The Horse Runner – Nick Turner

Came across this interesting article about Nick Turner, an artist who takes nude portrait of himself with horses. Born in 1983 in Boston, Turner preferred the company of horses to his school classmates in France. He grew up wanting to be a part of tribe of horses, and to understand his primal instincts. Turner is

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Wine-with-a-view - TheWingedFork

One Wine Day in SA!

It was some time ago that I visited the beautiful country of South Africa with my folks… and what an amazing experience it was! We saw plenteous stunning places, but the one that stood out the most for its scenic beauty and landscape was the Winelands. It being the first leg of our journey, we

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Surviving Life

Stumbled across this video from BBC One in the Planet Earth II series. It shows a newly born iguana being chased by snakes. So many snakes, and yet it fights for life and survives. Much like our life! Everyday we are faced with so many situations and choices that either help us grow stronger or

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