Travel Curation by Sarah: Winged Fork Wanderlust Travels

Need help planning your trips? Want a travel curator to customize your itinerary to your specific needs? Or maybe the particular whims and fancies of your loved ones?

Sarah has spent over 15 years creating tailor-made and group itineraries for clients travelling to niche destinations across the globe, whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, rafting on the Zambezi River, viewing seals and penguins in Antarctica or staying in houseboats in India… To enlist her services email her at [email protected]

Want to ask for a discount upfront? Give Sarah the code AbbyTWF and she’ll give you a 10% to 15% discount depending on which country or site you want to visit! Being my sis, she might give me a few hugs in exchange too!

Or would you rather book your own trip but consult with an expert first? Sarah’s here for you. For a nominal upfront charge of USD 50 via PayPal you can consult with her for 30 mins. Don’t feel shy. Get in touch with Sarah at [email protected]!

Here are some of Sarah’s travel stories!