About Canada’s popular Alberta Beef Steak

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Girl sitting on a bench in Banff National Park in Canada.
Beautiful Banff National Park in Canada

Alberta beef is one of the most popular foods from Canada’s northern province of Alberta. Alberta is also home to other iconic landmarks such as the beloved Banff National Park.

Alberta steak is produced in the province. They are ethically-raised and are antibiotic free beef. Internally it is rated AA or higher. You can easily order for Alberta beef at local restaurants, markets and food markets.

There are many local small businesses that have been working for generations producing A+ quality beef, that you can relish.

Diced Alberta beef on a plate at a food fair in Canada.
Enjoying diced Alberta beef

Beef (or cows) are abundant in Alberta, and generally in North America. Back in the old days, Alberta was not overly populated (it still isn’t as crowded as Toronto or Vancouver), and to encourage migration and settlement large pieces of land were provided to ranchers.

This led to new innovations in the field of irrigation and animal welfare. Many rural regions were set up, in a community format providing support. Today Alberta produces the largest number of cattle in the country, and it enjoys a supreme position of being a leader in agricultural technology in this discipline.

Alberta’s environment and climate also makes our beef tastier. Add to that a good diet for the animals.

If you prefer to eat lean meat, Alberta beef is perfect for you. It is 50% leaner than before, and is packed with essential nutrients.

Alberta steak with mashed potato and asparagus.
Delicious Alberta steak with mashed potato and asparagus

As mentioned it is super easy to order Alberta beef in many restaurants in the province. You can order steak (medium rare, usually fully cooked is my favorite) for a fulfilling dinner.

For someone like me, it is a plateful for a lazy Saturday night dinner. It is usually served with a bed of fresh veggies or mashed potatoes. Order it with a pint of beer.

During summer months from Edmonton, Calgary to Banff National Park, you can indulge in food fests, where you can try out small bits of steak to give it a try. They are usually accompanied with some type of sauce.

You can purchase raw steak (including minced) from any supermarkets and use it whichever way you like – from curries, sandwich patty to BBQ.So when you head to Alberta next, do try out our steak! I am sure you will devour it!

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