30+ Daniel Fast Meals & Sides – Lunch or Dinner

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Learning how to cook and eat when you’re on the Daniel Fast doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Skipping meat or bread shouldn’t kill your joy. With a little bit of planning, you can stay on the path to eating foods that are approved AND delicious.

If you’re new to the Daniel Fast, welcome! You’re about to take a journey into the world of being aware of what you’re cooking and eating. No sugar, no honey, no maple syrup! While there are certain foods that you can’t eat on this fast, there are many delicious foods that you can enjoy in abundance.

Below you’ll find many options for Daniel Fast meals and sides that are perfect for lunch and dinner. Use these recipes to meal plan out the week and you’ll soon see how simple this fast can truly be. It’ll leave you more time to focus on prayer and connect with Abba.

Since you don’t have to limit yourself on the number of fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy, you can easily fill your belly with delicious options that taste great and are loaded with healthy nutrients.

1. Yellow Moong Dal (Indian Yellow Lentil Curry)

Yellow Moong Dal is an easy to make Indian curry recipe for your everyday meals. Try this split yellow lentil curry for a real taste of India while on your Daniel Fast.
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Ready moong dal curry sprinkled with fresh coriander

2. Ukrainian Beet Salad (Vinegret)

Learn how to make this vibrant and nutritious Ukrainian beet salad. It is is made with boiled vegetables, pickles, onions and olive oil.
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3. Purple Cabbage Stir Fry

Purple Cabbage Stir fry is an easy-to-make dish that can be ready in just 15 minutes. All you need is olive oil, pepper, soy sauce, and salt. Skip the sugar on the Daniel fast!
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Purple cabbage stir fry with raisins and cashews

4. Whole Masoor Dal or Red Lentils Curry

Mom's easy to make Masoor Dal recipe is an everyday favorite in most Indian households, and a great addition to your Daniel Fast collection.
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red lentil curry or Masoor dal, ready to serve in a white dish

5. Kale wild rice salad

This kale wild rice salad is a healthy and delicious vegan lunch or side, with a zingy ginger dressing for a hint of spice.
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6. Butter Beans Curry – Indian Mota Vaal curry

The Indian Butter beans curry known as mota vaal curry is really tasty and has a buttery and creamy texture. You can make it at home in 20 minutes after soaking overnight.
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Butter beans curry in an earthen vessel next to an earthen water glass on a brown table.

7. Roasted Vegetables: A Mediterranean Recipe

You can eat roasted vegetables as a main meal, or a side dish. Great flavors for a simple side dish recipe.
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8. How To Make Chapati – Indian Roti Flatbread

Chapati or Roti is an unleavened flatbread that is made daily in most Indian households. Easy to make, it's the perfect accompaniment to almost every meal.
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A dollop of butter on top of Indian roti breads.

9. Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Crispy & tender Brussels sprouts made in the air fryer! Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts are an easy healthy side dish you can make in minutes.
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10. Easy Vegan Ratatouille

This baked vegan ratatouille is not only quick to prepare but also super healthy and nutritious. It's a light and easy dinner that is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.
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Vegan Ratatouille in a white baking dish on a white table.

11. Air Fryer Asparagus Recipe

Learn how to make the best Air Fryer Asparagus in less than 10 minutes.
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12. Air Fryer Broccoli

Perfectly crispy & tender Air Fryer Broccoli. Quick, easy, & healthy.
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13. Indian Potato Dish | Batata Bhaji | Aloo Sabzi

Traditional Indian dish that's enjoyed for dinner, lunch or breakfast, this Potato Bhaji or aloo sabzi recipe is simply easy to make and goes perfect with flatbreads!
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Just a closer look at the batata bhaji that is served with pav and lime - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork

14. Oven Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Veggies are tossed in olive oil & a delicious spice mixture and are roasted until they’re perfectly tender and slightly crispy. Baked vegetables are easy to make!
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15. Cilantro Lime Basmati Rice

Cilantro Lime Basmati Rice is a perfect meal-prep staple.
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16. Easy Corn and Cabbage (Veg)

This easy corn and cabbage sabzi recipe takes less than 15 minutes to prepare for lunch or dinner, and goes well with either rotis or bread. All you need is cabbage, corn and spices.
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Corn and cabbage sabzi (veggies) in a black pot.

17. Imam Bayildi Recipe (Vegan Turkish Stuffed Eggplant)

Imam Bayildi (Turkish Stuffed Eggplant) is a classic Ottoman dish that is widely popular in the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East.
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18. Easy Roasted Fresh Fennel With Garlic And Pepper

Appetizers don't always need to be rich and heavy. Here's a homemade fresh fennel appetizer that can be ready in just a few minutes.
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Sauteed fennel on a black plate with dip in white bowl.

19. Savoury Lentil Soup in the Instant Pot or Slow Cooker ⋆ Earth to Veg

A tasty dump-and-go vegan lentil soup that’s high in fiber and protein. It’s perfect for meal prep and can be made in the Instant Pot or slow cooker.
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20. The BEST Saksuka (Turkish Vegetable Meze)

Saksuka (Turkish Vegetable Meze) is a very much loved vegetarian/vegan dish made of shallow-fried vegetables and a simple tomato sauce.
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21. Ginger Brussels sprouts

These ginger Brussels sprouts are a flavourful appetizer or side dish, and a healthy and fun way to get your greens in!
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22. Turkish Vegan Lentil Balls (Mercimek Kofte)

Mercimek Kofte (Lentil Balls) is a healthy and flavourful vegetarian dish made with fine bulgur, red lentils, onions and aromatic spices.
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23. Jackfruit Chilli Con Carne (Nightshade Free)

Jackfruit chilli con carne is a healthy, quick & easy one pot meal made in just 30 minutes. Nightshade free, gluten free, vegan, dairy free.
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24. Sopa de Habas (Mexican Lima Bean Soup)

Sopa de Habas, or Mexican Lima Bean Soup, is a thick, creamy, and tasty dish. A big bowl of this yummy soup will warm you up any day of the week. By Mama Maggie’s Kitchen
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25. Vegan Hash With Sprouted Lentils

25 minute vegan hash, with sprouted lentils, activated walnuts & vegetables. Healthy & easy meal or side dish.
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26. Sprouted Buckwheat Salad With Basil Pesto

Sprouted buckwheat salad with mediterranean vegetables & basil pesto.
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27. Quick and Dairy Free Potato Soup with Leeks

This dairy-free creamy Potato Leek Soup is a satisfying soup that is quick and easy to prepare, and turns out so tasty!
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28. Vegan Sage And Onion Meatloaf (Green Lentils, Oatmeal And Chickpeas)

Easy vegan sage and onion meatloaf packed with green lentils, oatmeal and chickpeas is perfect for extra special meals such as Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.
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29. Italian Style Zucchini and Mushrooms

Italian style zucchini and mushrooms is a vegetarian dish that’s absolutely packed with flavor. Eat it for lunch with crusty bread or use as a side dish.
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30. Easy Sheet Pan Vegan Fajitas

Tex-Mex Vegan Fajitas are made with roasted vegetables and homemade seasoning mix. Serve them with tortillas and beans for a complete meal.
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31. Easy Summer Green Salad {keto, paleo, Whole30, AIP, vegan}

If you looking for a simple salad to quick throw together for dinner, look no further than this no fuss, easy summer green salad!
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32. Red Lentil Dal Recipe (Indian Masoor Dal)

Masoor Dal is a fragrant and flavorful Indian spiced lentil curry made with red lentils, dried red chilis, onion, garlic, and cumin seeds. Enjoy a bowl of this naturally vegan and gluten-free spicy masoor dal as a simple side or healthy main dish.
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33. Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup

Roasted tomato and garlic soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter nights. It elevates tomato soup to a deep flavour celebration.
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Which of these Daniel Fast dinner recipes are you going to make first for your next Daniel fast? Have fun working your way down the list.

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