Useful Links For Other Bloggers

Here are a few links I use for myself while travelling or for the blog. Maybe they will help you too!

First, my sister Sarah. Although she specializes in Africa, she’s our go-to person for travel arrangements anywhere across the world. Sarah is a travel specialist with over 15 years of experience. But you already know that from her blogs, don’t you? If you’re not in a place where you can get on FAMs yet, even a small discount makes a difference. For customized tours to this amazing destination and others across Africa, Asia, and Europe, connect with Sarah at [email protected] or [email protected] and give her code Abby1717 for a 15% discount!

WP Recipe Maker

Our readers love saving the recipes to their computers, tabs, or phones for a quick reference. The WP Recipe Maker plugin created by Brecht over at Bootstrapped Ventures allows us to customize the recipe in a printable format for this very purpose.

Of course, it also has a Cook Mode that allows readers to prevent their screens from darkening when they’re cooking the recipe right from the site. Or the multiplier that allows them to double or triple the ingredients.

There are many more amazing features that this plugin has that make it more awesome than other plugins such as WP Tasty or Create. You’ll love it! Check out the WPRM Bundles here.


So I thought I was doing good after moving to my second host a few years ago. But then I realized that some sites loaded way faster than mine and I wanted in on it. The saying goes, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’. And join ’em, I did. My site now loads a lot faster and my readers are happier. They don’t know that my secret is BigScoots. But you do! If you’re planning to move over, here’s my link. Just head on there and use one of the discount codes I’ve listed below.

How to Get the Bigscoots discount!

  1. Click on this link to go to the Bigscoots site.
  2. Choose your plan by clicking ‘Get This’ or ‘Order’.
  3. Fill in your details.
  4. Add one of these codes in the ‘Use Promotional Code’ box.
    If you’re choosing Monthly Plans, you can use this code to sign up to BigScoots WordPress Optimized Server (WPO) Plans, Shared SSD Plans, Reseller SSD Hosting Plans, Fully Managed Pure SSD VPS Plans, or for Fully Managed Dedicated Server Plans.
    This code gives you 50% off the first month –> 5JW3YLYV7ID9
    This code gives you 40% off the first month –> 1H0DV9TRYG1K
    There’s no trick, I just got two codes. Both work!

    For Quarterly/annual/semi-annual Plans
    These only work for Fully Managed Pure SSD VPS Plans, Fully Managed Cached SSD VPS Plans, Fully Managed Pure SSD Hybrid Plans, Fully Managed Cached SSD Hybrid Plans, and some higher level fully managed plans.
    Use this code for a $30 discount off the first quarter/half-year/year –> TQOTRVUU8Q3V
    Or use this code for a $37 discount off the first quarter/half-year/year –> 8TX6UZVZ8801
    All codes work. Pick either!

    For Quarterly/annual/semi-annual Plans
    This code works for regular Shared Hosting plans, Shared SSD Hosting, Reseller SSD Hosting and reseller Hosting plans.
    Use this code for a $7 discount off the first quarter/half-year/year –> TWTN5Q2VTNLU
  5. Click enter so that the code gets applied and the total changes. And check out!
    PS. If the codes aren’t working for you, just ping me at [email protected] and I’ll regenerate a new code. Just please mention BigScoots in the title somewhere so that the mail doesn’t go to trash automatically. Thanks!


GP Premium.

If you love my theme, just know that I love it too. It’s super fast, it’s clean, it’s lightweight, it’s perfect! It’s called Generate Press and you can use this link to get it!

Travel Payouts

I use Travel Payouts to connect my readers with good travel brands for trips and tours. If you’re looking for a way to suggest trips that you know your readers will love, sign up to travel payouts here. You’ll love it!


I use Windscribe when I need to access my home country from another location while travelling. It’s especially useful to override location-based blocks in bank accounts, Google, FB, and a number of other sites. It’s also pretty useful to bypass firewalls in countries like China, etc. If you want a free Windscribe discount, use my friend discount link here and you’ll get an extra free GB of data per month and so will I. 🙂

Social Warfare

I tried half a dozen social sharing plugins before switching over to Social Warfare a few years ago, and I’ve not looked back since. What I love about them is that even though they’ve been the target of many hacks or attacks, they’ve always bounced back pretty quick and they’re always ready to help. To sign up, use this referral link.


Posts take a lot of time to publish from start to finish. It may take 2 hours to write a post, but if you add the amount of time it takes to take photos, format the posts, and upload it, it takes anywhere from a day to 3 days to complete one post. Awin helps me earn some income in exchange for this hard work through affiliate links. So if you’re also looking to make some income from your blog, signup to Awin here!