Directory Of East Indian Sweetmakers And Food Sellers

We often get emails and messages asking if we take orders. We don’t do that anymore. We haven’t taken any food orders for the last 5 years. So why not help out our readers by directing them to some good alternatives in their locality, right? So here’s a list of East Indian sweet makers and food sellers who do take orders. It’s in alphabetical order, don’t kill the messenger!

If you are an East Indian chef and want to be added to this list, email me your details at [email protected] in this format.

Details I can include:
Name – Compulsory
Location – City and Country – Compulsory
Phone Number – Compulsory
Email Address – If you have one
Facebook page link – If you have one
Website link – If you have one
Details of orders you take

Or you can join our Facebook Group and leave your details in one of the comments there. 🙂

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Christmas Sweets
East Indian Restaurants
East Indian Raw Ingredients
EI Bottle Masala

Who takes orders for East Indian Food?

If you want to try making East Indian food at home, the link to recipes is here. But if you want to order, contact one of these home cooks. 🙂

Mumbai City

Dales The Valley of Cakes & More…
+91 – 8108942054

East Indian Cozinha
Kolivery Village, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai
+91 – 91674 42267
East Indian Cozinha on Facebook

East Indian Culinary
Has teams taking orders at IC Colony, Malad, Vile Parle, Kalina, Sion, Uttan, Gorai
+91 – 8356053046

East Indian Fast Food
Church Road, Kalina, Mumbai
+91 – 88791 44274

East Indian Tiffin Services
Cerina Rosario
Malad West and surrounding areas
+91 – 7977814735

Mogan Rodrigues
Mumbai Area
+91 – 9892080863
Potato Chops, Panrolls, Pancakes, Indyal, Garlic Pepper Pork, Indyal Cha Masala, Moil, Coconut Cake, Lime Pickle, Eastindian Istek, Pork Roast, Chicken Stuffed, Pork Indyal, and more.

G&G East Indian Originals by Lourdes Fast Food
Bazar Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, India
+91 – 99873 07978
Chicken Khuddi, Chitaps, Sorpotel, Potato Chops and more.
G&G on Facebook

Lourdes Rodrigues
Malad West, Mumbai
+91 – 9819275679

Rod’s Kitchen
Cynthia D’souza Rodrigues
Bandra West, Mumbai
+91 – 9833064418 / 9920027051


Steff-lynn’s Kitchen
Stephanie Gonsalves
Mumbai, India
+91 – 9152885520

Thane Area

East Indian Hub
Joanna DSouza
Delivery within 9 kms of Kurla
+91 – 9619743859 and +91 – 8879192627
Chicken Roast, Chicken Moile, Chicken Vindaloo, Green Chicken Curry, Pork Sorpotel, Pork Roast, Pork Vindaloo, Pork Curry, Sukkha Vajri, Green Mutton Curry, Bottle Masala Curry, Mutton Chops, Mutton Paya, Prawns Atlela, Bagra Ch Ambat, Chanwli Chi Khudi, Gawar Ch Foogath, jeera Rice, Chavlachi Roti, Chapatis, Fugias.

Who sells traditional East Indian Christmas sweets?

If you want to try making these East Indian sweets at home, the list of recipes is here. But if you want to order, contact one of the East Indian sweet makers listed below. 🙂

In Mumbai

Ann Just Bakes
Ann Dias
Mumbai, India
+91 – 8879111369

Brendell D’Souza
Poinsur, Kandivali West, Mumbai
+91 – 9833442325
[email protected]
Contact for Christmas sweets, Easter eggs, Cakes (date n walnut cake, coconut cake), food items.

Dales The Valley of Cakes & More…
Christmas Treats & Cakes
+91 – 8108942054

D’mello Caterers
IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9833763574 / 9819701168

Fernandes’s Christmas Sweets Menu
+91 – 9930466886

Flirting with Flavours
+91 – 9819646209

Gail’s Christmas Hampers
+91 – 9820934167

Hyacinthia Coutto
Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai, India
+91 – 9821582922

J D’s Creations
Jas DSouza
Vakola, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9820912069

Confectionaries by Amrose
Mumbai, India
+91 – 9819817995

Lavina Solomon
Ambarnath, Maharashtra, India
+91 – 7709570246

Lorraine D’abreo
Bandra West, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9819184648

Maculate Rodgrigues
Bhyandar and Santacruz (Kalina), Mumbai, India
+91 – 9819632968

Maureen Miranda

Mel’s Kitchen
Christmas Treats
Orlem, Malad, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9004032194

Naomi’s Baking & Cooking
Naomi Pais
+91 – 9967652731
[email protected]
Naomi’s Baking and Cooking on Facebook

Penny’s Cakes
Penny Rathore
Thane (West), Mumbai, India
+91 – 9820585974
Penny’s Cakes in Facebook

Pretty Baked
Vanessa Henriques
Borivili, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9920915812
[email protected]
Pretty Baked By Vanessa on Facebook

Shabana D’Souza
Sugar – Bake My Cake
Santa Cruz (w), Mumbai, India
+91 – 7738007531

Valerie D’Souza
Malad West, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9833477505

Venitta’s Creations
Vile Parle, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9833185335 / 9769328922

Yolanda Ramgadiya
Mahim(West), Mumbai, India
+91 – 9867224656

Yvette Foote
Location – Malad West, Mumbai, India
+91 – 9820727879 / 9820581428
[email protected]
Christmas cake with rum

In Bangalore

+91 – 7875982588

In Goa

Gwenette Fernandez
Cuncolim, Goa, India
+91 – 9881946259

In Sydney, Australia

La’ Relle Cake Studio
+61 – 43-309-228
356 Somerville Road Hornsby Heights, NSW, Australia 2077
La’ Relle on Facebook

In Canada

Nedda Dsouza
Brampton, Ontario
+1 – 647-892-5876
[email protected]

Dodsal Coelho
+1 – 905-799-2801 / 647-269-8084
[email protected]

Where are the East Indian Restaurants?

Eastern Sunset
At Avion Hotel, Vile Parle
+91 – 22-26116958
6 p.m. to midnight

East Indian Kitchen
+91-99300 25061
Vidyavihar, Vikhroli, Mumbai
East Indian Kitchen on FB

Who Sells East Indian Fresh Or Raw Ingredients?

Nayache Chaool (New Rice for Aatola)
Produce of Dharavi Island, Mobai
Couriering all over Bombay (At applicable charges)
Contact Mogan Rodrigues of FIGITERR
+91 – 9892080863

Who Sells East Indian Bottle Masala?

Arnold Baptista
Poinsur, Kandivali West, Mumbai
+91 – 9987106097
Bottle Masala, Chinchawni Masala, Vindaloo Masala, Turmeric Powder

East Indian Cozinha
Kolivery Village, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai
+91 – 91674 42267
East Indian Cozinha on Facebook
Bottle Masala

Mogan Rodrigues
Mumbai Area
+91 – 9892080863
Bottle Masala @ INR 1050 per kg
Delivers all over India (Charges Applicable)

Glenda’s East Indian Kitchen
Glenda’s Kitchen on Facebook
East Indian Masala, Prawns Pickle, Dry Kardi, Sun-Dried Prawns

Gomas Spices
Bandra, Mumbai
+91 – 26005955 / +91 – 9821411656
[email protected]
Fish Masala, Baffat Masala, Frithad Masala, Temcharose, Malvani Masala, etc

Ignatius Pereira – Traditional Authentic East Indian Bottle Masala
+91- 9819927476
Traditional Authentic East Indian Bottle
East Indian Bottle Masala, Fish Masala, Vindaloo Masala, Koli Masala, Garam Masala, etc.
Home Delivery, Hygienically Vacuumed & Zip locked.
Free delivery
Minimum order 1 Kg

June & Freeda’s
+91 – 9819158805
Authentic East Indian Bottle Masala

Maureen Miranda
Bottle Masala

Nat Pereira
+91 – 7304387125
Authentic East Indian Bottle Masala

Philomena Amara
Bandra West, Mumbai
+91 – 9833 593350 / 9769 783882
[email protected]
Bottle Masala, Pooris Masala/Khujit Masala, Malvani Masala, Fish Masala, Garam Masala, Vindhial Masala, etc.

Ranson Mendonsa
Bottle Masala at INR 900 per kg
+91 – 8898444268 / 7977396237

Reema’s Tesouro
Authentic Homemade Masalas
+91 – 9049820656

The Famous Ruby
Mr. Lawson & Mrs. Ursula Pereira
Vile Parle (West), Mumbai
+91 – 981974 4478 / 916 710 2012
Fish Masala, Baffat Masala, Frithad Masala, Temcharose, Malvani Masala, etc.

PS again! If you want to be added to any of these lists, just email us your details in the format at the top, or join our Facebook Group and leave them there.

Want to Try Some East Indian Recipes At Home?

Here are a few East Indian recipes you can try at home.

Want more Eastya recipes? There are more ethnic East Indian recipes here and more traditional East Indian Christmas sweets here. Just click on the link in the list to go through to the individual recipe that you want to try. Happy cooking!

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