Where to eat in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

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It is sad but not a lot of people know that Bir actually has a lot of amazing food spots to try out different cuisines and dishes here. Bir Billing is primarily famous as Asia’s Best Paragliding Site and has many monasteries, treks, etc. for you to check out here. But amongst all this, no one realizes that it is also a haven for food lovers.

So, when I stayed here for a month and got a chance to taste the delicious dishes and different cuisines here, I fell in love with this place.

I am a big-time foodie and Bir Billing was the perfect place to expand my food palate and make the most of my time here. Trust me, I am not exaggerating when I say that this place is one of the top cities for food in India after some major metropolitans like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc.

If you are planning to visit Bir Billing anytime soon, then make sure you try these 6 amazing food places here.

1. Garden Café and Restaurant

Outdoor ambience of Garden Cafe, Bir Billing - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Outdoor ambience of Garden Cafe, Bir Billing

One of the best places to eat at in Bir Billing which happens to be my favorite one as well is the Garden Café and Restaurant. With a beautiful outdoor and indoor setting and a great ambiance, this place is perfect for both breakfast and dinner.

And if you are looking for a romantic environment then dinner at this place is definitely the right choice as the whole place gets lit up with fairy lights at the night time while you are surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Apart from its amazing ambiance, they also don’t disappoint in the matters of food and taste. They offer you a variety of dishes like pancakes, salads, pizzas, etc. and each dish is filling and generously served.

Personally, I was in love with their Nutella pancake which was scrumptious and looked so appealing at the same time.

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Garden Cafe
House No 79, Bir Colony Rd, Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077

2. Nyingma Kitchen

Nyingma Kitchen - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Nyingma Kitchen

If you want to try some authentic Tibetan dishes then Nyingma Kitchen should be your go-to place here. Situated opposite Nyingyang Monastery, Nyingma Kitchen serves the most delicious Thupka and Momos and should definitely be in your food itinerary when visiting Bir Billing.

The food quantity is quite good at this place and each dish which I tasted here was really amazing and will make you come back again here (I certainly did).

Delicious Chicken Thupka at Nyingma Kitchen - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Delicious Chicken Thupka at Nyingma Kitchen

And it is not even expensive which makes it such a popular restaurant among locals and travelers alike. Trust me, you have to try their Chicken Thupka and Devilled Momos here when you get a chance. Once you are done with your meal, you can head to their café and gorge on the most delicious chocolate cake ever.


Nyingma Kitchen
Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077

3. Glider’s Pizzeria

Glider's Pizzeria Pizza - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Glider’s Pizzeria Pizza

While local cuisine is good, sometimes you might end up craving a good, old pizza when staying in Bir Billing. Well, that’s quite all right because Glider’s Pizzeria near the Bir landing site serves the most delectable pizzas in Bir. They also have an amazing garden setting so you can enjoy the cool and pleasant weather of Bir while enjoying a warm slice of pizza.

They don’t have a lot of pizza options but whatever options they do have will certainly amaze you and you will crave for more of their pizzas. They serve their pizza on a wooden pan which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are looking for a good ambiance and a tasty pizza party to accompany it then Glider’s Pizzeria is the place for you.

Glider’s Pizzeria
100m from Paragliding Landing site, Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077

4. Byron Bay Café

Ambience at Byron Bay Café - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Ambience at Byron Bay Café

Another perfect food spot in Bir Billing for food lovers is the Byron Bay Café. This place has a beautiful rooftop setting which looks especially beautiful at night and offers an amazing view of Bir and the mountains behind.

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One of the few places in Bir which serves organic food, their dishes are quite different from anything that you would have tasted in other restaurants and cafés in Bir.

Dessert at Byron Bay Café - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Dessert at Byron Bay Café

A perfect place for vegans, Byron Bay Café does offer a large variety of dishes and is good for people who are health conscious as well. They also serve amazing desserts and drinks so make sure that you give it a try when having a meal here.

If you’re looking for healthy and delicious food then by all means include Byron Bay Café in your Bir Billing food itinerary.

Byron Bay Cafe
Choukling Monastery Road,
Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077

5. Vairagi Café

Vairagi Café - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Vairagi Café

A chill place to relax and enjoy some snacks, Vairagi Café is another amazing food place that you have to try in Bir Billing. One of the few places which stay open late at night, Vairagi Café is the hangout spot for all the travelers in Bir Billing. This place offers a large variety of snacks and fast food options like hot dogs, sandwiches, etc. which are definitely delicious and easy on your pocket as well.

Also, if you are craving some good coffee then this is the best places to head to in Bir Billing. Apart from that, I did enjoy their Egg Sandwich and Hot Dogs a lot and their Hot Chocolate is extremely delectable as well.

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So, if you are looking for a chill hangout spot in Bir Billing then Vairagi Café is THE place.

Vairagi Cafe
Near Office of the Local Assembly
Deer Park Road, Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077

6. Ram Bahadur Fast Food

Ram Bahadur Fast Food - Pic by Rachita from Nomllers
Ram Bahadur Fast Food

If you are looking to hang out at a local food joint and don’t care about the setting or the ambiance much then Ram Bahadur Fast Food joint is definitely the place for you.

This street food place is located just opposite to the Surya Restaurant and is particularly famous for its mutton momos which are filling and mouth-watering. They have a simple setting with chairs and tables placed both inside and outside the joint and offer a range of Tibetan and Chinese dishes here.

This place is perfect for budget travelers who don’t want to spend a lot and wish to try some authentic, local dishes. Trust me, the Thupkas and the momos here are really good and will not burn a hole in your pocket as well.

Ram Bahadur Fast Food
Opposite Surya Restaurant, Chaugan – Sansal Road,
Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077

Whether you are visiting Bir Billing to paraglide, to enjoy nature or to hike and trek, it’s the perfect place to sample local food too!

Rachita from Nomllers
Rachita from Nomllers

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Where to eat in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh - By Rachita from Nomllers
Where to eat in Bir, Himachal Pradesh - By Rachita from Nomllers

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