I’ve always loved the smell of baking. From the time I was little I remember the smell of fresh cakes baking in the oven, and knowing that I was in for a delicious treat. By the time I turned five I started helping my mom to bake cakes, just like she had helped her mother before her. (Read ‘helping’ as ‘making a mess while my mom tries to bake a cake’.) And over time my mom taught my sister and me how to bake a lot of beautiful cakes.

Cake - thewingedfork

Anytime I’m hungry, I bake, I’m bored, I bake, anytime I’m sad, I bake, anytime I’m happy, I bake. My sister bakes too and is also great with sugar-craft. I’ve learnt a bit of sugarcraft from her, and I help her fashion the customized cakes she sells via her Facebook page called MySister’sCakes. Here are some of the cakes we’ve created together. ‘Together’ meaning she does the work while I play with the fondant. It’s so much fun, like the clay we used to play with as kids.

Anyways, the last cake we made was an anniversary cake with balloons on the heart.

Balloon-Heart-Cake-1 - TheWingedFork


Another cake we made was for a friend’s 4 year old kid named Arnav who loved Lightning McQueen.

Rusteze-95 - TheWingedFork

Here’s when we took a break to click the eggless buttercream cakes before decorating them with flowers for Paulie’s 19th birthday.

buttercream - thewingedfork

Did we tell you about the light bulb cake for the birthday of the girl’s brother who had just landed a job as an electrician.

Light-bulb - thewingedfork

Or the flowers for a wedding anniversary cake.

We’ve also made chocolates for different occasions, be it plain or nutty, liquer filled or marzipan filled. Chocolate gets us going. 😛

chocolates - thewingedfork

And Christmas, sweets. Well, they run in the family. We make ’em and we sell ’em and we eat ’em.

Christmas- thewingedfork

Yeah, we even find time for the occasional eggs, bonnets and hens for Easter. We’ll be saying Happy Easter to you in a few weeks.

Easter- thewingedfork

And the super multi-coloured cakes while experimenting for family

Coloured - thewingedfork

But of all this, my favorite bit is baking. The smell of the semi-done cake is just intoxicating. Well along with reading, and travelling, and drinking wine, and eating! As the saying goes, cakes and travel make my world go round 😉

Along with books and wine. 😉


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