The balloon question

How do you add balloons to a heart cake? That was the question my sister was just thrown. She had just received an order for a surprise cake for a first wedding anniversary. Her client Karishma wanted to surprise her brother Bhavin and sister-in-law Esha with an eggless cake that had hearts and balloons.

Now generally, hearts and balloons don’t really go together, unless it is a heart shaped balloon. 😉 You know what I mean, right? Hearts and flowers, hearts and candy, hearts and seashells, hearts and rings… So anyways we put on our thinking caps. After throwing around a few weird ideas that I dare not mention, we decided to just go with the flow.

Rich Chocolate sponge

Since Karishma mentioned that her brother loved chocolate, my sis started off with a rich chocolate chip sponge base. The pictures, where are the damn pictures? Right, let’s not argue about who deleted the pictures from their phones, since we both deleted them. Oh, well!

Anyways, the chocolate sponge was lathered with a generous layer of butterscotch flavored buttercream. An eclectic combination, but it tastes yummy, even if I do say so myself.

Butterscotch flavored Fondant

Since the butterscotch flavored buttercream was a hit, we decided to use butterscotch for the fondant as well. That little bit of consistency, eh? A white fondant heart was rolled out to cover the buttercream, post which we made red, yellow, green, blue and purple balloons. My sis started by placing the balloons in the centre of the cake in the shape of hearts. Managed to take this pic while working. You like?

Balloons-on-Heart-Cake - TheWingedFork

Flowers and stars  

After laying out the balloons, sis first wrote out the Happy First Anniversary, Bhavin and Esha. Next, we created tiny fondant flowers and stars and laid them in alternating lines on the balloons, and then decorated the rest of the cake with a filigree icing. Looking good now!

Balloon-Heart-Cake - TheWingedFork
The final Balloon Heart Cake for Bhavin and Esha
Balloon-Heart-Cake-1 - TheWingedFork
The other side of the balloon on heart cake

Karishma’s brother and sister-in-law loved the balloon heart cake. They sent over the next two pics.

Cutting-cake - thewingedfork
Bhavin and Esha cut the cake
Eating-cake - thewingedfork
Enjoying the cake

Happy Anniversary guys!

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