with the Cocoa Ice Cream. Absolutely lush! It got over too soon, I must say. I wanted to go back for more, but my sis didn’t let me!

If I go back to Rome only for this ice cream from San Crispino, it will be absolutely worth it!

Famous Ice Creams - TheWingedFork        Famous favorite ice creams - TheWingedFork

This is a just the start of a big list of lip smacking ice cream. If you have a favorite ice cream shop or ice cream from anywhere in the world, send in your pics and a short description to abby@thewingedfork.com, and we just might feature it here!  

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