Review of Café Olé in Pondicherry

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If you’re ever in Pondicherry, two places that you absolutely have to visit are Zuka and Café Olé. We drove all the way here from Bangalore that’s 7 hours away. Located almost side by side, these two cafes are local havens for choco-crazed folk like me.

 Zuka in Pondicherry

Zuka is a store with a wide range of chocolate goodies to offer, from cakes to pastries to little miniatures. Although for the quantity, they felt somewhat overpriced. We bought quite a bit though.

Since we couldn’t eat in there, expect on our feet, the staff directed us to their sister cafe called Café Olé that was a short walk away.

Café Olé, my chocolate love in Puducherry

Sarah with the 12 step chocolate sign at Cafe Ole
Cafe Ole and the 12 step program for you 😉
The 12 step program – Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate

The cozy Café Olé has a wide variety of food and drink to offer, from chicken sandwiches and tostadas to the chocolate sandwiches and milkshakes.

Chocolate Sandwich at Cafe Ole in Pondicherry

The chocolate sandwiches are what you should definitely try, they are just so mouth-wateringly delicious. I had the Ultimate Chocolate Sandwich which just oozes lusciousness. It’s made of a mix of caramelized cashews and almonds, Swiss chocolate sauce and a beautifully grilled cocoa bread.

Charlie’s Chocolate Milkshake

And the coffee milkshakes are to die for!  The lovely chocolate designs on the glass make it even more fun while you drink. I had the Charlie’s Chocolate Mikshake that was composed of 44% dark chocolate covered with semi-sweet chocolate and chocolate ice cream.

Enjoying Mocha Caramel at Cafe Ole

My friend had the Cafe Mocha Caramel, and it was as amazing as ever. The swap between Charlie’s Chocolate Milkshake and the Cafe Chocolate Mocha was amazingly easy. They’re equally delicious and drool-worthy.

Hot chocolate with dissolvable spoon and grated chocolate.
Hot Chocolate at Cafe Ole
My friends and their amazing child Arnav at Cafe Ole
My friends and their amazing child Arnav at Cafe Ole

The ambiance at Cafe Ole is wonderful. The quirky quotes and coffee facts all round the little shop make for some good reading.

Interesting sayings on the Cafe Ole Wall

They even have portraits drawn with coffee! Charlie Chaplin, Mother Theresa, Sachin Tendulkar, Marilyn Monroe and so many others. Amazing!

The paintings on the Cafe Wall made from Coffee

The bar style seating arrangements are pretty cool too. I heard the locals love this cafe; as much as the visitors who come there from all across the planet! 😉

If you’re ever in Pondicherry, you have to visit Cafe Ole. Can’t wait till I get back there. What about you?

Contact Cafe Ole
Address: 319, Mission St, MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001, India
Telephone: +91 4132220107

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  1. Damn that’s a lot of chocolate!! Two of my best combos, coffee and chocolate… will check it out when I do my trip down south.


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