East Indian Mutton Paya Khudi Or Goat Trotters Curry

Goat Trotter Curry Recipe by TheWingedFork

How to make mutton paya curry? How to make goat trotter khudi curry? What is the recipe for the East Indian paya curry? Those are the questions that brought you here, aren’t they? My mom uses the same recipe that she uses for the East Indian goat tripe curry to make a gluten free paya … Read more East Indian Mutton Paya Khudi Or Goat Trotters Curry

East Indian Corned tongue or Salted Ox Tongue Recipe

That's how the tongue looks up close - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork

So the East Indians of Bombay in Indian or should I say Mumbai eat tongue as a delicacy for parties and events and birthdays and weddings. Anyways, apart from the regular East Indian beef tongue roast recipe, there’s also the East Indian corned tongue or East Indian salted tongue that everyone loves. So here’s how … Read more East Indian Corned tongue or Salted Ox Tongue Recipe

East Indian Beef Tongue Roast Recipe

Ox or Beef Tongue Roast

One of my favorite East Indian foods at any time of the year is tongue. Tongue roast, salted tongue, tongue moile, pickled tongue, tongue this and tongue that. Now many people in other cultures consider tongue offal and discard it. But in my culture, beef tongue is relished and served at family gatherings or parties. … Read more East Indian Beef Tongue Roast Recipe

Spicy Brain Masala Recipe

Brain Masala is ready - Pic by Abby from TheWingedFork

Brain Masala, a mouth-watering dish among Indian non-veg enthusiasts can be made in different ways. As East Indians, we also have our own method of preparing the traditional East Indian Brain Masala. And this too differs from home to home! Here’s my mom’s version of the spicy brain masala recipe! The difference from the regular … Read more Spicy Brain Masala Recipe

East Indian Vajri Khudi (Goat Tripe Curry Recipe)

Add-in-the-chopped-potatoes-and-the-goat stomach-pieces to the curry - TheWingedFork

The traditional East Indian Vajri Khudi or Vajadi khudi is a gluten free goat tripe curry from the East Indians of Bombay, India. This recipe that’s been handed down from my grandmom to my mom can be made in about 70 minutes. We use the same recipe to cook sheep tripe as well.

The East Indians of Mumbai and their Food Culture

The culture and food traditions of Bombay's indigenous East Indian Christians

This post researches the indigenous East Indian community of Mumbai, India and their rich food culture.

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