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Too busy to write your own articles? Are you looking for a prolific ghost writer to write top-notch articles and blog posts for your blog or website? You’re in the right place. I can provide you with content tailored to your specific needs.

In order to ensure you have the best content, I, Abby only write on select topics that I am passionate about or well versed with.  Get in touch with me to discuss your needs now!

Here are some of the recommendations my freelance clients have left on LinkedIn.

“Abigail did a number of freelance writing pieces for me and she is a joy to work with. She is an excellent writer who is versatile in her style and thorough in her research. Even though she was not familiar with the subject matter she was writing about she produced the articles promptly and was accurate in her writing. The articles required virtually no editing except for adjusting the occasional word or phrase to fit with the company’s view point. I highly recommend her for writing or editing work and hope to work with her again in future.”
– Candice Bain, Sales, Marketing and PR Manager
“I have been working with Abigail fora few months. She has amazing writing skills and always completes her work on time. She is professional and creative.”
– Pat Klesta, Hotel Marketing and Sales
“It is an absolute pleasure working with Abby! She is professional,responsive, and detail-oriented – and a wonderful writer. I highly recommend!”
– Ian Ellis, Story Teller and Content Creator
“Abigail writes awesome content. It’s like she gives words to my thoughts. Highly recommend tasking her with your needs.”
– Tejashree Sane, Founder & Director at Enchanted Outings

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Collaborations & Partnerships with Brands

I work independently, but also love partnering or collaborating with brands, destinations or products that fit my audience. Looking for stats? Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to share my media kit with you. Or if you’re looking for a summary of my media kit, click here.

Sending Products for Review

Dear Brands and PR agencies that want to send us travel or food products for review. Although we love surprises showing up in the mail, please check with us first about whether your products suit our brand image. If you send us things directly, there is the chance that your products might not be suitable enough to our readers, and we won’t review them. If that’s a chance you’re okay with taking, then of course, please go ahead and surprise us!

Additionally, if you are sending us cookbooks for review, please ensure that they are hard copies. We simply cannot review soft copies. The eye strain is too much!

Collaborations with Blogs and Magazines

Here are some of the articles and posts that my friends and I have been featured in so far 🙂

Abby’s Guest Posts and Interviews

A Passion and A Passport – 15 Best Things to do in Majorca, Spain 

Seeking Neverland – 24 Hours in Graz, Austria

IQ Planner – Blogger Voice Interview – Abby

Nylon Pink – The Seven Best Hill Stations in India

Adventure in You – 10 Things to do in Feldkirch, Austria that you can’t miss

Travel Moments in Time – All you need to know about Mumbai, India

The Foodellers (previously La Cuochina Sopraffina) – Mumbai Street Food : 5 of the best street food in Mumbai

Digital Travel Guru – Travel interview with The Winged Fork

BootsnAll – Igloos in India – Unexpected Winter Joys

My Travel Affairs – Friday Lens Affair 197 : Photo Story : Ghost Story in Pench National Park

Back Street Nomad – Igloos In India! An Interview With TheWingedFork

Some of Paid Projects Abby worked on that Aren’t NDA

She’s Wanderful – The “Invisible Boundaries” Between Indian Women and Travel

Where Sidewalks End – A night in an Indian Igloo

Touring Bird – Insider Tips for Mallorca

Touring Bird – Insider Tips for Mumbai

Touring Bird – Insider Tips for Goa

Why don’t you take a trip to Venice?

 Just a bit of say in some collaborations

Travels France – Expert’s interview: The best places for your holiday in France

A Road Affair – 100 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Paulina on the Road – Where to Stay in Spain – Travel Blogger’s Favorites

Fill My Passport – These are the Most Beautiful Royal Palaces on Earth

The Sweet Wanderlust – 47 bloggers share the best traditional desserts around the world

Erin Leigh Ever After – 16 Of The Best Fall Hikes You Can Take Around The World

Asher Fergusson – Is Airbnb Safe? We Analyzed 1021 Horror Stories to Find Out (2017) 

Families Magazine – Christmas Traditions from Around the World As Told To Us By You!

LooknWalk – 18 Best European Destinations to visit in 2018

The Travel Blogs – Trekking in Chandoli National Park, India

Nomad by Trade – See How these Travel Bloggers’ First Trips Overseas Inspired them to Live Travel-filled Lives

Life With Larissa – Feature Friday: Easter Around the World

The Travelling Pinoys – 11 Free and Fun Things to do in Rome

VickiViaja – My Favorite Small Town – Travel Bloggers reveal their favorite

Epiphany to Travel – Flowers and Gardens Around the World

5 Lost Together – The Most Unique Places to Stay Around the World

Life of Doing – Magnificent Caves Around The World in Americas and Europe 

Travel, Books and Food – Travel Bloggers Pick Their Choice Of Best Europe Day Trips For Your Eurotrip itinerary

Two Tall Travellers – 10 Incredible Places to Spend Your Holidays in July

You Could Travel – Best Places to Visit in UK

Siddharth and Shruti – Day Trips from Rome

Knycx Journeying – Yummilicious! Rome!

Go Beyond Bounds – Best National Parks to visit in India

The Roving Heart – Cool Travel Bucket List Ideas for an EPIC Experience!

Travel Photo Discovery – UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe 

LooknWalk – Free Things to do in Europe

Tripaneer – Travel Bloggers Weigh In: Travel Tips & Tricks – What Should You Know When Planning Your Trips


Womenontheroad – 15 Offbeat Winter Activities (and not a ski in sight)

Epiphany to Travel – Thursday Travel Blogger – My Favorite Destination

We are from Latvia – 15 best things to do and places to visit in Mumbai

Perlu – 7 things I learned as an influencer

Epiphany to Travel – Short Folktales Legends and Stories from Around the World

Fun Food Travel – Where to eat in Rome

XYUandBeyond – What to eat in Rome

Barcelona has a lot to offer! Come travel here!

Sarah’s contribution to collaborations

The Travelling Teacher – Surviving your Flight – Advice for Stormy Delays

Eager Journeys – Reasons to love South Africa  

Would be Traveller – Working in the travel industry; What’s it really like?

The Soz’s contribution to collabs

The World in My Pocket – The Best Beaches in Mallorca

Features and blog mentions

And finally here is a list of all the posts we’ve been mentioned in or featured in, that we know of at least!

“This isn’t your standard listicle, the way Abby writes sucks you in.”
Matt from The Travel Blogs – Know before you go, visiting the Colosseum in Rome

“Part travel blog, part ghost story, all fun read.”
Matt from The Travel Blogs – Scary Voices in Mayerling, Austria

“I love reading travel blogs where the personality of the blogger shines out…”
Pete from A Thousand Flights – Majestic Masada

Nominations and Mentions

Just a few nominations so far and some recognition by other travel bloggers. One day hopefully there’ll be awards too! One can hope.

The Travel Blogs Blog of the Month - TheTravelBlogs - TheWingedFork

“It’s the way she writes that made me a fan, prioritising the personal experience of a destination over just listing what happened, and more often than not, in a humorous way.”

An excerpt from Matt’s Travel Blog Newsletter for January 2018

The Ultimate List of Best Travel Blogs for 2020 General Travel Category – By CBoarding Group

The Data Driven Guide to How to pick a Travel Blog Name – By Best Blog Names

Top Food and Travel Influencers in India – By Holidify

Fifty Websites that want to publish your Travel Stories – By Roy Stevenson of Pitch Travel Write

Contribute to TheWingedFork

We are always on the lookout for stories about life as a digital nomad for the Inspiration Series, or tales of travel, food and adventure. Or 13 reasons you loved a city or country for our Baker’s Dozen Series or Where to eat in Series. Alternatively, if you have a specific idea about a topic that you want to contribute to TheWingedFork, please check out the guest post guidelines here.


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